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Locating Fireplace Serial Numbers

 Apr 27, 2020    Fireplace Doors


Replacing your items for your fireplace and stove is already an annoyance as you have to make sure you are getting all the right stuff. So why make it harder on yourself?

We have some great and easy ways to find your serial numbers to items you will need to replace or if you're looking to upgrade. The purpose of serial numbers is to track, locate, and make sure you are getting the right thing. 

The serial number is going to be your lifesaver when purchasing anything new or updated for your fireplace or stove. This number is how the majority of manufacturers keep track of the parts they need as well as stock. The newer models are much easier to locate items for with the help of a serial number. When you get into the older products, it can get a little more complicated.

Older products can sometimes go out of need and therefore are not made anymore or are harder to locate parts for. The serial number on your fireplace or stove is made to make this process easier and more efficient. You can search the serial number or call a manufacturer or seller to find your parts. 

So let's get down and dirty on how to figure out where and how to locate your serial number easily.



I'm sure you are thinking to yourself where in the world do I even begin to locate a serial number. Let's go over some general points first. 

Your first step to locating your serial number is to figure out what type of fireplace or stove you have installed. This is easy done as there are a few choices but easy to figure out. Your fireplace will either be a gas or wood-burning fireplace. As you determine this by what you are burning, I won't go into details on how to figure out your fireplace. The serial number on these fireplaces are commonly found either on the sides, bottom, or underneath your fireplace.

If you have a stove rather than a fireplace, then you can also easily figure out what type by what you burn or how the stove is operated. There are pellet, coal, and wood stove options. These are the most common types and you most likely will have one of those. Electric and gas stoves are also becoming more common as they are cleaner and more efficient. Most stoves are built commonly and have some sort of opening toward the top or front of the stove that you can access. Most stoves have a metal place installed within these openings with your serial number information. Don't worry we have diagrams and pictures to help you out!

Lastly, if you use a gas log set they have serial numbers. Most log sets are found to have their serial numbers attached a little differently with a tag that is chained or zip-tied to the log set. This keeps the tag from becoming a fire hazard by making the tag removable for you. If you didn't remove your tag, they will still be located toward the back of the log set or sometimes installed on a plate toward the back or bottom of your set.

Generally, the serial numbers are located within a certain space or area. To show you we have some diagrams! Click the diagram to make it larger.



There are a few different places shown above within the diagram on how to locate on a fireplace. We want to be more specific and give you a real look at where you may locate your serial number plate. 

Let's start with a gas fireplace. The gas fireplace will have a vent or access panel toward the bottom of your fireplace opening. This access panel does open up and within the access, the panel is your metal plate. The type of gas fireplace you have does not matter for the location as they should have the same access panel with a different front. 


You will need to open the access panel. Once you have opened the access panel, you should then see a metal plate directly in the front as shown in the picture below.


Once you have located this access panel and opened up the access panel, you will find the metal plate as shown. If you need to view any picture on a larger scale, please click on the picture to view. This is the most common placement of a serial number plate for a gas fireplace. There may also be a chance the metal plate is located on the top right or left side of the opening of the fireplace opening. This is more common on a wood-burning fireplace than gas but there may be a possibility of this type of placement. Check out the photos below to have a closer look.


Wood-burning fireplaces have very similar placements to their metal serial number plates as the gas fireplaces do. Keep in mind that if you have a mesh curtain or doors on your fireplace, you may need to move or remove them to access the metal plate. Most of the time you can just move the items aside but depending on the exact placement of the plate, you may need to do some maneuvering to view the plate. Like a gas fireplace, you may also locate the plate underneath the access panel in the front.



Next up is your stoves. Fireplaces differ from the stove for a multitude of reasons but that is not what today is about. Stoves are generally made to keep small spaces warm by using coal or pellets. The stove is usually made with an opening on the top or front of the stove for refilling but also for any parts that are placed within the stove. For example, most stoves have a blower installed within in order to push out the heat from the stove into your room. This area may also house your serial number metal plate. 

The pellet stove below within the images has an opening on the top of the stove for refilling among other purposes. Here you can also find that the metal plate containing the serial number is there. The top portion will need to be opened to view the serial number. 


Your coal stove may be a little different. The coal stove serial numbers are most likely to be located on the rear of the stove tucked away behind the blower. This can make it difficult to find as well as see the serial number for this particular stove. This may require that you move the stove out depending on where or how the stove is installed. The coal stove may also have a tag rather than a plate attached to the rear of the stove. This is less common as you mostly will see the plates. The coal stove is most difficult when locating the serial number. We suggest taking the number down or a picture of the plates for future references.


Gas Logs

Last but not least you have the gas logs. These things can last forever with proper maintenance and care but sometimes we gotta fix things. Gas logs are pretty affordable and easy to find and replace. We get that you may want to keep your set forever or purchase a new set once the old one starts to go crazy or deteriorate. We understand this and want to help you find what you need. The easiest way is with the serial number. This will ensure that you are getting exactly what you want either to replace a part or even buy a new set.

Gas logs are fairly easy to locate the serial number for. They are also much easier to handle to find this information. The serial number is usually a tag that is attached to the gas log set. Most commonly attached with a chain, wire, or zip tie the serial number tag is found toward the back of your gas log set. They are easy to access by either removing the tag when purchased or by pulling the gas log set out to view the back. We have examples below!


The less common location of your log set serial number is on the back of your burner pan. If you are to pull out your burner pan you may find the serial number on the backside of the pan. This will not be a metal plate or tag but more commonly a sticker. Keep in mind that you can always reach out with help for locating a serial number.

In The End

To sum everything up, your serial number can be located in many different places. To be most vigilant in locating the correct serial number you can always refer to your items manual. Always keep in mind that manufacturers are always changing products and parts that they will continue making. To ensure that you are always getting exactly what you need for your fireplace or stove ask a professional. 


Last updated on March 7th 2022.


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