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Fireplace Mesh Buying Guide

Whether it’s time to replace your fireplace mesh curtains or you’ve decided you need a fireplace screen to guard against flying sparks, the choices you have for buying mesh curtains and screens are enormous. Don’t be fooled though, buying replacement mesh curtains and fireplace screens can be a little tricky. There are certain steps you’ll need to take before you can confidently purchase new mesh curtains or fireplace screens. With all the options for choosing a custom fireplace mesh curtain or screen, it’s easy to get confused and buy something that doesn’t fit your fireplace or meet your home’s safety needs.   

If you’re shopping for new or replacement fireplace mesh or fireplace screens and aren’t sure where to start, we’ve put together this helpful buying guide to point you in the right direction. To help you make the most informed buying decision possible, this guide will cover the following sections: 

Today, you'll learn all about these topics and more. If you still have questions after reading this guide, feel free to reach out to us online and we'll be happy to help clarify and explain your buying options in even greater detail. The last thing any of us want is for your new mesh curtains or fireplace screen to not fit properly or complement your fireplace style and design. 

fireplace mesh curtainsFireplace mesh is the metal mesh curtain that sits in the opening of your fireplace. Mesh curtains slide open and are mounted with a rod or as part of a mesh and valance kit. Wire mesh for your fireplace is an important safety feature for burning wood or gas fires. It prevents popping sparks and embers from hopping out of your fireplace onto your hearth or the floor in front of your fireplace. 

Metal mesh curtains also provide a barrier between the fire and your loved ones including pets and children, preventing them from getting too close to a burning fire. Fireplace mesh is also a great way to contain your fires and help prevent burning wood logs from rolling out of your firebox onto your hearth or living room floor. But it is important to note that fireplace mesh and fireplace screens are two different types of fireplace accessories. Fireplace mesh curtains and wood-burning fireplace screens are some of the most diverse fireplace accessories you can choose to install. 

Mesh curtains and fireplace screens protect your kids, pets and loved ones from the sparks and flying embers coming from a wood-burning fireplace, but they also keep your home and fireplace looking stylish, beautiful and unique.

The mesh on a fireplace is typically made of steel, stainless steel or metal wire that has been woven, meshed, together to create a wire mesh curtain that makes an excellent fireplace spark guarolls of fireplace mesh by the linear footrd. Since solid metal or steel mesh curtains are not functional as solid pieces of material, weaving together individual wires to create sheets and rolls of mesh makes the material much more functional. 

Each mesh curtain panel is made by weaving wire into mesh panels. Mesh curtain panels are individually made and woven. Metal or stainless steel mesh curtains are available for other areas of your home as well, and they are gaining popularity as a fashionable home design accessory. Many times, you’ll hear the terms fireplace mesh and fireplace screens used interchangeably but the two terms do not refer to the same accessory and there are clear differences between them.   

These two terms are often used interchangeably but it’s important to understand the difference between fireplace mesh and fireplace screens. A fireplace screen is just that – a screen. Screens for your decorative fireplace screenfireplace are typically freestanding accessories that are used to cover the opening of your fireplace. Screens are great for blocking the opening of your fireplace and serving as a spark guard for your fireplace. On the other hand, fireplace mesh is a curtain that is installed inside the opening of your fireplace using mounting hardware such as rods and rings.

For example, an open-hearth fireplace screen or a wood stove child safety screen would block pets or kids from being able to access your firebox while it’s in operation. Likewise, a freestanding fireplace screen is also great for blocking flying embers from a crackling fire. Fireplace screens make a great two-way fireplace safety accessory. 

If you’re wondering whether or not a fireplace screen is necessary, then it’s important to understand the plethora of hidden benefits that screens and mesh curtains offer. Mesh curtains and fireplace screens are a great option for protecting your home and loved ones, but mesh curtains, screens and other types of mesh or glass fireplace covers offer a range of benefits beyond just safety. 


Mesh fireplace screens and mesh fireplace curtains are both affordable fireplace accessories. When you consider the purpose they serve in your home and the ways they protect your hearth, screens and mesh offer an incredible value for the price. New or replacement fireplace screens and mesh curtains will fit any budget. You can go with basic black mesh curtains or you can choose to personalize your hearth area with a custom recessed mesh and valance kit that you design in the FDO store.  


