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Custom Fireplaces and grate heaters


A fireplace is considered the heart of a home. They bring life to any space and warmth for you and your family. Imagine being gathered around the fireplace with your loved ones while keeping warm and watching the flames dance. You can have that and so much more! Fireplaces create a wonderful new world in your home and can turn any space to your own personal fantasy land. Let us help you bring your space to life with our wonderful fireplace options!

Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

The direct vent fireplace is a prefab fireplace that uses a combustion system that is direct vent. To make it simple the vent is sealed bringing air from the outside and distributing the excess outside. 

Direct vent fireplaces are great for heating spaces efficiently and do not require a lot of maintenance. These fireplaces are very heat efficient and use either natural gas or propane rather than wood. Because they are sealed off the direct vent fireplace turns most of the gas used into direct heat! 

Knowing about the type of fuel you would like to choose is also a big decision. You will want to make sure that you know the ins and outs of your new fireplace. Take a look at a blog we have available below to help you decide or maybe even convert!


We have many options for a direct vent fireplace from modern, casual, or classic styles. We offer you many options to customize your direct vent fireplace. You have all the choices when it comes to the fuel type, ignition system, surrounds, and kits to help get your fireplace started!

Check out this modern multi-view direct vent fireplace! This fireplace can be viewed indoors or outdoors from your living space to your outside patio. It's definitely a conversation piece to catch anyone's eye. The Superior fireplace keeps your home open and spacious without putting a dent in your design. 



Grate Heaters

When you own a fireplace the point is to help heat your home to offset some costs. We understand that! Installing a grate heater to your wood-burning fireplace increases your heat efficiency. The grate heater works by having air funneled into the heat tubing and then blows the heat into coal or wood to create more heat!

The grate heater is a perfect way to help heat your room. Because the grate heater is made to push the heat out toward the room it helps keep the cold air out where it belongs. They can only be used in your wood fireplace and can be controlled with the fan speeds to keep the temperature perfect in your space.

A grate heater can put out up to 40,000 BTUs of heat to keep your space comfortable. We offer many sizes as well as custom sizes to fit perfectly within the fireplace. 

The fireplace grate heaters are made up of aluminized steel making the tubes extremely durable, for a long life span. They can even increase your heat output to up to 500%! Take a look into the grate heaters when installing your fireplace to ensure you're getting everything you need to help offset your heating costs!

Vent-free Gas Fireplaces

The vent free gas fireplace is made to produce heat without needing to vent. The fireplace is made to burn and allow the excess to flow back out into the room. The vent free fireplace is a great way to keep your room heat efficient!

There are very strict guidelines that incur with the vent free gas fireplace and it is suggested to reach out to your local professional to inquire about the rules of your community with a vent free fireplace. The strict guidelines are in place to keep you safe when using a vent free fireplace. You can find more information within your fireplace manual. 

Vent-free fireplaces are made to be a heating solution for you as they are effective, efficient, and visually entrancing. We offer many styles and customizations on our fireplaces. The vent-free fireplace can be used with natural gas or propane. 

Our featured vent free fireplace is the Superior 36" ventless firebox with gas log set! You can choose from two different liners and add many accessories and kits to manage your fireplace that's perfect for you! Click on the image to the right to find out more about this fabulous fireplace!

Wood Fireplaces 

Most are familiar with a wood-burning fireplace as they have been around for ages to heat homes! Wood is the most common type of fireplace and some homes come equipped with a wood fireplace. Not everyone has a wood fireplace though and we can help with that! 

There are a lot of components to a wood fireplace that you can learn about easily with our blog! Take some time to look over the information by tapping on the blog to the right! 

Wood fireplaces are amazing and beautiful! They bring life into your home and most importantly heat. The additions of a wood-burning stove are limitless! You can add accessories and updates to keep your fireplace looking on point with your decoration. 

We offer a broad spectrum of wood-burning fireplaces to be customized by you! There are so many options to choose from so let us pick out a specific fireplace to look into! The Superior 6000 wood fireplace is fully insulated and has a large 30" tall opening to give you a full view of your fire. Take a look by clicking on the image to the left! We promise it's worth it!

Linear Fireplaces

Rising in popularity due to their more modern style, the linear fireplace is an amazing and stylish item! The linear fireplace is shaped more like a rectangle rather than square with an option for an electric or gas-operated fireplace. This fireplace is perfect for making a statement or bringing contemporary style into your living space!

The electric linear fireplaces are a great way to show off a fireplace without the hassle of any installation. Choosing an electric fireplace is a land of possibilities. The electric linear fireplace has great style options like the color of flame but with a realistic feel. This fireplace is a great option if you have few options when adding a fireplace to your living space and are great for apartments as they don't require any type of venting. 

A safer more heat efficient option the electric linear fireplace is ran completely on electricity and is great for the budgeting family. The heat efficiency is 100% as the temperature of the fireplace is completely controlled by you! This also allows for an easy way to control the heating within your living space as well as in your pocket!

There is also a gas option. Gas linear fireplaces are direct vent and emit little to no smoke or toxins. They have the option to be used with natural or liquid propane gas. If you already have a gas line installed and are just looking to update an existing fireplace, these are a perfect statement piece!

The gas linear fireplace can be installed with a new or preexisting gas line and have a great heat efficiency. Keep in mind that because the linear fireplace is a direct vent fireplace, it cannot have doors installed and you can learn more about that here!




What is a fireplace?

  •  A fireplace is made up of either brick, stone, or metal that is made to contain a fire. When a fireplace is installed in a home it is for relaxation or to offset heating costs. There are two types a masonry or prefab fireplace and can be used with wood, coal, gas, and more. 

How much does it cost to put in a fireplace?

  • The cost of installing a fireplace can vary depending on the components of the type of fireplace and what needs to be done for installation. We would suggest reaching out to a professional installation company to inquire about the cost of installing your fireplace.

Do fireplaces heat a home?

  • A fireplace is a great way to help offset heating costs and that is the main reason to have a fireplace. There are more efficient options for a fireplace for heating as a fireplace is good for heating certain spaces. Fireplaces are a heating source but cannot heat an entire house with just one. There are ways to pull more heat into the home and expand the heating throughout but realistically there are a lot of components to heating with a fireplace. Take a look at our blog on fireplaces by clicking here.

Does using a fireplace save money?

  • Having a fireplace definitely can save you money if you are taking the steps to make your fireplace more efficient. There are many ways of doing so and options to choose from. Gas fireplaces seem to be a more budget-friendly option over wood as well as gas is more efficient in heating. We suggest researching all avenues prior to making your decision. We have many blogs and informational videos available under the resources tab that can help!