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Measuring Your Masonry Fireplace

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Because masonry fireplaces are man made, and due to a home settling over the years, there are bound to be subtle differences in the measurements at different ares of your fireplace.  Therefore, we need to make sure we have measurements at multiple areas of your fireplace.



When submitting your measurements for your fireplace door, use the SMALLEST measurement from the width and the SMALLEST measurement from the height as your firebox measurements.

The measurement between your hearth and your firebox is very important.

Hearths can be at various levels.  The diagram here shows the different ways a hearth can be placed by your fire box.  It is very important for us to know where in relation to your fireplace your hearth is.


  1. Correctly measure width and height with a non-stretchy tape measure.
  2. Fireplace mounting surface must be level.
  3. Fireplace door opening must be square and level.
  4. Opening must have enough mounting surface on top and bottom.
  5. Note the highest and lowest points on your fireplace opening. Example - The lintel bar sits lower than the brick.
  6. Determine the width of your fireplace opening by measuring top, middle and bottom.
  7. Determine the height of your fireplace opening by measuring right side, middle and left side.

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How To Measure your Masonry Fireplace