Metal mesh curtains, stainless steel mesh and fireplace safety screens are all extremely durable fireplace accessories with a long lifespan. Sometimes, handy DIY homeowners can extend the life of their fireplace mesh and screens by cleaning and repainting them to help maintain their luster.  


The metal wire mesh curtains aren’t easily stretched or ripped from regular use. As long as you use your mesh curtains for what they were designed to be used for, you can rest easy knowing your fireplace screens and curtains are going to hold up. You won’t have to worry about whether or not your curtains are going to guard against sparks or embers from crackling fires.


Let’s face it, part of what makes shopping for fireplace accessories so enjoyable is matching your new items with your home’s existing style and design. Both fireplace mesh and fireplace screens with doors are stylish options and make for decorative fireplace accessories. Most mesh curtains and freestanding mesh screens come in different finishes, have options for customizing hardware and some even include images, designs or landscape scenes etched into the woven mesh panel to create a one-of-a-kind fireplace accessory and safety feature.   


Speaking of designing your one-of-a-kind fireplace, mesh curtains are fully customizable in the Fireplace Doors Online store. The FDO store allows you to freely choose the size mesh you need, customize hardware components and mix and match fireplace hardware. Shopping for mesh curtains in the FDO store gives homeowners just like yourself an opportunity to put their interior design skills to the test with customizable recessed mesh curtains and valance kits.  

You can choose from powder coat finishes for your valance, sizes and finishes for your mesh curtains and the style of handles and other hardware accessories to design the hearth and fireplace of your dreams. These are just some of the benefits and advantages of choosing mesh curtains for your fireplace. You’ll find there are many options when it comes to mesh curtains and fireplace screens. 

fireplace mesh is a customizable fireplace accessory, get a custom mesh quote at Fireplace Doors Online

If you don’t feel like going through all of the options, you can always submit a custom quote form and we’ll get back to you within a couple of days with a quote for custom fireplace mesh curtains.

If you’ve ever been in front of a roaring wood fire, then you know about the dangers of popping sparks and flying embers. But, do you need fireplace mesh curtains or screens for a gas fireplace? Mesh fireplace curtains and fireplace screens are a great choice for anyone burning wood logs in their fireplace but they’re also helpful for gas fireplaces and for using gas logs. 

Although these fires don’t crackle and pop like a wood fire, fireplace screens and mesh curtains protect kids and pets from getting too close to your fireplace but also help ensure your logs and gas logs don’t roll out of the firebox.

Whether you’re burning traditional wood fires, using gas logs or utilizing a gas-fueled log lighter to help ignite your wood logs, fireplace screens and mesh curtains help keep your home and loved ones safe while also adding a little style and decoration to your hearth and fireplace opening. There are different types of mesh curtains for your fireplace, and understanding the type of curtains you have to choose from will help you narrow down your buying choices. 

There are several different types of fireplace mesh to choose from. Again, your mesh curtains don’t just have to be a fireplace safety accessory. With all of the mesh options to choose from, you can create a stylish yet safe fireplace and hearth area for you and your family to enjoy.

The two most common types of fireplace mesh are standard mesh curtains and recessed mesh curtains that include a valance. To help you understand the difference, let’s take a closer look at each of these types of mesh curtains. 

Standard Mesh Curtains

standard mesh curtains Standard mesh curtains hang over your fireplace opening and are mounted using a small curtain rod and mesh curtain hanger rings. Mesh curtains are typically designed using 1/4” standard mesh or 3/16” mini mesh. This refers to the size of the holes in the mesh curtain. A smaller mesh size means less opportunity for sparks and embers to get through your mesh curtain and reach the outside of the firebox. 

Likewise, a larger mesh size means more visibility into your firebox to see those beautiful dancing flames. The size of mesh you choose ultimately comes down to your own personal preference. 

Recessed Mesh and Valance kits

recessed mesh curtain and valance kitRecessed mesh and valance kits are different from standard mesh curtains. These are recessed into the opening of your fireplace and fit snugly within your fireplace’s opening with a valance. A valance is a metal plate that can go above or below your fireplace’s opening and hides the recessed mesh curtain mounting hardware to create a modern fireplace look.

