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Palmetto Oak Vent Free Gas Log Set
The Palmetto Oak vent free 
gas log set with a realistic 
look and output of 36,000 BTUs to 
help you ... 
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Low Country Timber Vent Free Gas Log Set
The Everwarm Low Country 
Timber gas log set for vent free 
fireplaces has realistic looking gas 
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Monessen Mountain Cedar Vent Free Gas Log...
The Mountain Cedar Vent Free 
Gas Log Set comes with a 
decorative, cast iron log grate to show 
off t... 
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RealFyre Valley Oak Ventless Gas Log Set
The ventless Valley Oak gas 
fireplace replacement logs come with a 
specialized burner that will pro... 
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24" Ceramic Model CR8T Vent Free Gas Log ...
The 24" Model CR8T Vent Free 
Gas Log Set from Buck Stove 
features ceramic logs, and operates 
at 25,... 
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Monessen Mountain Oak Vent Free Gas Log Set
Convert your vented 
fireplace over to a ventless unit with 
the Mountain Oak Vent Free Gas 
Log Set f... 
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Trenton Ventless Gas Log Set
This ventless gas log set, 
Trenton, features hand-painted 
ceramic fiber logs that emulates 
realism ... 
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Superior Century Oak Vent Free Gas Log Set
Available in 18 inch and 24 
inch, the Century Oak Vent Free 
Gas Log Set has 7 refractory 
concrete ... 
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RealFyre Golden Oak Designer Ventless Gas...
Our 20 to 30 Inch Golden Oak 
Designer vent free gas logs with 
remote is a classic choice for your 
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Northern Red Oak Ventless Gas Log Set
The 18 to 30 inch Northern 
Red Oak VentFree Gas Logs are 
the perfect way to add zone 
heating to you... 
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RealFyre Split Oak Ventless Gas Log Set
The 20 to 30 Inch Split Oak 
vent free gas logs with remote 
create a warm glow at 99% 
efficiency to ... 
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25" Ceramic Model CR18 Vent Free Gas Log ...
This 25 inch model CR18 Vent 
Free Gas Log set from Buck set is 
made from ceramic with a BTU 
output ... 
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24 Inch Monessen Charred Hickory Vent Fre...
Enjoy free shipping! 
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30" Ceramic Colorado Aspen Vent Free Gas ...
The Colorado Aspen 30" vent 
free gas log set by Buck Stove is 
available in liquid propane or 
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30" Ceramic Model CR24 Vent Free Gas Log ...
The 30 inch Model CR24 Vent 
Free Gas Ceramic Log Set features 
a hi to lo flame control, 
piezo match... 
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Original Chillbuster Single Burner Reduce...
The Original Chillbuster 
ventless gas fireplace logs come with 
a single, concentrated flame 
burner ... 
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30" Ceramic Mountaineer Vent Free Gas Log...
The 30" Mountaineer Vent 
Free Gas Log Set by Buck Stove 
operates at 40,000 BTUs/HR at an 
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36" Ceramic Model CR30 Vent Free Gas Log ...
The Model CR30 ceramic vent 
free gas log runs off of liquid 
propane or natural gas, and features 
a ... 
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Monessen Lyric Vent Free Gas Set
The Lyric Vent Free Gas Set 
is a contemporary alternative 
to gas logs, using reflective 
fire glass ... 
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RealFyre Charred Aged Split Oak Ventless ...
The Charred Aged Split Oak 
Real Fyre gas logs for ventless 
gas fireplaces feature scorching 
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RealFyre Evening Fyre Ventless Gas Log Set
The 16 to 30 Inch Evening 
Fyre vent free gas logs with 
remote feature distinct charring 
patterns to... 
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Evening Embers Single Burner Ventless Gas...
The Evening Embers ventless 
gas log set is exquisitely 
detailed with a special "char 
chamber" featu... 
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Real Fyre Evening Fyre Split Ventless Gas...
Evening Fyre Split ventless 
gas fireplace replacement logs 
are handcrafted with rich 
texture and ar... 
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RealFyre Evening Fyre Charred Ventless Ga...
Evening Fyre Charred vent 
free gas fireplace replacement 
logs will create a warm gathering 
spot in ... 
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Charleston Select Ventless Gas Log Set
Charleston Select Ventless Gas Log Set
The Charleston Select Vent 
Free Gas Logs are available in 
three sizes, ranging from 18 to 30 
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Chillbuster Dual Burner Ventless Gas Log Set
The Chillbuster ventless gas 
fireplace logs with a dual burner 
feature our original log style with 
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Saratoga Slope Ventless Gas Log Set
Saratoga Ventless Gas Log Set
Looking for vent free gas 
fireplace replacement logs? The 
Saratoga Gas Log Set will add life to 
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Williamsburg Ventless Gas Log Set
Williamsburg Ventless Gas Log Set
The Williamsburg 
ventless gas fireplace logs use 13 
refractory concrete log pieces to 
create a la... 
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Monessen Charisma Vent Free Gas Log Set
There are no fireplace gas 
logs set quite as mesmerizing as 
the Charisma Vent Free Gas Log 
Set from... 
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Monessen Moxie Vent Free Gas Log Set
Available in 18 inch, 24 
inch, and 30 inch wide sizes, each 
Moxie Vent Free Gas Log Set 
includes 8... 
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Evening Embers Triple Burner Ventless Gas...
The Evening Embers Triple 
Burner ventless gas log set creates 
a realistic glowing ember 
effect with... 
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Monessen Berkley Oak Ceramic Fiber Vent F...
The ceramic fiber of the 
Berkley Oak Vent Free Logs allows 
them to glow from the heat, just 
like a ... 
Starting at:
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Ventless Gas Logs

We carry ventless gas logs that are ideal for promoting beauty and overall warmth! The gas logs we feature are designed to be used in vent free fireplaces, which do not require an open chimney. These gas log sets are ideal for apartment living and are an economical alternative to having a full fireplace and chimney added to your home.

