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Chimney Supply

Proper upkeep and maintenance of your chimney is vital to the operation of your fireplace. We carry a huge selection of replacement chimney products so you can keep your fireplace at peak performance. 

The chimney cap is the top line of defense from the outside elements to your inside chimney workings. A properly fitting chimney cap will not only keep yard debris, insects, wildlife, and leaves from falling into your fireplace; it will also help to properly off put the smoke or excess soot from your fireplace. 

Chimney cap replacement starts with the size of your chimney opening. We carry small sizes of chimney caps starting with chimney caps in 8" x 8" to very large replacement chimney caps up to size 24” x 24” inch chimney caps. Some chimney’s may require a custom cap or you may be able to retro fit one of our chimney caps to suit your replacement needs.

These heavy duty metal chimney caps are available in galvanized steel or stainless steel chimney caps. They are designed for years of use and ease of install. 

We offer a large design selection of chimney caps, including:

  • Spark arrestors
  • Round chimney caps
  • Square mesh chimney caps
  • And the Modern chimney caps in black galvanized steel

With the chimney cap the top line defense of your fireplace safety, the second score to 100% safe fireplace use is proper and often cleaning of your chimney and firebox.

Chimney Brush and Chimney Brush Kits

Cleaning the chimney may sound like a soot filled chore but with a proper schedule and a good chimney brush you can make quick work of this important job. We also carry full Chimney brush kits. The Chimney Brush Kit will give you all the tools you need to clean your chimney. 

Included in our kits are:

  • Chimney cleaning brush
  • Wire Chimney Scratch Brush 
  • Brush Pull Ring
  • Polypropylene Pull Rope
  • Fiberglass Rods for chimney brush set

Chimney Liner and Chimney Liner Kits

Proper care of your fireplace doesn’t end with a quick cleaning though. You may need to replace your chimney liner. We carry an absolutely huge selection of chimney liners and replacement flue parts. More than likely you will have a professional chimney expert repair your chimney, which is recommended. 

Whether you are doing the repair yourself or buying from a list of needed parts we have what you need to repair your fireplace chimney or your chimney flue liner. We also carry parts and full chimney liner kits including: 

  • Chimney Insulation
  • Chimney Liner Kit 
  • Insulation Blanket Kit
  • Chimney liner Insulation
  • Heavy Wall Chimney Liner
  • Flue Liner Insulation Wrap
  • Flue Pipe Insulation Wrap
  • Flexible Chimney Liners
  • Stainless Steel Chimney Liner
  • Double Wall Insulated Chimney Liner
  • Pre-Insulated Flex Liner Kits with Tee


We also carry a large selection of  Direct Vent Pipe and Direct Vent System Kits for direct vent gas fireplaces and direct vent stoves. You can find small opening direct vent kits such as the 4” ProForm 4-Piece Co-Axial Insert Kit. Or ProForm Horizontal Co Axial Direct Vent Termination Kit for those with a Pyramid Cap. Our direct vent pipes and direct vent system kits also offer unitized twist-lock construction. 

If you aren’t sure which direct vent system kit you need or have any other questions about our chimney supply products you can give us a call. We would love to help you choose the right repair and cleaning kit for your chimney. You can also reach us by email and chat.


How do chimneys work?

  • A chimney is made to emit the toxins and smoke out of your home from your fireplace. The concept that heat rises is what helps make this happen as well as the airflow through the chimney. The purpose of your chimney is to ventilate your fireplace. 

How are chimneys built?

  • Chimneys are built with the fireplace in most cases. A chimney is not needed for all types of fireplaces so if you have one, it is most likely for a prefab or masonry fireplace. They are also more prevalent with a  wood-burning fireplace. They are built vertically with a flue lining to protect against the combustion gases as well as for a better flow. The chimney is attached to the fireplace with components to close or open the fireplace when in use. 

Does water go down a chimney?

  • Without placing proper installations to cover the top of your chimney there is a possibility of rain coming in through your chimney. The opening of your chimney is small so the amount of rain that would come through is a very small amount. To avoid this completely a cap can be installed on your chimney.

What are the different types of chimneys?

  • There are many different types of chimneys. The most common chimneys are masonry, prefab, metal, and wood-burning.