Other benefits of recessed mesh and valance kits include: 

  • Mounting: recessed mesh curtain and valance kits offer more mounting support than standard mesh curtains and they are recommended for fireplaces with a bigger opening. With recessed mesh and valance kits, your mounting hardware is also hidden by the valance, which creates a sleek uniform aesthetic for your fireplace.  

  • Style and design: mesh and valance kits offer several customizable features such as valance finishes. Valances can be customized with a powder-coated or premium finish to match the style and design of your fireplace and home. Recessed mesh and valance kits are also available in regular mesh, mini mesh and come in various mesh finish colors that allow you to take your style to the next level. 

  • Made to fit: you'll have more options with a recessed mesh and valance kit over standard replacement mesh curtains, but you'll also enjoy an easier ordering process with Fireplace Doors Online. All you need to do is enter your dimensions and a mesh and valance kit will be made to fit.   

Recessed mesh and valance kits are readily available in the Fireplace Doors Online (FDO) store. You can customize your mesh’s and valance’s finishes as well as choose styles for things like pulls. Recessed mesh curtains are also what you'll need for a corner or peninsula fireplace with multiple viewing angles.    

Measuring for fireplace mesh is a fairly simple process, but it’s especially easy and quick when you have the old mesh screen to use as a guide for your measurements. Like most fireplace accessories though, you’ll need to account for some clearance from certain areas of your fireplace. To be able to confidently buy fireplace mesh, you must know the size of the mesh you need plus allow for some bottom clearance so the curtain doesn’t drag across the bottom of your firebox. 

How you measure your fireplace for mesh curtains will depend on whether or not you already have a rod mounted. 

Follow these steps for measuring a fireplace with an existing mesh curtain rod installed: 

  1. Measure the height of your opening from the bottom of the firebox to the top of existing curtain rod. This will be your mesh curtain’s height, which is the most important measurement to get right for any type of curtain. 

  2. Measure the width of your fireplace opening from side to side. You’ll want to account for having extra mesh curtain material on either side so your mesh panels have room for fullness, similar to other types of curtains around your home. For example, if you have a 30" opening, you would want to go with the 24" panels for fullness.  

  3. Measure the old mesh curtains from the bottom of your firebox to the top of the hanger rings, this will give you the height needed for your new mesh curtains.

how to measure your fireplace for mesh curtains

It’s important to note that standard mesh curtains are available in fixed heights so if you can’t find standard mesh curtains to match the height you need, then you’ll want to go with custom-sized mesh curtains.   

Having extra material on the sides of your mesh curtain panels is not a bad thing and helps to create fullness.

If you have the old mesh, use it as a measuring guide.

For standard mesh curtains, account for 1/2” bottom clearance when taking your height measurements. You’ll need to account for clearance from the hearth floor and ensure your mesh curtain panels won’t drag across the floor of your firebox. 

Measuring for Fireplace Mesh Curtains Without a Rod

If you don’t have an existing curtain rod for your mesh curtains, then your measuring process is a little different. It’s important to understand that you’ll need to purchase a separate mesh curtain rod kit before you can hang your fireplace mesh curtain. Luckily, FDO makes measuring your fireplace without a curtain rod and ordering your mesh curtains easy. 

When there’s no mesh curtain rod in your fireplace, simply measure the height and width of your fireplace’s opening. Measure from the bottom of your firebox opening to the very top and then from side to side across the opening. Next, deduct 1" from the total height and this will give you the appropriate clearance. Of course, you can always submit a custom mesh quote form and our team will help determine the right sizes for your mesh curtains.  

how to measure a fireplace for mesh curtains without a curtain rod installed

These are the two types of measurements you’ll have to make before confidently shopping for and buying mesh curtains for your fireplace. If you’re looking for a more unique mesh curtain design for your fireplace, then you’ll probably want to go with a recessed mesh and valance kit. 

Measuring for Recessed Mesh and Valance Kits

Recessed mesh and valance kits can be pressure fit mounted or mounted using brackets. You’ll select a mounting choice during checkout, but the recessed mesh kits are available in completely custom sizes so you don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong size. 

how to measure for a recessed mesh curtain and valance kit

As you can see from the image above, you'll need to enter your fireplace dimensions on the recessed mesh and valance product page and a kit is made to order. 

