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Wood Fireplaces

A wood-burning fireplace adds warmth and romantic ambiance to the home's interior and decor.  Sometimes we want to treat ourselves to a nice upgrade in our home.  By choosing any of our high-quality fireplaces you'll indeed get the special treatment.

A wood-burning fireplace brings extra comfort to any room in the home.

Are you the kind of person who likes to stay warm on cold winter days?  The crackling sound of the wood and the comforting smoke smell goes perfect with a glass of wine or even a cup of coffee.

Enjoy the warmth of the embers with any of our high-quality wood fireplaces.

Whether your decor style is modern, rustic, or contemporary, our line of wood fireplaces are made for any design or style you like.  

Some Hints and Tips

What are the Steps to Lighting a Fire in a Wood Fireplace?

1.  Don't worry!  Lighting a fire in your fireplace is an easy task.  But there are some steps that you can take that might help you enjoy your fire even more.  You don't want a smoke-filled room, you want a nice night by the fire.  This is what we suggest that you follow which will make your experience amazing from start to finish.

First, double-check and make sure your damper is open.  The damper controls the air flowing through the flue.  Your flue is basically that passage or otherwise known as the duct for the smoke in a chimney.

Use a flashlight to help you feel inside your chimney so you can look at the damper.  Look for the lever that allows you to move one way or another.  One direction you place it in will end up closing the damper, and the other will open it up.  Check to make sure that the damper is open, if not you'll fill your room with smoke.  Checking for obstructions is important, so make sure there isn't any.  

This will make lighting your fire much easier.  Once you know the damper is open, you're ready to get your fire started.

2. Make sure your fireplace is aired out before lighting it.  Especially if you have glass doors.  Open the doors up for 15 to 20 minutes before lighting your fire.  You want the fireplace to get to room temperature.  Keep in mind that cold air is much heavier than warm air, so if it's too cold outside it can make a flow of chilly airflow down through the chimney and into your fireplace, and then it'll get trapped by the doors.  If you open the doors this will allow warm air to go and rise up your chimney, it should be enough to start the draft you need moving upwards.

3.  Make sure you check the draft.  Try to light a match at the opening of the flue and make sure the draft is either coming down or going up.  If it's going down, you'll need to find a way of reversing that draft and making sure it goes up.  Don't light the fire if your draft is coming down.  StarterLogs are helpful as are the Duraflame logs, these light up and stay lit.  It'll create a nice warmth inside the firebox and your draft will be helped by moving it more upwards.  It will burn with some smoke.  

Make sure after you close the damper.  You don't want air coming down and going into your living area.

After putting the block in the back of the fireplace shovel, go ahead and light it and place it in the fireplace near the flue opening.  This helps you to heat the upper part of the fireplace.  

Leave the damper closed in the beginning, this helps to get the fireplace more to room temperature.

4. Set the base of your fire with a newspaper.  That works best or use another tinder. Each will help light up the fire and get you a lot of flames from the start.

Use crumpled up paper as a bedding grate, four or five pages.  Don't put in too much or there's going to be a lot of extra smoke.  Some alternatives to newspapers are to try some tinder.  It's light, and it's dry like moss, tiny twigs, and straw.  These items will take a spark quickly.  

Important tip: NEVER use lighter fluid, diesel, or gasoline when you're lighting your fire inside your home.

5.  You want to stack all of your kindling in your tinder in a grid format.  If you want to create a stable foundation for the logs that are larger.  It catches fire much easier than the larger logs.  It'll make for a bigger flame and it ends up sustaining your fire for a longer amount of time.  

Stack your kindling in a horizontal pattern.  Which means to lay it down flat, not standing it up on its end.  Also, leave some gaps so that air passes through.  Air is the key to fire.

Check out this video on making a newspaper firestarter!


What type of wood should I use in my wood-burning fireplace?

  • There are many types of wood that you can use to be more beneficial and efficient. Also, there are some types of wood that are toxic to burn. We have a very nifty blog on the types of firewood to use in your wood fireplace!

Are wood fireplaces safe?

  • The fireplace itself is made to burn the wood safely in your home. But there are things that you should consider when using a wood fireplace. There is the risk of smoke inhalation as there may be smoke escaping your fireplace in the room. This is a sign of a malfunction and you should have your fireplace inspected by a professional. 

Is a wood-burning fireplace bad for the environment?

  • There are some downfalls to using a wood-burning fireplace for the environment. Wood fireplaces emit many toxins into the air that can cause damage. The good news is that you have options to try and help the environment. Using certain types of wood as well as some fireplace accessories can help alleviate the amount released into the environment. We want to help you reduce your carbon footprint. Take a look at our Go Green blog on how you can help!

Does a wood fireplace pull heat out of the house?

  • There is a chance that your wood fireplace can bring in a draft from the chimney. There are many ways that you can avoid this issue and make your wood fireplace more efficient! For example, adding a fireplace burner to your fireplace will bring in the air coming from the fireplace then convert the air to heat. The heat is then blown out into the room using a fan within the fireplace burner. Adding fireplace doors to your fireplace also avoids the air coming in. We sell many items to help make your fireplace more heat efficient. Take a look around or give us a call and we can help!