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An Intricate Guide to Custom Fireplace Doors

 Aug 5, 2019    Fireplace Doors

Custom fireplace doors are fascinating. When the time comes for you to have your fireplace doors replaced, or to get some in the first place, it always pays to choose doors that you like. But, what will you do if you can’t find any fireplace doors that you like? Build custom ones, of course!

But even choosing the design for your custom fireplace doors won’t be easy. There are so many factors to consider before you even get started. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered.  

In this guide, we’ll take a look at what custom fireplace doors are exactly, as well as some of the choices you’ll need to make in order to learn which is best for you. By the time you’re done with our guide, you’ll know everything you need to know to make an informed decision about your custom fireplace doors. 

Read on if you’re ready to learn!

Thin Line Zero Clearance Fireplace Doors

What are Custom Fireplace Doors?

Custom fireplace doors are just like any others. The main difference is that you get to choose your own dimensions and design. 

When you need precise dimensions, it is beneficial to use a customized design. Perhaps you were not able to find a pre-made set that actually fits it perfectly. 

It may not just be your frame that is uniquely shaped either. The opening itself may also have an interesting shape. Regardless of the reason, you may choose to use a customized product because you need something unique or simply because you want to design it for yourself. If you’ve made that choice, then great. You still have many more choices to make.

Prefab VS Masonry

There is a strong difference between prefab and masonry fireplaces. Neither is technically better than the other as both have their pros and cons. Let’s first look at the basic differences:

Masonry fireplaces are ones that were built by masons at the same time that the house was constructed. You will mostly find these in older buildings, but some have them built into new ones too. You can have a masonry fireplace built into your home during a remodel.

Prefab, or factory-built, fireplaces can be installed into a room during construction or any time after the building is complete.  

Masonry fireplaces are made from brick or stone. The chimney tends to be brick as well. Naturally, if you own one of these masonry fireplaces, you would want customized doors to match it. While this may be a bit pricier than other options, it will certainly look much cooler! It all depends on the opening measurements.

Prefab fireplace doors, on the other hand, come in a huge number of colors and styles. You can get doors that settle right into the opening or you can get doors that overlap the fireplace. You can customize either kind however you please!  

Warning and Factors to Consider when Choosing Custom Fireplace Doors

Mesh Masonry Fireplace Door

#1 – Your Custom Fireplace Doors are Used when Your Fireplace is Inactive

You should never close the door when the fire is active. The point of having them is to keep dust and other debris from entering your house via the chimney. On top of that, they’re also useful for keeping any kids in your house from accidentally wandering into the firebox. 

#2 – Consider the Style of Your Fireplace and the Room It is in

Certain styles of fireplace doors will complement the surroundings you're placing them in. There are many styles and colors to choose from, so you’re bound to get one that matches or complements the décor of your home. 

#3 – Consider the Parts of the Custom Fireplace Doors

You should also think about what each piece of your custom fireplace doors will be made from. They won’t be made of a single material. Here are some important factors to consider:

  • Frame (Steel or Aluminum)
  • Spark Guards (Mesh Door or Curtains)
  • Door Style (Bi-Fold or Cabinet)
  • Glass Panels (Tempered, Tinted)

These four main factors must be considered before you go ahead and choose your design.  

#4 – Consider Whether You Plan to Install the Custom Fireplace Doors Yourself or Not

If you mean to install the custom fireplace doors yourself, be sure that you know exactly how to do so. There will be a set of installation instructions. Make sure you follow them to the letter.  

If you’re not certain about installing them on your own, hire someone to do it for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for help. The choice is yours to consider whether or not that is necessary. 

OEM Prefab Fireplace Door

Benefits that Should Be Guaranteed by the Company from Which You Purchase Your Product

#1 - Low Maintenance

Once your custom fireplace doors are installed, you shouldn’t need to worry all that much about them. The design should cause them to be easy to remove when needed, as well as easy to clean. 

#2 – At Least a One-Year Warranty

Generally, it is a given that something of this lifespan (As high-quality customized products such as these should last for decades even) should have at least a one-year warranty. Check the product description or specs to find the offered warranty. If you can get a longer one, then great! 

#3 – Quality Customer Support

Obviously, any reputable business should come with excellent customer support. You should feel confident and well-informed the whole way through the process. 

#4 – Safety

The manufacturer you plan to purchase your customized design from should be able to show you in simple terms how it will be safely secured to your firebox. There should be no risk involved at all, so long as you follow the instructions. 

Pelham Zero Clearance Fireplace Door installed in a customer's home

Things to Know About Before You Order Custom Fireplace Doors

You now know most of the things that you need to in order to choose the perfect customized design from the perfect manufacturer. Let’s do a quick recap of the important things to know before you place your order:

Pre-fab or Masonry?

An infographic on the advantages of installing a fireplace door

You really need to learn if what you have is pre-fab or masonry. Masonry fireplaces require a very specific style of door, while pre-fab fireplaces tend to be more flexible. Make sure you know the difference so you can inform the customer service rep.

Manufacturer and Model Number

Unless you have a particularly old fireplace, you should be able to locate the original manufacturer and model number for it. Using this data, it will make creating custom fireplace doors so much easier. Inform whoever you wish to build your custom design so that they will have a good idea of the design they’re working with. 

Firebox Opening Dimensions

You will need the dimensions for your firebox’s opening in order to accurately design doors for it. Accuracy is vital as these doors are not returnable. You will need to know these details or else your resulting door may end up being too short, too tall, or too something-else-wrong!

Mesh Curtains or Mesh Doors?

Masonry Doors:

Some manufacturers include mesh screens or mesh doors in their pricing. However, most do not.  This gives you the option to choose. Either one does the job, so you decide based on your preference. 

Prefab Doors:

Most prefab doors do not come with a mesh. Prefab fireboxes are usually sold with a mesh curtain. If you need a replacement curtain, we are happy to supply that as well.

Want to Learn More?

You’ve probably got the general idea by now, so good job! However, there is plenty more to learn. Take a look at our custom fireplace doors to get a better idea of what you should look for!

Last updated on March 7th 2022.


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