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Repair Products For Fireplaces And Stoves

Repair and replace seems to be an annual activity to keep your fireplace stove operating at their best. General maintenance also insures that your fireplace or stove is most efficient and you get the most out of your heating dollars.

We have fireplace door hardware or lintel clamps for your masonry fireplace doors. These are great to help secure your new or used or sale find fireplace door. But be sure that you have a lintel iron to attach these clamps. Be sure that the door you bought can use lintel clamps. Some doors are made to be mortared in the opening and some doors will only used pressure screws.

Fiberglass insulation is also used when mounting a fireplace door. This helps to seal the gaps when your fireplace facing is brick or stone or any other rough surface. This is usually placed between the frame and the facing - if you have room or you can tear it apart and stuff in the gaps. Just make sure it isn't visible. Some insulations are also used to seal around an insert during installation.

Replacement glass is custom cut to your measurements. Most people need tempered glass for fireplace doors. There are also gas stoves that use tempered glass - unless they are heater rated. Ceramic glass is commonly used in wood, coal and pellet stoves and possible in oil stoves. But always check your owner's manual to be sure that you get the correct glass. Ceramic glass can also be cut to different pattern shapes and can even have holes pre-drilled if needed. Check to see what gasket you need to install your glass. You also might need glass clips and we have those.

Gaskets and catalytic combustors are used in stoves. The gaskets make it air tight to be sure you get the best burn and to prevent smoke from escaping into your room. Gaskets should be checked and/or replaced annually. The combustors need replaced periodically. Even older stoves or inserts need their parts replaced.

Gas valves wear out and need replaced from time to time. Sometimes it's a pilot assembly or something as simple as a thermopile. When you need to replace fittings, we also carry a teflon tape made for gas fittings. The key to safety is preventing gas leaks.