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Glass Retainer Clips 8 Pieces
Our fireplace door spring 
clips make it easy to secure that 
brand new replacement glass 
window! Get... 
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End Bracket Kit
End bracket kit to go with 
our standard lintel clamp kit. 
We include all the hardware you 
will nee... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Alternative Mounting Hardware For Aluminu...
Need a different hardware 
kit to install your prefab 
fireplace door? We can help you with 
that. We ... 
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Lintel Clamp Extension Bracket 2 to 7 Inch
Lintel clamp extension 
bracket that is made to go with our 
masonry fireplace door mounting kit. 
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Masonry Hardware For Fireplace Doors Wit...
Hardware kit for mounting 
your Custom Metal Company 
fireplace door to your masonry 
fireplace. Easi... 
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Standard Lintel Clamp Kit 4 Inch
Use our standard lintel 
clamp kit to mount your masonry 
fireplace door. We include all the 
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Child Safety Clips For Design Specialties...
Need to keep your kids or 
new born away from opening the 
fireplace doors. The child safety 
clips wi... 
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Combination Mounting Hardware Kit
All you need in one box to 
install a masonry fireplace door 
secure to the facing and lintel 
iron. O... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Standard Lintel Clamp Kit With End Brackets
Use our standard lintel 
clamp kit combined with end 
brackets to securely mount your 
masonry firepla... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Extended Mounting Kit for Masonry Firepla...
Hardware kit for masonry 
fireplace doors. This one is longer 
for those that need longer 
lintel cla... 
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Fireplace Door Suspension Bar 30 Inch
If you don't have a hearth, 
your fireplace door needs 
something to sit on for stability. Our 
18 gau... 
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Fireplace Door Hardware

For that brand new masonry door, you'll need a fireplace door mounting kit to ensure a stable installation! We have a variety of options available to suit the specific door size that you've selected. Our adjustable lintel clamp extension brackets can be used for wider lintel irons.

We even have glass retainer clips, meant to hold your fireplace glass securely in place within the door stiles. Each of our kits come with the appropriate fireplace glass door hardware that will allow for a smooth, fast installation!

If you're having a new home built in conjunction with a masonry fireplace, our arched or rectangle mortar frames serve an invaluable purpose! These steel forms are designed to hold the shape of the firebox opening during construction, then safely and easily receive your new fireplace door.

We offer stock sizes, as well as models that are custom made to your exact measurements. Your mason or contractor will thank you when they find out you had the foresight to get this important tool! 


Are there longer versions of these parts? I have an overlay on top of the original fireplace and need bolts that are a couple of inches longer.

  • Please call our office number found at the bottom of the page and allow our fireplace professionals to assist you. There are several options available that are not shown online.

What are glass retainer clips made of?

  • These fireplace door clips are made from durable, high-strength steel, assuring a stable fit of your replacement glass! 
    • Please note: door stiles need enough space to accommodate the clips, as well as the glass.


Click here if you have more questions about our products.

How To Install Glass Retainer Clips