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Broilmaster Gas Grills: Timeless Quality Since 1966

For over five decades, Broilmaster has been a pioneer in crafting premium gas grills, beginning with the iconic G-1000 introduced in 1966. This original model featured the renowned Bow Tie Burner housed in a robust cast head, showcasing the trademarked rib pattern on the lid.

Today's Innovation: Broilmaster continues its legacy by offering modern models equipped with multi-level cooking grids, individual burner controls, stainless steel griddles, and the exclusive Smoker Shutter. The Smoker Shutter is a game-changer, enhancing the grill's versatility by enabling backyard chefs to indulge in slow roasting and smoking of game, poultry, and large cuts.

Enduring Quality: While other grill brands have come and gone, Broilmaster remains steadfast as one of the enduring few that withstand the test of time.

Broilmaster Exclusive Features:

Stainless Steel Smoker Shutter: With a single pull of the lever, effortlessly transitions from direct grilling to indirect cooking, allowing for smoking, roasting, slow cooking, baking, and more. Standard on P3SX and P3SXN, and compatible with H3 Grills featuring multi-level cooking grids.

Adjustable Cooking Grids: Independently adjust the cooking grids to three levels (Low, Med, High) on P3 grills and two levels (Med & High) on P4 for precise cooking temperature control. H3 and H4 grills feature single-level grids.

Multilevel Cooking Surfaces: Enhance your grilling experience with multilevel cooking surfaces. Cook food closer to the burner for quick searing or elevate the cooking surface for slower cooking of delicate foods, all on the same heat.

Enhanced Flame Tamers: Advanced flame tamers ensure even heat distribution, minimizing flare-ups. These tamers vaporize overflow juices, infusing added flavor into the food.

Bow-Tie Burner Technology: A hallmark of Broilmaster, the Bow-Tie Burner utilizes "Zone Porting" technology with different-sized holes for uniform heating across the entire cooking zone.

Optional Infrared Sear Burner: For occasions demanding intense heat, the optional sear burner replaces the traditional Bow-Tie burner. This feature is perfect for quickly searing food, a technique employed by professional restaurants to lock in natural juices.

Discover the unique features and benefits of Broilmaster gas grills, designed to elevate your grilling prowess and deliver a masterful culinary experience. Experience timeless quality and innovative design that makes Broilmaster the choice of master chefs.