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TEC’s Infrared Technology: Setting TEC Grills Apart

At TEC, our grills stand out because we manufacture the only grills that utilize 100% infrared energy. By completely eliminating the hot air associated with traditional grilling methods, our innovative approach ensures that food retains its natural essence, resulting in unmatched juiciness and a distinct charbroiled flavor. The difference is not just in the cooking; you can literally taste the superior quality.

The radiant glass panels positioned beneath the cooking grates hold the key to TEC's juicy charbroiled flavor. These panels effectively block rising hot air from the burners, preventing it from reaching the food and causing dryness or igniting food drippings. With TEC grills, flare-ups are a rarity, providing a more controlled grilling experience.

Handcrafted in America of 304 Stainless Steel

TEC grills are meticulously handcrafted in America at our manufacturing plant in Columbia, South Carolina, using the finest materials available, including the highly corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel.

How Low Can You Go? 200°-250°F on a TEC Grill.

TEC's patented infrared grilling system offers an impressive range of temperatures, reaching as low as 200°-250°F. This flexibility allows for precision in cooking delicate foods, smoking, or barbecuing, showcasing the versatility of our grilling technology.

Traditional Gas Grill vs. TEC's Infrared Technology vs. TEC’s Old Ceramic Infrared Technology

Traditional Gas Grill: Powered by convection burners like an oven, traditional gas grills tend to dry out and toughen food due to hot air. Flare-ups can lead to charring, and these burners struggle to reach the searing temperatures achieved by infrared grills, resulting in uneven cooking.

TEC’s Old Ceramic Infrared Technology: Other infrared grills utilize TEC’s previous ceramic infrared burners, which, while cooking hot and fast, have limitations. Grates are heated unevenly, and these burners cannot achieve the lower temperatures required for delicate foods, smoking, or barbecuing.

In summary, TEC's commitment to 100% infrared energy, coupled with our patented grilling system and handcrafted excellence, redefines the grilling experience, ensuring optimal results and unmatched flavor.


TEC Grills: Cutting-Edge Grilling Technology

Juicy, Tender Delights: Departing from the conventional approach of cooking with 100% hot air, traditional gas grills often lead to dry outcomes. Even other infrared grills utilizing TEC's previous ceramic burners primarily rely on hot air (65% hot air, 35% IR heat). In contrast, TEC's revolutionary grilling system minimizes the presence of hot air during the grilling process, allowing food to retain up to 35% more of its natural juices. From chicken breasts to pork and even well-done meats, the result is consistently tender and juicy, ensuring a mouthwatering culinary experience.

Intensified Charbroiled Essence: TEC's radiant glass panels, positioned beneath the grates, emulate the incineration process of food drippings akin to charcoal and wood, producing a luscious, smoky vapor that imparts a distinctive flavor to the food. Experiment by pouring marinades directly onto the grilling food – as they reach the radiant glass, they sizzle, steam, and seamlessly blend into the smoky vapor. Revel in the convenience of gas grilling coupled with the charbroiled richness reminiscent of charcoal and wood, all without the cumbersome ashy residue.

Adaptable Temperature Spectrum: While infrared grilling is commonly linked with high-temperature searing, the traditional ceramic infrared burners used by other grill manufacturers, including TEC's original version, are typically limited to a minimum of around 700°F. However, with TEC's innovative grilling system, you gain the flexibility to engage in slow cooking and smoking for extended periods at low temperatures. Then, seamlessly transition to high temperatures for a steak-searing finale. TEC grills excel at a diverse range of cooking techniques, providing a superior all-in-one solution.

Uniform Heat Distribution: With a TEC Grill, the concern of encountering raw hamburgers or overcooked steaks is a thing of the past. Our burners are meticulously designed and manufactured in-house, ensuring even heat distribution across the cooking grates. Experience the freedom to grill up to twice as much food compared to other grills, as every square inch of the cooking surface is available for use. Temperature control is a breeze with the simple turn of a knob, guaranteeing precision and efficiency in your grilling endeavors.

