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Custom Multi-Sided Fireplace Doors

a multisided fireplace door

Ordinary fireplaces have a single, beautiful opening, but not every space looks best with something typical! Multi-sided fireplaces, or peninsula fireplaces, are a great option for many commercial uses or even a home with an open floor plan.

The unique, three-sided design is ideal when you want to enjoy the fire from almost every angle, making it a great choice for larger homes that could use a beautiful focal point. For businesses, particularly hospitality businesses, one of these unique fireplaces can set the business apart as guests will remember such a different and beautiful fire feature.

Here are some of the benefits of having a multi-sided fireplace:

  • Turn a traditional space into an ultra-modern one
  • Fully customizable so that the fireplace is unique
  • Have a view of the fire—from anywhere!

But, can you put a door on it?

custom made fireplace door
Multisided fireplaces, like this one, are enhanced and made that much better by a beautiful, custom made fireplace door. Contact us so we can help you with a fireplace door for your peninsula fireplace!

The answer is yes. You most certainly can! Because these fireplaces are so unique we have to take these projects on a case-by-case basis. No two peninsula fireplaces are the same, so we can't design your multi-sided fireplace door until we know more about it.

And, you can do a lot with a multi-sided fireplace door!

Just because the design has special needs doesn't mean that you are stuck with only a few customizations. As you've browsed our site, you've probably noticed that almost all of our doors are completely customizable. Everything from the finish to the door type can be made to your specifications and the same thing applies to these peninsula fireplace doors.

It's important that your fireplace door, regardless if it's for an ordinary fireplace or a unique peninsula fireplace, should have a fireplace door that can be made to fit in with the rest of your home without sacrificing the style of your living space.