Importance of Measuring for Width and Accounting for Bottom Clearance

Your width measurements should be used as a minimum starting point for your mesh curtain panels and you’ll want to have more material than you need to create fullness for your mesh curtains. Like any other household curtains, you’ll want a little extra material on the sides so your curtains fully cover the space they're intended to cover and still have room to spare.

You want your fireplace mesh curtains to look similar to other household curtains when you close them and not stretched to their limit. Luckily, standard mesh panels come in 24 or 30 inches, so you can easily order panels with a combined width that measures wider than your fireplace opening. 

For example, let’s say your fireplace measures 48 inches wide. You’d want to select the 30-inch fireplace mesh panels to ensure you have plenty of material to cover the opening of your fireplace plus extra. If you chose the 24-inch wide panels, you’d have just enough material to cover the opening of your fireplace.

You want extra mesh material on the sides of your mesh panels. The extra mesh material creates fullness for your fireplace curtains and allows you room to configure your curtains how you like when your fireplace and your mesh curtains are in use.  

You’ll also want to ensure there’s a little bit of space between the firebox floor and the bottom of your mesh fireplace curtains. This is so your mesh curtain panels don't drag and rub against the bottom of your fireplace. This makes them harder to open and operate in general. You will put extra pressure on the handles and the mesh curtain rod and rings when there is not enough bottom clearance. This will cause your fireplace mesh to wear out faster over time and you will need to replace them again soon. 

account for bottom clearance when measuring for fireplace mesh curtains 

When in Doubt Go with Custom Size Mesh

If you find you can’t standard-size mesh panels that allow you to maintain at least ½” clearance between the firebox floor and the bottom of your mesh curtains, then you’ll want to go with custom size mesh for your fireplace. Ordering the wrong size mesh and going through the ordeal of returns or exchanges is something we all want to avoid.

So, if you can't find mesh curtain panels in the height you need to maintain clearance, this issue is easily solved with Fireplace Doors Online and our options for custom-size mesh curtains. These are affordable options for anyone with irregular-shaped fireplace openings or when you just want to be sure your mesh curtains will fit your opening with plenty of clearance.  

Fireplace Mesh Mounting Options

Once you choose the type of mesh curtains you want, the next step is to decide on a mounting option for hanging your accessories. There are several options for mounting your standard mesh curtains such as: 

  • Bypass Rod Kits: this is the most traditional style of mesh curtain rod that you’ll find for hanging your new accessory. These rods are very much like other household curtain rods but instead of using brackets or mounts, bypass rods are designed to slide into predrilled holes on the side of your fireplace opening. These mesh curtain rod kits also come with a center mount to offer added stability. Predrilled holes are commonly found on prefab fireplaces but you can also drill your holes into a masonry fireplace. Bypass rods for mesh curtains come in 36”, 48” and 75” sizes.   

  • Straight Rod Kits: this is a simple mounting option similar to a bypass rod but instead of only mounting on the sides of your fireplace, straight rods use a center plate to also mount to the top of your fireplace or lintel. These rods also don’t use predrilled holes and instead, the ends mount to the top of your fireplace, so these rod kits are mounted in three areas – center and both ends. Straight rod mounting kits will fit openings 32”-58” wide.   

  • Angled Rod Kits: these are similar to straight rods but with angled ends that will mount to the sides of your fireplace. Angled rod kits are mounted to your fireplace in three places – the center and both ends. These kits are available to fit openings 32”-58” wide. 

shop online for fireplace hardware

These are your mounting options for new or replacement fireplace mesh. If you’re equipping a newly installed fireplace with mesh or adding mesh to a fireplace that has not had it before, then you’ll likely need to purchase a separate mounting kit. Again, these mounting options are designed for both masonry and prefab fireplaces. 

Mounting Fireplace Mesh on a Corner Fireplace

If you’re thinking about adding mesh to your corner or peninsula fireplace, then you’ll need to go with a recessed mesh and valance kit. With a corner fireplace, you’ll have to fit your mesh curtains precisely, which is where the recessed mesh and valance come into play. 

