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Stove Repair Products

When your stove needs repairs it's important to find the best top quality items in order to fix it! We are here to help with that! Fireplace Doors Online carry everything you will need to repair your stove and make it look like new! 

Repairing your stove is much easier on the pocket than buying a new one. Sometimes if you have an older stove it's even harder to find the things you need. Luckily most of our products are customizable for you! You can get everything you need in one place at a great price that will not just Band-Aid the problem but completely fix it!

Catalytic Combustors

Catalytic combustors are for natural wood-burning stoves, fireplaces, and fireplace inserts. They come in different sizes and are available in round and rectangular shapes. There are also canned and uncanned combustors - "canned" defines the metal band that wraps around the ceramic honeycomb and acts as a catalyst, which causes gases to burn at lower temperatures.

Cleaning Products

Keep your heating appliance looking like brand new with our line of fireplace cleaning products! Whether you are cleaning the glass on your wood stove door, scrubbing the brick and mortar of your surround, or shining the metal around the edges of your fireplace with Williams Stove Polish, we can help you achieve a spotless appearance with ease! 

Soot Removers

Avoid potential fires with our effective chimney cleaning products! Formation of soot and creosote is inevitable with the use of a fireplace. Regular cleaning of your flue is the best way to prevent hazards.

Reduce soot to harmless ash with our stove and fireplace soot remover! Non-toxic and environmentally safe, this cleaner won't corrode catalytic converters and is safe to use more than once a week. Our professional strength dry creosote remover is perfect for wood or coal-burning stoves and inserts.

Ceramic Glass

Ceramic glass can withstand temperatures up to 1400°F. The typical masonry fireplace fire only gets up to about 1200°F, so this type of glass can handle the heat. Because of the construction of manufactured fireplaces though, this only works on masonry fireplaces. And, even on your masonry fireplace, it’s a good idea to make sure that the grate and logs be at least 4-6” from the glass. It’s also really important not to burn anything in the fireplace that shouldn’t be there—stick to logs, don’t burn cardboard!

High-Temperature Stove Paint

Do you want to match your wood or pellets stove to the decor of your home? Now you can with the high temp's stove paint offered in a wide variety of colors. Maybe its time to touch up these chips, scratches, or heat bleached areas with high temp stove paint. Holds temperature up to 1200°F.

Stove Glass

Each of our stove glass sheets are made from Pyroceram Ceramic Glass, and have a 1-2 day shipping time! This glass is made to support the amount of heat your stove puts out allowing it to work without shattering. The glass is cut to your specifications in order to fit your stove perfectly! This glass will NOT break under extreme temperature changes and is the safest option for your stove.

High-Temperature Gas Vent Pipe Paint

Are you tired of looking at that black vent pipe of your stove? Fireplace Doors Online is offering Gas Vent Pipe paint that comes in brilliant colors to paint your direct vent stove pipe. Fast drying and easy to apply this paint holds a temperature up to 250°F.

Stove Gasket

The continuous opening and closing of your wood stove or fireplace doors are bound to have an effect on the seal. Fireplace Doors Online has the solution for you. Get high quality, durable fiberglass graphite gasket for your replacement needs!

Outfitting your heat source with a new wood stove gasket is part of the routine care that is necessary to promote an efficient burn. Whether you're looking for a flat, griddle, tadpole style, or fiberglass gasket rope, Fast Replacement glass has a variety of high-temperature fiberglass gasket material available in different diameters, lengths, and styles. 


This castable refractory cement is used to repair damaged firebricks or fire-backs. The 12 1/2 pound bucket is a perfect size for homeowners and installers alike. If you need a special shape or size brick, you can use a mold to achieve the desired shape. After 24 hours, the cement will be cured and will become hard as a brick and will be able to withstand temperatures up to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use this cement for outdoor applications like fire pits or ovens as well, and if you don't like the color you can paint it when it's cured. This firebrick refractory cement is an essential addition to any home, garage, or camp. Please note that this is okay for outdoor use as the cement is not water-soluble. This product is available in two different sizes.


Why is smoke coming out the front of my stove?

  • There can be so many reasons this is happening from the gaskets to the door or even because you have a blocked chimney. We suggest having it inspected and cleaned to determine the cause of the smoke coming out. 

Do I have to replace my stove if something is wrong?

  • Nope! If you have the ability to repair your stove it will be saving you money to repair your stove. We have many products available to you to make that happen!