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Fire Pits

Fire pits serve a great purpose: a place to gather with friends and family. Yes, they provide light, warmth and a place to roast marsh mellows, but people don’t typically do those things alone. The fire pit is a social gathering, a place to create memories that you’ll be laughing about in 20 years. It’s important that you know everything you can. 

We love to talk about fire (it’s kind of in our name, after all) and fire pits are a fantastic way to enjoy the flame. Check out our fire pit related blogs to gain some insight into different types of fire pits, maintenance, and the different processes that goes into making them!

Gas. It burns cleaner and hotter than wood. But what is the difference between propane and natural gas? Whew, do I have news for you! Take a peek and find out some awesome facts about your gas burning options!

We didn't start the fire! But you can with these 5 ways to start a fire in your fire pit!

Your outdoor fireplace has needs too! Take a look at our guide on outdoor fireplace accessories.

It's important to choose the right fire wood for your wants and needs. Browse our blog on picking the best one for you!

HPC and BILT have teamed up to create the industry's first installation & troubleshooting app. This software will be a game-changer in...

When it comes to owning a fire pit, the biggest question is usually whether you should get a wood-fueled one or a gas-fueled one...

Do you have a gas fire pit? Here are some tips and warnings for you!

We love the natural, beautiful colors that are highlighted on our corten steel fire pits ! Many of our patrons recognize that this seasoned look is special and striking, and an utter must-have for their backyard living space! But many of them ask: Exactly what is corten steel? This metal is actually  high strength...

If you are planning on installing an outdoor fire feature, or perhaps converting your wood-burning fire pit to a gas-fueled option, you'll need to decide if you want to use natural gas or propane. What many people don't know is that there is a big difference between the two. So much, in fact, that additional ventilation and an air mixer are required in order to ensure that your propane accent is operating properly. Fireplace Doors Online is here to explain the difference between the two gasses, and why it is so important for propane to be properly aerated!

We've got detailed instructions with graphics showing you how to install a gas log lighter into your wood-burning fire pit!  You'll never have to mess with stacking kindling into a tee-pee, twisting paper, and considering lighter fluid again once you have installed a liquid propane or natural gas log lighter into your fire pit. With just a twist of a wrist and a tossed in the match, flames will engulf your logs and get them burning!

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