The way a corner fireplace is designed with two viewing angles makes it an ideal setting for a recessed mesh curtain and valance kit. Again, a valance hides the hardware but also adds some style to your fireplace and hearth. The best part is that valances can be powder coated to create a unique look that sets your feature apart from the rest. So, installing mesh means you’ll end up with a safe and customized corner fireplace that you can truly call your own. 

mesh curtains for corner fireplaces

But, what if you don’t want to go through the hassle of installing mesh curtains and still want a fireplace spark guard of some sort? Perhaps you’re not the handiest DIY homeowner or just don’t have the time to install new or replacement mesh curtains. No problem, you can have the best of both worlds with a fireplace screen

Again, it’s important to note that fireplace screens and fireplace mesh are not the same accessories. Fireplace screens are freestanding accessories that sit in front of your fireplace’s opening to block sparks jumping out of the firebox plus prevent kids and pets from reaching the fire. Screens are made of either woven mesh or glass while the frames are typically made of metal – all of which are non-combustible materials ideal for use in fireplaces. 

Some of the different types of fireplace screens include: 

  • Single Panel Screens: these are freestanding screens with one singular panel. Single panel screens are excellent fireplace spark guards and can even be customized with different finishes and styles such as arched, bowed or convex. 

  • Folding Screens: these are multi-paneled fireplace screens with folding sections that allow you to configure the screen in front of your fireplace as you see fit. Since folding fireplace screens can already be configured as you like, you won’t find many options to customize their size and they’re mostly available in fixed sizes.   

  • Operable Door Screens: these fireplace screens are an excellent option for guarding against sparks or embers while still allowing you to access your firebox and tend to fires. These are usually multi-paneled screens with a door in the center panel that opens and closes. Since these fireplace screens have a door you can open and close, you won’t have to move your screen out of the way every time the fire needs stoked or tended to. Operable door fireplace screens come in a variety of sizes and styles to match your home’s existing decor.   

  • Glass Panel Screens: these fireplace screens omit the woven or weaved mesh material and replace it with a single glass panel. Glass panel screens have solid glass-paneled surfaces so you know that you can guard against fireplace sparks or embers and they don’t have a chance to get through the mesh holes.   

  • Child Safety Screens: these are essentially child safety gates for your fireplace or wood stove. If you’re just looking for a way to baby-proof your fireplace or wood stove, then this is probably what you’re going to need. Our child safety screens come with an auto-lock gate and stabilization hardware so it’s not easily knocked over by kids or pets.  

fireplace child safety screens for sale in the Fireplace Doors Online store

Most of the fireplace screens have customizable options or at least offer some customizable features such as different finishes for the frames or different images, designs and scenes etched into the woven material. Several of the fireplace screens for sale in the FDO store have fun landscapes or other designs etched into them that help to create a decorative fireplace screen to match your home’s style. 

Measuring for fireplace screens is a lot less involved and labor-intensive than measuring for mesh curtains or recessed mesh and valance kits. Your goal here is to get a good idea of the size of your fireplace’s opening and choose a screen mostly big enough to cover your fireplace and guard against the sparks or embers coming from your wood-burning fires. Of course, fireplace screens are also excellent safety accessories for maintaining a barrier and offering some distance between your home, loved ones and your gas-burning fireplace. But it's also important to keep in mind that a fireplace screen mainly needs to cover the width of your fireplace and height is not as important. As long as your fireplace screen is as wide or wider than your fireplace's opening, your screen will block embers or keep logs from rolling out of the firebox. 

To measure your fireplace opening for a fireplace screen, you’ll need to determine the height and width of your opening. 

how to measure your fireplace for a fireplace safety screen or child safety screen

You’ll also want to decide whether or not your fireplace screen will sit directly on the fireplace hearth or the floor in front of your fireplace feature. Making these decisions ahead of time will help speed up your shopping process by providing you with the information you need to choose both the right size and an appropriate weight for your fireplace screen the first time around. fireplace screen

Again, the main objective when choosing the size of your fireplace screen is to buy a screen that adequately covers the width of the opening of your fireplace and blocks small kids and pets from accessing your fireplace while you're burning fires. There are options for choosing a fireplace screen that covers your entire opening but it's not necessary. 

