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Mounting your TV over the fireplace

 Mar 4, 2020    Accessories & Accents, Mantels & Hearths, Safety & Maintenance, General, Heating Your Home, Upgrading Your Home, Do It Yourself

We're here to ask you the big question...No, not that one. The one about if you should mount your TV over your fireplace. Whew, that was a close one, we're not ready for that kind of commitment. Luckily, we are committed to giving you all the facts when deciding if you can mount your TV over that fireplace. The thing is, there is a huge debate that has been ongoing since those fancy flat-screen TVs came out, on if it is safe to mount them over the fireplace. The question is kind of loaded as there really isn't a straight yes or no answer. We are going to explore the options, facts, and what to do in this situation in this blog to better equip you with the knowledge needed to make your decision. 

Heat Wave

The top reason that most experts want you to avoid mounting your TV over the fireplace is the heat. We all know that the point of a fireplace is to heat and that is why we love the warm cozy feeling we get from them. But you probably didn't consider the risks to your TV from the heat of your fireplace. We recommend thoroughly reading your television and fireplace manuals for questions related to this particular matter.

Your fireplace, depending on the type, can get anywhere from 500°F to 1100°F. The heat output of your fireplace can get up to 1000°F. The heat output is what your fireplace emits into your home. I know these look like some crazy temperatures that can definitely destroy a TV. Fortunately, there are some shenanigans that you can do to evade this issue. 

An option to divert the heat coming out of your fireplace from going up toward your TV to out is a fireplace mantel. Mantels are great for adding some energy to your fireplace but they also can help protect and divert your heat. Placing a mantel above your fireplace but below your TV allows the heat to move up into the mantel and then out into the room. Although this does not evade all the heat being emitted, it is definitely going to move a lot of the heat out into your room. 

Option two is to install a fireplace hood. Similar to the mantel, a fireplace hood is placed directly above your fireplace opening. The fireplace hood is made to absorb the heat within the hood then force the heat out and down rather than up.  Fireplace hoods are not the most eye-catching accessory you can install to avoid the heat from reaching your TV but it is one of the most effective. 

How about we see what's behind the curtain for option 3! These particular items we are going to discuss can be installed in your fireplace and are made to help with heat diversion as well as smoke diversion. Thing one is a catalytic converter. A catalytic converter helps distribute the heat and smoke coming from your fireplace by intaking the air and smoke and then converting them to pure heat output. Thing two is a fireplace blower. The fireplace blower can be installed into your fireplace and is made to suck the air and smoke in, convert the smoke and heat, then push them out as heat via a fan. Both of these items are great for making your fireplace more efficient but also to help keep your TV safe.

Guess what?! There are other ways outside of the three listed to divert the heat from your TV. Some remaining items I will list below.

  • Converting to a gas fireplace
  • Purchasing an electric fireplace
  • Cleaning and maintaining your fireplace properly
  • Installing fireplace doors
  • Ceramic glass for your doors

Somebody Get Me a Doctor

Risks. We take them all day every day because we're tough. But what are the health risks to you and your family from mounting your TV over a fireplace? Believe it or not, there are quite a few. We want to make sure you understand these risks prior to mounting your TV to avoid the health risks at all costs. 

Hear me out, doctors are expensive and there really isn't a point in putting yourself in the position to invite health issues. I want to show you the way to the health risk possibilities of mounting your TV up above your fireplace. We can start with stiffness in your neck. Holding your head in such an angle by looking up at your TV can cause your neck to become stiff and painful. When mounting your TV, try to consider the height your TV is when viewing. Sit down on your couch and look at where you want to place your TV. If you are straining your neck back too hard, it's too high. Prolonged neck strain can cause issues later down the road.

When looking up toward your TV, you also open your eyes wider. I know...shocking! Eyes when opened wider and for a long amount of time can strain your eyes as well as dry them out. Eye strain and dryness can cause your vision to become blurry or your eyes irritated. This is why it is imperative to be conscious of where you place your TV and why it is recommended to place your TV at eye level.

