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Masonry Fireplace Door Help

Having the right fireplace door on your fireplace is essential. Not only is it unsafe, but it’s also against local and federal codes to put a pre-fab fireplace door on your masonry fireplace. Not sure what you have? Consult this guide to determine if you have a manufactured fireplace or a masonry one!

If you still aren’t sure what kind of fireplace you have, you can use any of our contact methods to get help with it, or our Snapshot Quote feature is a great place to start with figuring out what you have.

Fireplace Doors Online Snapshot Quote

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To use our feature, simply take a picture (you can take up to 3) of your fireplace. Then, click or tap here and fill out the form!

Masonry vs Prefabricated Fireboxes

With just a visual inspection it can be very difficult to tell the difference between masonry fireplaces and the pre-fab ones we see today. Home builders love the look of masonry fireplaces and their stone surrounds and chimneys, but not the cost and time it takes to lay each brick of a firebox. It’s easier, and less expensive, to simply install a pre-fab fireplace instead.

Pre-fab fireplaces are made differently from how a masonry fireplace may be built, so the specifications and requirements for a fireplace door designed for fireboxes are different. There are very few instances where a door will work for both, so please be certain of what you have, or what you are installing, in your home.

Still Have Questions?

Shopping for the right fireplace door can be confusing and very often leads to more questions about fireplaces. We have a lot of resources on our site to help homeowners with making informed decisions about the fireplace products they need. Check out the links at the top of the page and also the ones featured in our resource center below!