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Grate Heater With Doors

A huge topic of discussion is how to get more heat output from your fireplace. There are many options to optimize your fireplace heat distribution and some of those options can be pricey. If you are looking for a way to better heat your home with your fireplace and want to keep a budget, then a fireplace grate heater may be a great option!

The grate heater is an efficient and purposeful way to bring the heat out of your fireplace and into your home. They work by pulling the air from inside your home, circulating the air, and pushing the heat from your fireplace. A fan is used for the intake and output of the air being circulated. But don't worry, you can use the grate with or without the fan.

Grate heaters are known to also assist with your wood-burning fireplace by reducing the amount of wood used as well as keeping the wood from shifting. These aspects are important for efficiency because if you are burning through the wood but not getting heat, what is the point? A grate heater is made to keep this from happening. The grate heater is made to hold your wood in place in order to maximize the wood use and causes the wood to burn slower and hotter.

Two points of interest to take away from your grate heater are:

1. You will not use as much wood as you would without a fireplace grate heater!

2. The heat increase that you get from your fireplace will offset your heating bills!

To make this all the more exciting, not only are you saving and getting a better heat output with your grate heater, there are fireplace doors! Fireplace doors are also a great way to keep a more efficient home using a fireplace. With the combination of your grate heater and fireplace doors, you will heat your home better, keep the air out when your fireplace is not in use, and save big!

You may also want to consider that you may need a mesh curtain on your fireplace. Since your fireplace will be using a lot more heat, you will need something to protect your loved ones, pets, and items around your fireplace. The mesh screen will keep in the sparks and embers that will try to escape from your fire. A mesh curtain is perfect for the job! 

We have options for you in regard to style, finish, and glass. You have the ability to customize your fireplace doors to match your home decor. From contemporary to vintage, there are plenty of styles to bring out your wood-burning fireplace while being more economical. The perks are endless with purchasing your grate heater with doors!

Please keep in mind the grate heater with doors is to be used on a masonry fireplace ONLY.  














Can you put a fireplace grate on gas logs?

  • Unfortunately, you cannot put a grate heater on your gas logs. The grate heater is made for a wood-burning fireplace only.

How can I make my fireplace heat better?

  • There are a ton of ways to bring out the heat efficiency of your fireplace. Adding a grate heater to your fireplace can help heat your home better as well as save you on wood. Not only will this make your wood-burning fireplace more economical but you will also be saving on your heating! 

What is a fireplace heater?

  • A fireplace heater or blower is a metal object with fans that are made to intake the air from your home, circulate that air, then push out the air as heat into your home. 

Can a fireplace heat my entire house?

  • Although it is ideal to heat your whole house with a fireplace, it is unlikely. A fireplace is made to heat a room or a little bit outside a room. Without a system in place to move the heat throughout your rooms, your fireplace is most likely not going to cut it. There are options like the grate heater that will help expand the heat coming from your fireplace though!

What does a grate heater do?

  • A grate heater is made for a wood-burning masonry fireplace in order to help the heat output. The grate heater takes the airflow from your home and converts the air into the heat from your fireplace in order to distribute the heat better, farther, and more efficiently. They are a great way to help keep your room warmer as well as your heating costs.

Why use a grate in my fireplace?

  • Grates are a way to help with burning less of your wood and more accurately. They also assist with keeping the floor of your wood-burning fireplace protected from wear. The grate would keep your wood in place and refrain from shifting. Lastly, they make it so much easier to start your fire!