Effortless Cleaning: TEC Grills embrace the convenience of a self-cleaning cooking surface, adopting the same concept found in residential ovens. By operating the grills on high for 10-15 minutes with the hood closed, any food drippings and debris are incinerated. What's left is a light residue of ash, easily removable from the glass panels using a spatula or our dedicated cleaning tool – TEC's Grate Rake, designed to efficiently clean both the grates and the glass surface. Enjoy the simplicity of maintaining a pristine cooking surface with minimal effort.

Flare-Up-Free Grilling: TEC ensures that there are no flare-ups, translating to no charred food. The radiant glass positioned below the cooking grates acts as a barrier, preventing rising hot air from the burners to reach the cooking surface. With limited oxygen available, there's no ignition of food drippings. Even during high-temperature searing for those perfect grill marks, flare-ups are a rarity on a TEC grill. While we can't claim to be completely flare-proof, windy conditions might induce flare-ups occasionally. Nevertheless, TEC grills come remarkably close to providing a flare-up-free grilling experience.

Swift Heat-Up for Effortless Grilling: TEC Grills boast a rapid heat-up capability, achieving maximum searing temperatures within 10-15 minutes when preheating on high with the hood closed. Whether you're grilling burgers, the cooking time typically ranges from 8-14 minutes, contingent on the thickness and desired doneness. Beyond their speedy performance, our grills are remarkably user-friendly, allowing you to effortlessly prepare delectable meals in less time and with minimal effort. Say goodbye to extensive kitchen cleanup as TEC Grills streamline the grilling process.

Versatile Stovetop Capabilities: Each TEC Grill comes equipped with its own integrated wind-resistant side burner. Simply remove the grates and position your cookware directly on top of the radiant glass. Many of our customers integrate a larger TEC grill into their outdoor kitchen setup and complement it with a smaller 26” TEC used as a side burner. With additional accessories like our pizza rack and TEC commercial griddle, you can transform the 26” grill into a versatile side burner, infrared pizza oven, or commercial griddle. Why confine yourself to just a side burner when the possibilities are endless?

Revolutionary Add-Ons: TEC's transformative accessories open up a world of outdoor cooking possibilities, turning one appliance into a multifunctional powerhouse. Attach a TEC Smoker/Roaster to your grill, and it morphs into a smoking/roasting machine reminiscent of a Kamado cooker or pellet grill. This accessory is even versatile enough to serve as an oyster steamer. Meanwhile, our pizza rack effortlessly transforms your grill into an infrared pizza oven. Explore our extensive selection of cooking accessories and elevate your outdoor culinary experience. Discover the full range of possibilities here.

Exceptional Energy Efficiency: TEC Grills stand out as the pinnacle of energy efficiency in the grill industry. Rigorous laboratory tests confirm that our patented burners utilize up to 50% less fuel compared to other grills. When using propane, this translates to up to 50% more grilling time between tank changes. Not only does this efficient design save fuel, but it also significantly reduces emissions. As the volume of emissions correlates directly with fuel consumption, our grills contribute to a substantial decrease in CO2 and nitric oxide emissions, aligning with environmentally conscious practices.

Artisanal Craftsmanship in the USA: TEC Grills embody the essence of handcraftsmanship, meticulously fashioned from 304 stainless steel at our manufacturing facility in Columbia, SC. Distinguishing ourselves from other grill manufacturers, we refrain from outsourcing any fabricated parts, proudly affirming that our grills are entirely made in America. The utilization of 304 stainless steel, a superior material renowned for its exceptional corrosion resistance, underscores our commitment to quality. While many grills claim to be entirely stainless, it's crucial to note that not all are of the 304-grade caliber.

Crafted for Endurance: TEC proudly introduced the world's inaugural infrared grill, the TEC Patio 1, in 1978. Over four decades later, numerous initial customers continue to relish the cooking experience on their enduring TECs. Our commitment to longevity is evident as we construct grills designed to withstand the test of time. Every grill we've ever created is backed by unwavering support, ensuring the availability of parts and service. Secure your ultimate grill investment now and embark on a culinary journey that lasts a lifetime!