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Concrete Mantels | Concrete Mantel Shelves

Concrete Fireplace Mantel

Having a mantel allows you to put some of your favorite things on display. Family photos, knickknacks, or even a cute kitten incense burner can adorn your mantel and add a personalized, warmer touch to your fireplace. We offer a large selection of concrete mantels. They also happen to be perfect for hanging Christmas stockings, just be sure to take them down when it comes time to roast chestnuts!

A Fireplace mantel or mantelpiece is commonly known as a chimneypiece. It started back in the medieval times as a hood project over the fire grate to contain the smoke. This term has developed over the years to include the decorative framework within the fireplace. It also involves designs that extend throughout the ceiling.

These non-combustible concrete fireplace mantles are excellent additions to your gas, wood, or electric fireplace. They can be utilized in facilities where the ordinary wood mantles cannot fit. Moreover, this concrete fireplace mantle is easy to install and clean. Thus, it gives a relaxing feature in your space.

A concrete shelf provides a new look at your fireplace. You can also place other things within your shelf and organize your stuff according to your preferences.

Concrete mantels are perfect for bringing out a more industrial side to your living space. They are also great for outside use as well as inside use! Our non-combustible concrete fireplace mantel shelves do not need the typical safety clearances of wood. This allows you to make the concrete facing of your fireplace look fresh and clean. Living in a dapper home creates a positive vibe that brings you additional aesthetic value.



Do you have various sizes for concrete fireplace mantles?

  • Yes, we do. You can choose your desired size to fit your fireplace perfectly. There is also a lightweight alternative for a stone mantel. Our products are of good quality and affordable prices that will fit your budget.

If you have other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at 1-888-986-1535. We can help you organize and transform your fireplace into an amazing one!  We have the best deals here at Fireplace Doors Online!