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Ventless Gas Logs

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Our line of ventless gas logs is an ideal choice for promoting beauty and overall warmth! This collection of gas logs is designed to be used in vent free fireplaces, which do not require an open chimney. These attractive gas log sets operate at 99% efficiency, providing your home with excellent zone heating where you need it. They contain built-in safety devices that carefully deliver the appropriate gas flow, and because there is no chimney connected to the firebox, more heat can be dispersed into your living space for maximum comfort! Enjoy a natural flame presentation as the fire curves and twirls around the fire log replicas. These easy to install sets come in an assortment of sizes and realistic wood varieties, such as oak, aspen, and pine. 

With vent-free gas fireplace logs, you won't have to worry about heat should the power go out. Requiring no electricity to operate, you'll love how the millivolt ignition instantly produces a fire. We also have Hargrove Blazing River Stones for your gas feature!

Give our fireplace experts a call at 1-877-373-6677 for more details on our ventless gas log sets!