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Corner Steel Mantel Shelf - Custom

Custom Made
Steel Mantels By Design

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24 Inch Steel Mantel Shelf

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Wrought Iron Shelf 60 Inch

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36 Inch Steel Mantel Shelf

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Any Length Steel Mantel Shelf

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48 Inch Steel Mantel Shelf

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58 Inch Steel Mantel Shelf

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72 Inch Steel Mantel Shelf

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Any Length Wood Grain Steel Mantel Shelf

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Floating Steel Mantel Shelves | Steel Fireplace Mantel Shelf

Chesapeake Steel Fireplace Mantel Our gorgeous collection of steel mantel shelves are the perfect way to compliment your fireplace doors! Whether your decor reflects contemporary design, an industrial flair, or a rustic theme, there is a steel mantel shelf style to suit your needs. These beautiful accents can be easily mounted to the wall above your fireplace, giving the appearance that they are "floating" above your hearth! A stainless steel mantel shelf can also provide a very unique look if that's what you're looking for.

A majority of our fireplace mantel shelves are made by our very own craftsman, while others are made by our manufacturing partners in the fireplace industry. All of these hard-working men and women dedicate their time and trade into creating the perfect steel mantel shelf - cut, shaped, and finished - according to your specifications. Since our shelves are handmade per request and not mass-produced, please know that your custom piece will take some time to complete. We are committed to providing you with an ideal custom product that was essentially made by you, for you!



Does the mantel get hot or will it deflect the heat? I'm interested in putting a TV above the mantel.

  • The mantel shelf does little to deflect the heat of a fireplace.  These shelves have to be installed at a higher height, pushing up your TV.  This could cause neck pain when viewing your TV.  Also, the mantel will not protect the TV from the heat and smoke.  We would recommend installing a fireplace hood to safeguard anything above your fireplace. 

I was interested in the 72 inch Denali Steel Fireplace Mantel Shelf With Blacksmith Banding in a copper finish and had a few questions on the mounting brackets. Are they included, and what kind of brackets are they?

  • The decorative, non-load bearing brackets are not included with this mantel shelf but are an add-on option for the product. They are made of steel and will have the same finish that you choose for the mantel.

Are steel mantel shelves hollow?

  • Yes, our steel mantel shelves are considered "hollow". With your shelf, you'll receive a backplate for mounting purposes. The shelf "cap" has an open backend with hidden interior clips. The cap easily slides onto the backplate and essentially "locks" into place. Click here for a visual explanation!

Does the backplate have pre-drilled holes for mounting? Are they coordinated for standard stud spacing (12 or 16 inches)?

  • All of our backplates come without pre-drilled holes. The homeowner or contractor must drill the holes through the backplate for mounting purposes. This is because customer homes, just like our shelves, are unique. Depending on the way a home was built, stud spacing may be quite different from one residence to the next. We do, however, include a detailed installation guide (click on the Owner's Manual button underneath "Add To Cart" on the product page to download), as well as the appropriate hardware for easy setup!

Is the charcoal powdered finish closest to gunmetal?

  • Yes, that finish would be the closest color to gunmetal.

Can these mantels be mounted on a brick fireplace?

  • Absolutely. Just make sure when installing to anchor the mantel into the mortar joints. If you drill directly into the bricks, the stone might split and crack.

If the mantel is steel, wouldn't the top of the mantel get hot from the fireplace?

  • The mantel shelf needs to be installed with the appropriate height clearance above your firebox to avoid this issue. The proper measurements for the clearance can be found in the owner's manual.

Can we order a few samples to choose finishes?

  • Sorry, no. We do not send out any color samples at this time. However, the product color swatches were redone recently to better reflect the finish colors.