Real Fyre Split Oak Ventless Gas Log Set
A typical small refractory cement gas log set (16 to 24 inches wide) weighs around 50 pounds without the burner.

These attractive gas log sets operate at 99% efficiency, providing your home with excellent zone heating where you need it. They contain built-in safety devices that carefully deliver the appropriate gas flow, and because there is no chimney connected to the firebox, more heat can be dispersed into your living space for maximum comfort!

Enjoy a natural flame presentation as the fire curves and twirls around the fire log replicas. These easy to install sets come in an assortment of sizes and realistic wood varieties, such as oak, aspen, and pine. With vent free gas fireplace logs, you won't have to worry about heat should the power go out. Because they are gas-operated, they don’t require electricity to operate.

About Vent-free Gas Log Sets

Most vent free gas log sets are made from refractory cement, which allows the logs to be molded from casts of actual timbers, giving them a high definition appearance. This also makes them resistant to the intense heat from gas fires. We also have some sets that are crafted from ceramic fiber. This lightweight material is just as fireproof as refractory cement, but it actually radiates more heat back into the room.

Our gas log sets are sized according to the approximate width of the log stacks. A 24-inch match lit log set, for example, is no more than 24 inches wide at the front of the stack. Burner pans, valve kits, and other add ons will add even more width to the set. If your fireplace is 24 inches wide, we do not recommend a 24-inch log stack, rather a shorter one so that you have natural space on either side.

Height varies by gas log set size, as well as the type of burner you choose. All of these log stacks are designed to fit in a standard, up-to-code fireplace. The difference is that some have low profiles which could leave a large gap in a high fireplace. Tall stacks that fit in a standard fireplace might look too cramped.

If you aren’t sure that you’re choosing the right gas log set, check out our guide, ‘How to Measure for and Choose a Gas Log Set’ to get some tips! Of course, we’re always a phone call away too and can help.

Types of Gas Log Sets and Uses

Original Chillbuster Reduced Depth Ventless Gas Log Set
This Chillbuster vent-free gas log set is a beautiful example of the split wood look!

A single face gas log set is designed for use in a standard fireplace with one opening. The logs are stacked on the burner in such a way that the hardware is covered up when viewed from the front.

A double face gas log set is usually used in a see-through or peninsula fireplace. See-through fireplaces have two viewing openings, while a peninsula fireplace has 3 sides. The burner is designed to be viewed from multiple angles, and the logs stack to cover the hardware from either view. If you have a fireplace with multiple openings, please see our see-thru gas log sets.

Most gas log sets have timbers that have one finish, such as bark or bark-less "split" wood, that give it a specific appearance. Some log sets have a different finish on either side, allowing you to choose what you see. For example, if you buy a double face gas log set, you may have bark on one side of the fireplace while displaying split wood on the other.



It is NOT recommended that you try to install gas logs on your own. They are complicated appliances that may require modification to your fireplace and fuel source connections. For your safety, it is best to hire a certified professional installer for this task, as he or she can make sure that the gas appliance matches local fire codes and insurance liabilities.


Select States And/Or Counties Within States May Not Allow Installation Of Vent Free Products.

This includes but is not limited to California, Minnesota, Wisconsin.

Other states may have local restrictions such as Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Alaska, Wyoming, New Mexico, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Please check local codes before purchasing a Vent Free Appliance.

In Most Cases, Vent Free Appliances Are NOT Approved For Bedrooms Or Bathrooms.

Ventfree Products Are Not Suitable For People With Allergies Or Breathing Problems

Proper Setup




Millivolt Valve

Certain gas log sets offer a millivolt valve. This is a valve with a standing pilot that allows you to use a remote control or wall switch to turn on your gas logs. The millivolt valves do not require an external power source and will still work even during a power outage.

ANSI Certification

Some of the gas burner ignition options in these log sets state that they are ANSI certified. This means that they meet the Z21.60 standard of quality for decorative gas fire features. Many jurisdictional fire code standards require this standard. Most other products meet the ANSI Z21.84 standard. Always check with your installer as to what standards you must meet for your location.

Types of Fireplaces

The terms "vented" and "vent-free" refer to whether your fireplace has a chimney or vent.




Log sets for outdoor fireplaces

Not all log sets are outdoor compatible. It is best to get a gas log set that is approved and designed for your outdoor fireplace. We have an extensive collection of RealFyre vented gas log sets for your backyard or patio heat source, as well as a couple of models from Hargrove and Carol Rose! Click here to see our beautiful outdoor gas logs!

Why are indoor and outdoor gas log sets not compatible?

It’s a matter of material. Indoor gas logs aren’t made to withstand the elements of mother nature the way outdoor logs are. Even in your outdoor gas fireplace, your ventless gas logs are still exposed to the weather.

Click here if you have more questions about our products.