So now that you understand the different types of metal mesh curtains and screens for your fireplace, it’s time to head over to the FDO store and start shopping.

Next, we’ll walk you through the steps you’ll take to purchase new or replacement mesh curtains, recessed mesh and valance kits and fireplace screens from the Fireplace Doors Online store.  

Shopping for Mesh Curtains and Fireplace Screens in the FDO Store

We’ve touched on some of the ways Fireplace Doors Online makes shopping for new or replacement mesh curtains and fireplace screens easy, but let’s take a closer look at how to find the type of mesh you’re looking for. You'll match your items with the measurements you took from the steps above. 

Below, we cover everything you need to know to successfully choose the best mesh curtains and fireplace screens for your home. From how to search for your desired style of mesh and make your curtain selections to choosing the customization options for your fireplace screens and curtains from the product pages, you’ll be able to confidently shop for your mesh fireplace accessories in the FDO store.

Shopping for Mesh Curtains

Start by selecting the Fireplace Mesh category from the FDO home screen or from the Hearth Accessories dropdown menu on the main menu. 

shopping for fireplace mesh curtains from the FDO homescreen

From there, you’ll see options for different types of fireplace mesh and protective or decorative fireplace screens. When shopping for mesh curtains, you’ll want to select one of the first three categories: 

  • Mesh Curtains: this category contains options for standard mesh curtains. Remember though, you’ll need to buy a separate mounting rod kit if you don’t already have a curtain rod installed in your fireplace. 

  • Mesh with Valance: this is where you’ll find the recessed mesh and valance kits for your fireplace. You’ll be able to customize your choices later, but it’s important to know that you can always go with a valance on top and bottom. 

  • Corner Fireplace Mesh: this is where you’ll be able to shop for mesh curtains for a corner or peninsula fireplace that has multiple viewing angles. Only recessed mesh and valance kits are available for corner fireplaces as they require a custom-fit mesh curtain with a valance that hides the mounting hardware and fits snugly into the opening of your fireplace.

After you select the appropriate category for your mesh curtains, you’ll have different options for the type and style of mesh curtains you want for your fireplace. Let’s begin by covering how to choose the right standard mesh curtains for your fireplace from the FDO store. 

Shopping for Standard Mesh Curtains in the FDO Store

Let’s say you need standard mesh curtains. You’ll choose the mesh curtains product category from the available options, and this will show you our standard fireplace mesh options. From here, you’ll see options for 24-inch wide mesh panels, 30-inch wide mesh panels as well as options for various mesh sizes including 1/4” or 3/16”. These numbers refer to the size of the holes in your metal mesh curtains and panels, so you can create the mesh curtains that best meet your needs. You can choose to go with the larger 1/4” size mesh or a finer 3/16” mesh for your fireplace curtains. 

If you like to burn large wood fires using large firewood logs that produce big, crackling flames, then you’ll probably want to ensure your home and family’s safety with the finer 3/16” mesh panels.  

shopping for standard mesh curtains in the FDO store

As we discussed earlier, the extra mesh material on the sides allows for bunching and overlapping with your mesh panels, creating an added layer of protection between fires burning in your firebox and your home, kids or pets. If you prefer the larger size mesh for your curtains, then this is also where having extra material on the sides to create fullness in your curtains will come into play. Let’s say you chose the 24-inch wide 1/4" or 3/16" Antique Bronze Metaltone Painted Finish mesh curtains from the available options on the page above. 

From here, you’ll have to select the length of your panels, don’t forget to account for ground clearance, but you’ll see the available lengths at the top of the product page next to the image. You'll notice standard curtain panels are in 1/2" increments to account for hanger rings. Your panels are standard lengths such as 20", 21" and so on, but with an extra 1/2" added to accommodate the size of mesh curtain rings. Once you find the length that works for your fireplace, your next option is to choose the size of the mesh you’d like – 1/4” or 3/16”.

choose the length of your mesh curtain panel and weave size

Last, you’ll see a couple of boxes asking you if you’re sure about your choice and that you understand the terms of your purchasing decision. Fill in your answers to these questions and add your mesh curtains to your cart before completing your purchase and checking out on the next screen.  

