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Gas Fireplace Inserts

Franklin Small CF Direct Vent Gas Insert
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Franklin Medium CF Direct Vent Gas Insert
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Franklin Large CF Direct Vent Gas Insert
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You can now increase the efficiency of your heat source with a fuel-conscious gas fireplace insert! Designed to replace your drafty zero clearance or masonry fireplace, our featured line by Napoleon Fireplaces, Empire Distributing, and RealFyre will keep your home warm and cozy, all while providing savings on those monthly heating bills. We offer many beautiful styles, sizes, and BTU ratings based on your needs. A modern gas fireplace insert is the perfect solution to updating the look of your living space and improving fuel economy for the heating season!

If you're unsure of how to measure your fireplace unit for an insert, call our customer service professionals.  We will help you get the perfect fit for these products. 



How do I "replace" my existing masonry or zero clearance fireplace with gas inserts for fireplace?

  • Gas fireplace inserts are essentially a fireproof box encased with cast iron or steel, depending on the manufacturer. It is inserted into the opening of your existing fireplace, rather than a newly fabricated structure, and connected to the appropriate ventilation source for that particular model.    

Are gas fireplace inserts safe?

  • Absolutely! As long as your gas fireplace insert is properly installed, you can rest assured that this heating application is extremely safe to operate in your home. We recommend having a contractor and/or certified gas professional help you with this process. The glass and metal elements of an insert tend to be hot to the touch in some models. However, many fireplace inserts now have "touch safe" technology that keeps the surfaces of your insert at low temperatures to avoid accidental injury. Gas fireplace inserts also provide a cleaner fuel burn, resulting in less fumes being emitted into your home.