There are options to mounting your TV in a high area and avoid the health concerns of doing so. Installing a full-motion mount for your TV can avoid these issues. A full-motion mount for your TV allows you to move the TV higher, lower, or side to side. Adding the mount to your TV over your fireplace is a great option and inexpensive compared to doctor bills due to health issues from poor mounting.

Mount On It

You have just purchased the newest hottest TV on the market. You don't want to deal with a bulking stand so you decide to mount the TV in your common area living space. This makes sense because everyone hangs out there. While you are looking around to find the PERFECT spot...you look up and see it. It's like the lights from heaven have descended upon the spot on the wall right above your fireplace. The spot above your mantel is so perfect it brings a tear to your eye just envisioning your TV there. But wait...what is this? A nasty little creeper of thought comes to mind...Can I safely put my TV there? 

This situation is all too common. When thinking of a place to mount your TV, there's is always the dilemma and wonder of the safety of putting your expensive TV over a hot fireplace. We can dwell on the reality of what can happen if you mount your TV over the fireplace and help you figure this out. Let's get this party started!

First things first, your safety is the top priority to us here and we want to make sure you understand that there can be risks to mounting your TV over your fireplace. We recommend that you take the time to look into all aspects of these risks. We here at Fireplace Doors Online do strongly suggest placing your TV elsewhere rather than over your fireplace. 

Your TV can withstand a certain amount of heat depending on the manufacturer and what they suggest. This can be found easily by looking through your TV manual. Generally speaking, most TVs can withstand heat up to 125º F. This may not seem much since your fireplace can produce heat anywhere between 500º F to 1100º F but those numbers depend on a couple of different factors. 

The heat a fireplace produces varies depending on the type of fireplace and if you have any accessories on the fireplace to help your heat output or to divert the heat. Remember heat rises. So the heat from your fireplace may reach your TV when mounted above it. Therefore, you will want to consider the following when mounting your TV.  

  • Test the area above your fireplace for the temperature that will be coming from the fireplace while in use prior to mounting your TV. This will give you an idea of if you need to mount higher and if your TV will be safe.
  • Follow the suggested height requirement in your TV manual. If there is not one, the general mounting height is 6" to 12". This varies on if you have a mantel mounted above your fireplace. 
  • Install a heat shield, fireplace hood, or mantel above your fireplace opening to divert the heat from your TV. 
  • It is strongly suggested that you do not place your TV directly on the mantel as the mantel may not hold the weight of your TV.
  • Keep a thermometer close to your TV and fireplace to check and make sure the temperature does not exceed the recommended amount.

Secondly, when you mount your TV above your fireplace, there is the risk of causing you and other neck pain from looking up at a TV. TVs are suggested to be placed at eye level to promote neck and back health. When you mount your TV higher you risk causing yourself neck, back, and eye pain. This pain can also cause issues in the long run and you will want to consider the side effects of a high mounted TV. Keep in mind that you do have an option for this scenario. You can install a TV mount that will allow you to move your TV lower when your fireplace is not in use and you are watching the TV. This will help with that strain on your body. 

Lastly, you will want to take into account that most TV manufacturers will void your warranty when you install your TV over a fireplace. There are many reasons for the warranty to be voided on your TV due to the risk of damage. We suggest looking into this information prior to installation to determine if the risk is too high for you. This information can also be found in your TV manual or by calling the TV manufacturer.

Danger, TV Robinson

Mounting your TV over your fireplace can have some serious repercussions. Knowing what those are will help resolve those pesky worries about your TV. TV's are expensive and made to last for years. Being conscious of your decision to place your TV above your fireplace is knowing facts. So let us discuss those.

I want to start off with the pretty obvious risk to your TV. High-temperature damage. Although, a TV itself produces quite a bit of heat on its own, so does your fireplace. TV's are meant to withstand a certain amount of heat depending on the TV. Please refer to your user manual for this information. Generally, an LED TV can withstand temperatures up to 104°F. Your fireplace heat output can be as high as 1000°F. The heat from your fireplace rises up, therefore you risk getting damage from your fireplace to your TV. 