Now, the only thing that’s left to do is enter your shipping details and await the arrival of your new mesh curtains. 

Shopping for Recessed Mesh and Valance Kits in the FDO Store

As we discussed earlier, the process of shopping for recessed mesh and valance kits is a little different from buying fixed-size standard mesh curtains for your fireplace. Let’s take a look at how you’ll choose the perfect recessed mesh and valance kit for your fireplace. 

The first step is to select the Mesh with Valance category, second on the right, from the mesh curtain and fireplace screen main product page in the FDO store. 

select mesh and valance kits from the fireplace mesh product category

From here, you’ll see your available options for recessed mesh and valance kits. Take notice of the available widths and heights for these kits after entering the page. You’ll see size ranges for these kits that indicate their compatibility with fireplace openings in those ranges. 

see recessed mesh and valance kits that fit a range of fireplace opening sizes

You’ll also see that these kits all have custom-made or made-to-order tags in their product descriptions. For example, the first product on the page, the hanging black mesh valance kit, is available for fireplace openings measuring up to 60 inches wide and 40 inches high.  

Once you select this product from the available options, you’ll see your customization choices. You can choose from different sizes of mesh, different finishes and even add a bottom valance fender to your kit’s order. 

what you need to know before buying fireplace mesh and valance kits and product choices you will have

After you’ve made all of your selections and completely customized your mesh and valance kit, you’re nearly ready to complete your order and checkout. You’ll need to check a few more boxes and answer some additional questions regarding your fireplace setup before finally uploading a picture of your fireplace for verification purposes. 

We ask you to upload an image of your fireplace to help ensure you’re choosing the right mesh and valance kit to meet your needs. Again, these aren’t designed for prefab or zero clearance fireplaces, so we just like to help cover your bases before processing your custom mesh and valance order.   

From here, the only thing left is to enter your payment and shipping info at checkout and wait for your new custom mesh and valance kit to arrive. Remember, recessed mesh and valance kits are not available for prefab or zero clearance fireplaces. Since these kits are custom-sized to match your fireplace’s opening and attach using the lintel bar, they aren’t designed for prefab or zero clearance openings. 

Shopping for Fireplace Screens in the FDO Store

fireplace screens for sale Perhaps you don’t need custom fireplace mesh curtains or a recessed mesh and valance kit but still want to add some spark protection to your hearth and fireplace. No problem, Fireplace Doors Online has you covered with a variety of fireplace screens for sale in our online store.

Finding the fireplace screen to meet your safety needs while adding some style and flair to your fireplace is easy with Fireplace Doors Online. 

There are several different types of fireplace screens to choose from, so you'll want to determine your needs before settling on the type of screen for your fireplace. To start shopping for fireplace screens and browsing your options, select one of the fireplace screen categories from the Fireplace Mesh and Screens main product page. 

You’ll see options for the following types of fireplace screens in the FDO store: 

  • Single panel screens

  • Folding screens

  • Operable door screens

  • Glass panel screens

  • Direct vent safety screens

  • Child guard screens

Again, these are the same options that we covered in detail earlier in this guide, so we won’t spend too much time breaking down each type of fireplace screen. But, you may want to review the main features of each before deciding which type of screen will best meet your needs and match your home’s style. 

select from different styles of fireplace screens

Let’s say you’re thinking about one of our functional and stylish operable door fireplace screens. You’ll begin by selecting the operable door screens category from the main product page to see your options for this style of fireplace screen. Once you’ve selected the type of screen you want for your fireplace, you’ll see all available options in the FDO store.

fireplace screens with door

You’ll be able to see each item's dimensions in the product’s description without having to select that item to determine whether or not that particular fireplace screen will work with the size of your fireplace’s opening. 

For example, if you chose the Glass Peacock Operable Door Fireplace Screen, then you would be able to see that it is available in a fixed size of 33 inches high and 44 inches wide. 

choose a fireplace screen with height, width and weight that will cover your fireplace

Having information such as dimensions and product weight without having to select the product and search for these metrics on the product page saves you valuable time while shopping for fireplace screens. 

