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Fireplace Repair

Throughout summer it’s easy to forget that your wood stove needs attention before the cold months set in. Annual general maintenance helps keep your cast iron wood stove in good working order so that throughout winter, you can count on it to keep your home warm and comfortable, not to mention efficient. We can help with that! Our selection of wood stove supplies is extensive with everything you’ll need to make a tight seal around the window and door, or even paint to touch up scuff marks from the year before.

Our replacement glass is also cut to your measurements. Most people need tempered glass for their fireplace doors and accessories, regardless of the type of fireplace it is. Where tempered glass fireplace doors are common, ceramic glass is commonly used in wood, coal, and pellet stoves and occasionally in oil stoves as well. Ceramic glass can also be cut to different pattern shapes and can even have holes pre-drilled if they need to be. But, always check your owner's manual to be sure that you get the correct glass. 

Common repair equipment includes:

  • Lintel clamps to secure your new or used fireplace door (some doors can only use pressure screws, so be sure that your fireplace door needs lintel clamps)
  • Lintel iron to attach the lintel clamps
  • Fiberglass insulation to seal in the gaps if your fireplace facing is rough, such as brick, or around an insert
  • Gaskets to install your replacement glass (and if you need glass clips, we have those), or to make your stove airtight
  • Catalytic combustors to help keep your indoor environment free of gases and pollutants
  • Gas valves and fittings, which should be changed periodically regardless of the age of your stove
  • Teflon tape that will ensure gases cannot escape from your stove

Firebrick Stain

Update your fireplace with our high-temperature refractory brick and mortar stain.  The stain is safe to use for all new and previously used masonry fireplaces. We have many options for color in the firebrick stain.

Firebrick stain is perfect for giving your fireplace a facelift or adding a little bit of color to your bland fireplace. The stain is easy to apply by using a brush. 

The firebrick stain does have a maximum operating temperature of 2000°F. Once this has been reached, the stain will discolor. 

Please Note: The color you see on the sample brick could appear different if the color brick you are using is different. The sample bricks are a light beige brick.

Fireplace Fans

Typically there are two types of fans that may be in your fireplace: one to feed the fire, and one to heat the room. Our fan kits feature everything you need to quickly and easily use your fireplace to warm up the house. The anti-vibration magnet strips that our universal fan kit comes with means that your fan will operate quietly—it won’t disrupt the ambiance of your evening in front of the fire! 

Please note that our universal fireplace fans require power to operate, so they won’t function during a power outage unless there is an alternative power source for your home. Also, power must be provided through an approved hearth product junction box.

Replacement Mesh Curtains

Is your mesh curtain rusted or damaged? It might be time to replace it with a new American made mesh curtain. The mesh screen comes complete with hanger rings and pulls. A new replacement mesh screen is easy and quick to install and gets you that fresh new look for your fireplace with not much work. If you need something a little different than just plain black you may take a look at the painted metal tone curtains. Available in serval colors so you can match a specific home decor styles.

Mortar And Silicone

Fireplace Doors Online offers high heat mortar mix and high-temperature silicone adhesives for all your stove and fireplace repair needs! These products are tried and proven to deliver incredible performance!

Our mortars can withstand intense heat up to 2000° F! Best used for filling in joints and flaws that have formed over the years between the bricks on your fireplace. For a DIY task that requires you to pour castable fire brick, we have a terrific refractory cement that will get the job done right!

Our adhesives are great for gasket and glass installations. They are NSF approved and adapt to many substrate surfaces. All of these mortars and adhesives are quick curing, durable, simple to use, and low odor products!

Gas Fireplace Surround Paint

We have iridescent gas fireplace surround paint to change the boring black look of your fireplace insert surround to something stylish and fun. Bring some color to your hearth with our awesome 6 color choices! The fireplace paint will hold a temperature of up to 1200°F.

The paint may look different than shown depending on the color of your fireplace and the amount of paint you use. Please follow the directions of the paint for the perfect outcome for your newly designed fireplace!

Tempered Safety Glass

Tempered safety glass is made to with the safety of yourself and loved ones in mind! Tempered glass is made and most commonly used on fireplace doors. As it's a general rule of thumb to leave your doors open while burning a fire, tempered glass can withstand a pretty good amount of heat before shattering.

The great part about the tempered glass is that it is made to break as safely as possible. We know this sounds weird but when it comes to glass shattering due to too much heat exposure, you want a glass that does so safely. Tempered glass shatters into tiny little pieces that are close to harmless. 

Tempered glass is not made to install on a fireplace or stove that does not have the option to open for burning. It is important that you do NOT close your doors when using tempered glass as it will shatter due to high heat exposure.

Ceramic Glass DV Fireplaces

A DV fireplace is also known as a direct vent fireplace. For a small recap, a direct vent fireplace is a fireplace that has a sealed system that brings in air from outside then emits all waste back outside. Because a direct vent fireplace has a high heat output and is a sealed system, that requires a more heavy-duty glass that can withstand a high heat output. 

Ceramic glass is made to withstand high temperatures without shattering. This type of glass is most commonly used with a stove or fireplace that is sealed or closed off. This type of glass is used to withstand the heat of these types of fireplaces for the safety of owners.

The ceramic glass can withstand temperatures exceeding 1000°F. This allows the fire feature with the ceramic glass to withstand the heat output. Ceramic glass also is different when shattering, the glass does not shatter into tiny pieces like tempered glass but shatters in large pieces. 

Both the ceramic and tempered glass are cut to the size you need and have options for design! For a closer look at the differences and uses of the types of glass, take a look at our blog!