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Small Reduced Depth Gas Log Sets

Our small vented or ventless gas log sets are ideal for creating a warm ambiance in your petite fireplace without sacrificing beauty or power. These gas fireplace logs burn at a higher efficiency than their larger counterparts while still producing a large, radiant flame for more intimate gatherings in the coziest spots of your home. Each refractory ceramic log is carefully handcrafted and hand-painted to ensure the most realistic effect possible. When it comes to making stunning a impact in your fireplace, these gas logs are anything but small!

You'll love the warranty that these small gas log sets come with! ALL refractory ceramic logs come with a lifetime warranty. The black powder coated or stainless steel burners are covered by a 10 year manufacturer's warranty, while the standard match-lit controls are warranted for 3 years. In addition, all other valves, pilots, and electronic controls are covered by a 1 year limited warranty!

About Our Small Reduced Depth Gas Log Sets

These RealFyre gas log sets are crafted from refractory ceramic, which weighs less than refractory cement. They still undergo the same manufacturing process as their heavier counterparts. Each log is molded from casts of real timbers to give them intense realism. They are high temperature resistant and fireproof, and will reflect heat back into your living space. The logs are stacked on the burner in such a way that the hardware is covered up when viewed from the front. Gas log sets have timbers with one finish, such as bark or bark-less "split" wood, that give it a specific appearance.

Our reduced depth gas log sets vary in size from 12 to 24 inches. Because they are more narrow from front to back at 11 inches deep, they fit easily into smaller fireplaces. We even offer a ventless bedroom approved gas log set! This particular Valley Oak gas log set has an even shallower depth of 9 1/2 inches and only produces 9500 BTUs of heat, making it totally safe to enjoy in your bedroom's ventless fireplace!

These gas log sets are sized approximately according to the width of the log stacks. That means a 16 inch match lit log set is no more than 16 inches wide at the front of the stack. Burner pans, valve kits, millivolt switches and other add ons will add more width to the set. If you have a 16 inch wide fireplace, it is not recommended that you get a 16 inch log stack. We recommend a more narrow set so that you have natural space on either side.

Gas log set height varies based on the size and the type of burner you choose. All of these log stacks are designed to fit in a standard, up-to-code fireplace. The difference is that some units have low profiles, which could leave a large gap in a high fireplace. In other cases, tall gas log stacks that will fit in a standard fireplace might look too cramped.


We do NOT recommend that you try to install gas logs on your own because they are complicated appliances that may require modification to your fireplace and fuel source connections. To verify that they are installed correctly and for your safety, it is best to hire a certified professional installer. This safety precaution ensures that the gas appliance matches local fire codes and insurance liabilities. 

Proper Set-Up


Improper Gas Log Set-Up

A log set installed in a fireplace of the same width (example: 16 inch log set in a 16 inch wide fireplace) will look cramped. There won't be enough room for standard valve and ignition systems.


Proper Gas Log Set-up

Using a slightly smaller log set (example: 12 inch log set in a 16 inch wide fireplace) will look more natural and leave room for add-on components.

ANSI Certification

Some of the gas burner ignition options in these log sets will say that they are ANSI certified. This means that they meet the Z21.60 standard of quality for decorative gas fire features. Many jurisdictional fire code standards require this standard. Most other products meet the ANSI Z21.84 standard. Always check with your installer as to what standards you must meet for your location.

Types of Fireplaces

The terms "vented" and "vent-free" refer to whether your fireplace has a chimney or vent.


Vented Fireplace

A vented gas log set requires a fireplace with a working chimney or vent. These act as an exhaust for the fumes from the burning of the gas or propane. Flames from a vented set are usually large, natural, and yellow. Most of these sets come with a damper clamp to keep an chimney damper open when installing in a wood-burning fireplace. You CANNOT install a vented log set in a vent-free fireplace.


Vent-Free Fireplace

A vent-free or ventless gas log set does not need a chimney or vent, but must be installed in an area with adequate airflow and ventilation. Flames from a vent-free set are usually low, hot, and red or blue. Typically you CAN install a vent-free log set in a vented fireplace, but you will need to close the vent or damper.

Most jurisdictions have ordinances in place that prevent vent-free fireplaces from being installed in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Log sets for outdoor fireplaces

Not all log sets are outdoor compatible. It is best to get a gas log set that is approved and designed for your outdoor fireplace. We have an extensive collection of RealFyre vented gas log sets for your backyard or patio heat source, as well as a couple of models from Hargrove and Carol Rose! Click here to see our beautiful outdoor gas logs!

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Gas Log Set Helpful Hints

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