The key to buying a fireplace screen is accurately matching it with the size of your fireplace opening to ensure your new spark guard will cover the entire space. The last thing you want is to buy a fire screen that isn’t large enough to meet your needs and cover the opening. From there, you can begin looking at options for matching your fireplace screen with your home’s existing style and design. 

Summary of Buying Mesh Curtains and Screens

Investing in new fireplace screens, mesh curtains or mesh and valance kits are an excellent way to keep your home safe while looking stylish and decorative. When it comes to buying mesh curtains for your fireplace, you have many options. From fixed size mesh curtains to custom metal mesh curtains to custom mesh and valance kits, you’ll find several options for replacing your old and rusted mesh curtains or installing a brand new set altogether. 

Shopping for new or replacement metal mesh curtains for your fireplace starts with taking accurate measurements and accounting for bottom clearance so your curtains aren’t dragging across the bottom of your firebox. You’ll need to consider your mounting options and determine whether or not you’ll need a new curtain rod before you can hang your fireplace mesh curtains. Mesh curtains come in different finishes, have options for hardware such as pull handles and are a fully customizable option for your fireplace and fireplace accessories.  

decorative fireplace screenShopping for a fireplace screen or spark guard is a little less involved than buying mesh curtains. Again, accurately measuring your fireplace opening and matching those dimensions with a fireplace screen that fits is vital to getting the most out of your new fireplace safety accessory and decor. Screens are mostly available in fixed sizes with some customizable features such as finishes to match the style of your home and fireplace.

You can choose from simple designs such as single panel screens or more elaborate styles such as fireplace screens with operable doors. You also have the option to choose a decorative fireplace screen complete with designs and etchings on them to complement your home’s style and add a little flair to your fireplace’s hearth. 

Fireplace Doors Online makes shopping for new mesh curtains or fireplace screens easy and fun with our large selection of custom mesh, mesh and valance kits and decorative screens. Using the FDO store features, you can put together a truly unique, one-of-a-kind fireplace safety accessory that not only looks great but keeps your home and loved ones safe as you burn wood or gas fires in your fireplace. 

Getting a Custom Mesh Quote is Quick and Easy with Fireplace Doors Online 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Fireplace Mesh?
Fireplace mesh, also known as a mesh curtain, is a metal wire curtain that sits in the opening of your fireplace. It serves as a safety barrier to prevent sparks and embers from escaping the fireplace, while also keeping pets and children at a safe distance from the fire.

2. What Materials Are Used for Fireplace Mesh?
Fireplace mesh is typically made from steel, stainless steel, or other metal wires woven together to create a durable and effective spark guard.

3. How Does Fireplace Mesh Differ from Fireplace Screens?
While both serve as safety features, fireplace mesh is installed inside the fireplace opening and slides open on a rod, whereas fireplace screens are freestanding units placed in front of the fireplace to block access and catch flying embers.

4. What Are the Benefits of Using Fireplace Mesh and Screens?
Mesh curtains and screens offer protection, affordability, durability, reliability, style, and customization options. They prevent sparks from escaping, can be tailored to match your home's decor, and are built to last.

5. Are Fireplace Mesh and Screens Necessary for All Types of Fireplaces?
Yes, any fireplace that burns wood or gas can benefit from the added safety and aesthetic appeal of mesh curtains and screens.

6. How Can I Measure My Fireplace for Mesh or a Screen?
Measure the height and width of your fireplace opening to ensure you purchase the correct size. For mesh curtains, you'll also need to consider the depth for the mounting hardware.

7. What Are the Mounting Options for Fireplace Mesh?
Fireplace mesh can be mounted with a rod inside the fireplace opening or as part of a mesh and valance kit, depending on your fireplace design and personal preference.

8. Can Fireplace Mesh and Screens Be Customized?
Absolutely! Many suppliers offer customization options for mesh curtains and screens, including different finishes, sizes, and hardware styles to match your home's decor.

9. How Do I Choose the Right Mesh or Screen for My Fireplace?
Consider the size of your fireplace, your safety needs, your home's decor, and your budget. Look for durable materials and consider whether you prefer the look and functionality of mesh curtains or a freestanding screen.