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Electroplated Fireplace Doors

Electroplated fireplace doors are a high-quality electroplated finish fireplace glass door. These doors have a seamless look without the welded edges or cheap-looking corners! Our plated fireplace doors are made to outlast and brighten up your fireplace! Choosing the right doors for your fireplace can be challenging when trying to figure out what you want in your room. Plated glass doors make the decision east as they will match any decor in your home!

Brass Plated Sidelight Fireplace Door

We offer many styles, finishes, glass, and handle options to customize the doors to your vision. Our plated glass doors are made from a durable steel frame with the option to choose from a ceramic or tempered glass. The difference between the two types of glass is mainly the heat the door will be able to withstand with the doors closed. If you want the closed-door look, you will need to choose the ceramic option for your doors. Ceramic glass can withstand the heat of your fireplace without breaking. Please remember that you can only use the ceramic glass in your masonry fireplace, not a prefab fireplace! Tempered glass cannot withstand the heat of your fireplace with the doors closed.

We have an abundance of finishing choices available with each of our custom made electroplated fireplace glass doors! We Black Nickel Plated Arched Fireplace Doorhave anything from brass for the classic look to nickel for more of a contemporary look. You can customize your doors to look fabulous in your home! The plated fireplace doors will turn any room in your home into a charming focal point.

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What materials is the frame for these doors made of?

  • The frame on these stunning doors is made from steel and other metals depending on the door you choose. Each door has a description as well as their specifications listed to give you more of an idea of each door's unique appeal.

What are the finish types that you have available?

  • We have a plethora of options available to you for each door we offer. The main finishes are brass, copper, nickel, and pewter to name a few. Each main finish has a different color option as well as a couple of others as well! There are so many it would take forever to go through them all! If you have a favorite door you are looking at, take the time to go through the list of different finishes available for that door. All finish options have a picture next to them to use as a visual. You may also select the pictures under the finish options to bring up a larger view!

Am I able to install the plated doors on my outside fireplace?

  • Unfortunately, we would not recommend placing these doors on your outside fireplace. These doors are made for your indoor masonry fireplace and are not made to withstand the outdoor elements. We do have a marvelous selection of outdoor fireplace doors that you can look through. All our outdoor fireplace doors are equipped with the materials to withstand the elements!

How do I clean my plated fireplace doors?

  • Cleaning your fireplace is super important for multiple reasons! We can understand that the material on a plated door is meant to be kept shining to brighten up your space! Fortunately, we offer a broad spectrum of fireplace cleaning products that you can use to keep that plated fireplace looking radiant! 
  • Here are a couple of suggestions you could use on your plated doors safely!
  • Copper Cleaning Kit- This can be used if you choose a copper finish on your plated fireplace doors. You can even use this cleaner on your other copper belongings!
  • Masonry and Brick Cleaner- Safe to use on metals, the masonry, and brick cleaner is made to remove smoke, grease, and soot from your fireplace doors!
  • Glass Cleaner-The glass cleaner is a great source of keeping your glass doors clean and spotless!