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Throughout summer it’s easy to forget that your wood stove needs attention before the cold months set in. Annual general maintenance helps keep your cast iron wood stove in good working order so that throughout winter, you can count on it to keep your home warm and comfortable, not to mention efficient. We can help with that! Our selection of wood stove supplies is extensive with everything you’ll need to make a tight seal around the window and door, or even paint to touch up scuff marks from the year before.

Our replacement glass is also cut to your measurements. Most people need tempered glass for their fireplace doors and accessories, regardless of the type of fireplace it is. Where tempered glass fireplace doors are common, ceramic glass is commonly used in wood, coal and pellet stoves and occasionally in oil stoves as well. Ceramic glass can also be cut to different pattern shapes and can even have holes pre-drilled if they need to be. But, always check your owner's manual to be sure that you get the correct glass. 

Common repair equipment includes:

  • Lintel clamps to secure your new or used fireplace door (some doors can only use pressure screws, so be sure that your fireplace door needs lintel clamps)
  • Lintel iron to attach the lintel clamps
  • Fiberglass insulation to seal in the gaps if your fireplace facing is rough, such as brick, or around an insert
  • Gaskets to install your replacement glass (and if you need glass clips, we have those), or to make your stove air tight
  • Catalytic combustors to help keep your indoor environment free of gases and pollutants
  • Gas valves and fittings, which should be changed periodically regardless of the age of your stove
  • Teflon tape that will ensure gases cannot escape from your stove