Poof goes the smoke! Smoke creates a film similar to a cigarette film found in cars or a person's home who smokes. The film produced by smoke can build up over time and cause your TV to be hard to view. Even if you clean the TV after each fireplace use, the smoke and film can still stay on the face of the TV and ruin your image quality. The smoke can get into the nooks and crannies of your TV and coat the inside as well. This can cause the TV to short out or even stop working altogether.

Placing your TV over your fireplace also poses a risk for the TV to become overheated. An overheated TV can catch fire, explode, and emit toxic fumes. It is always important to know exactly how hot it is getting over your fireplace where you want or have a TV place. Try installing a thermometer to keep track of the heat coming from your fireplace at all times. This will help avoid your TV from getting overheated.

As always, you want to make the TV placement safe and enjoyable without risks. There are ways to try and avoid the issues listed above with your TV. Always consult your TV manual to make sure you are placing your TV at a safe distance from your fireplace. Be sure to install an item to deflect the heat from going up toward your TV like a mantel or fireplace hood. Also, you will want to remember that most TV manufactures will void your warranty when placing a TV over your fireplace. Not only because you risk the damage but this placement also shortens your TV's lifespan.

I'm ready for my close up Mr. Deville

I'm sure after all this information you're probably wondering where to put your TV. You're probably also curious how the items we have suggested to divert heat will look with your room's design. We can help you there too!

Most interior designers will disagree with a TV over your fireplace due to the risks. They also feel that a fireplace is built to be the focus and heart of your living space and should not be degraded with a TV. Ultimately this is up to you. The designers will suggest placing your TV in an area next to the fireplace or within a cabinet where it is comfortable and able to be viewed when needed. This will open your space but keep the TV hidden and safe. There is also a suggestion to mount your TV on an opposite wall and add a mounting device to be able to move the TV to a viewable stance.                                                                                                       

Moving on up to your mantel options. Mantels are a great addition to any fireplace and can also perk up your living space design. Installing a mantel above your fireplace can help with the heat rising toward your TV as well as pushing the heat out toward your space. We offer many stylish mantels for your fireplace! Take a look at our Steel Mantel Shelf with Metal Banding! Click the picture to learn more!

A fireplace hood can also be installed to your fireplace to help with protecting your TV and making your fireplace more heat efficient. The fireplace hood pushing the heat coming from your fireplace down and down into your space. This can protect your TV as well as giving you the heat efficiency you desire! We have some gorgeous fireplace hoods that you can glance at by clicking on the picture to the left.




How high should I mount my TV over the fireplace?

  • Generally speaking, most recommendations for the height from your fireplace to TV is 6"-12" above a mantel. If there is not a mantel or heat shield present, then you will want to consult your TV and fireplace manual. 

Is it ok to mount over a gas or wood fireplace?

  • Technically speaking a gas fireplace is a better choice when mounting a TV over your fireplace. Gas fireplaces emit little to no smoke and are better with temperature control. You can mount a TV over either a wood or gas fireplace as long as precautions are taken to avoid damage and safety hazards.

Can I mount my TV over the fireplace?

  • You can mount your TV over your fireplace. It is not recommended to do so due to the risk of your TV as well as health. Please take the proper precautions with mounting your TV prior to mounting the TV.

Is a TV above the fireplace too high?

  • It is suggested by health professionals that a TV above a fireplace can be too high and cause discomfort and long term issues for your neck. Before deciding to mount your TV above your fireplace, try other spots in your living space as well as testing the height of the TV. You may also look into getting a full-motion TV mount that will allow you to move the TV where you are comfortable.

How can I protect my TV from above the fireplace?

  • There is a multitude of options to protect your TV from a fireplace. You can install a mantel or fireplace hood to deflect the heat or smoke from your TV.
Last updated on February 6th 2021.


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