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Hearth and Home Technologies (HHT) SL1100 Series Chimney Pipe

The HHT SL1100 Series Chimney Pipe is a dedicated venting solution tailored for wood fireplaces equipped with an 11" flue. Designed with precision, this chimney pipe ensures safe and efficient ventilation for indoor wood-burning units, including SB60, SB60HB, SB80, SB80HB, SB100, SB100HB, and DSR42. Its versatility extends to outdoor applications, providing the same level of efficiency for MONTANA-36, MONTANA-42, and CASTLEWOOD.


11" Flue Ventilation: The SL1100 Series Chimney Pipe is purpose-built to cater to the ventilation needs of wood-burning fireplaces equipped with an 11" flue, ensuring proper venting.

Indoor and Outdoor Compatibility: This chimney pipe is suitable for indoor wood units, offering safe and reliable venting support for models like SB60, SB60HB, SB80, SB80HB, SB100, SB100HB, and DSR42. It also extends its versatility to outdoor applications, serving MONTANA-36, MONTANA-42, and CASTLEWOOD units.

Various Length Options: Just like the SL300 Series, the SL1100 Series provides a selection of length options, ranging from 6 inches to 4 feet. This flexibility in sizing allows for customization to meet specific installation requirements.

Exclusively for the U.S.: The SL1100 Series is exclusively designed and intended for use within the United States.


The SL1100 Series Chimney Pipe is the perfect choice for those seeking a reliable and efficient venting solution for wood-burning fireplaces with an 11" flue. Whether you have an indoor wood unit such as SB60, SB60HB, SB80, SB80HB, SB100, SB100HB, or DSR42, or you require outdoor venting for units like MONTANA-36, MONTANA-42, and CASTLEWOOD, the SL1100 Series ensures safe and efficient ventilation.

With a range of length options and robust construction, it's a versatile and practical choice for homeowners and professionals in need of dependable chimney pipe solutions for wood fireplace installations.

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