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Masonry or Zero Clearance Fireplace

Do you have a MASONRY or a ZERO CLEARANCE fireplace?

In order to pick a fireplace door that meets codes, safety regulations, and for the best interest and safety of your home and family, you need to know which type of fireplace you have.  

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A common misconception is if there is stone, brick, tile, or rock around your fireplace, then it is a masonry fireplace. This is not true.  Many zero clearance fireplaces have brick, tile, rock, or stone exteriors.  It's what is on the inside that counts. Manufacturers have become very good at making pre-fab fireplaces look like they are masonry.

Take a look at all of the fireplaces below.  Can you guess which ones are zero clearance fireplaces?  Click on the images to get a closer look.

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Fireplace - Masonry or Zero Clearance?
Fireplace Number 2 - Is it Masonry or Zero Clearance?
Is this a pre-fab fireplace or a masonry fireplace?
I don't know ... is this a pre-fab or a zero clearance fireplace?

It was a trick question - because ALL of them are pre-fab fireplaces.

Please read through the information below to make sure you are not mistakenly ordering the wrong type of fireplace door.

We want you to be safe.


Masonry Fireplaces
How to measure your Masonry Fireplace.

Masonry Fireplace Chimney

  • Generally built during the construction of the home.
  • The fireplace's construction becomes part of the home's structure.
  • Chimney may be created from stone or brick, and lined with clay tiling.

Masonry Fireplace

Masonry fireplaces can accommodate a variety of fireplace doors. Aluminum fireplace doors and steel fireplace doors are available in many styles and finishes to accommodate nearly every décor and price range. From classic to contemporary, the possibilities are endless. Steel fireplace doors allow unlimited customization including arches and laser cut designs. Aluminum fireplace glass doors are made from extruded aluminum and can be formed with curves and radius for a truly unique look.

Masonry Fireplace

Masonry Doors:
All masonry fireplace doors or screens are designed to overlap (sit on the face of) the opening or inside(sit inside of the opening). Fireplace openings should meet the following requirements:

  • Suitable mounting surface on top and bottom of opening
  • Mounting surface must be level.
  • Fireplace opening should be square and level. Doors are made square. Any out of square conditions on the opening will be exaggerated, or will prevent installation.
  • When measuring the height, always make note of the lowest and highest point. Example: If the lintel bar is lower than the brick, it is very important to inform FireplaceDoorsOnline.com of this. This will affect whether the fireplace door will mount correctly.

Masonry Fireplace

Zero Clearance Fireplaces
How to measure your Pre-Fab Fireplace.

Zero Clearance Fireplace Chimney

  • Known as factory built, zero clearance or pre-fab fireplaces.
  • Factory built fireplaces are easy to spot. If your outside chimney is faced with the same siding material as your house, you have a factory built fireplace.
  • Requires a steel pipe chimney
  • Added to the home during or after construction.
  • Typically installed inches from combustible material.
  • Firebox manufactured from metal. If there is any metal around the fireplace itself, you have a factory-built fireplace.

Zero Clearance Fireplace

Factory-built fireplaces, also called " Zero Clearance" or ZC fireplaces, are designed to be built with very little clearance to combustible components of your home. They can do this because they have designed the fireplace so that cooling air insulates the hot firebox from the structure of the home. The glass doors must be designed to allow that cooling air to flow the way the firebox manufacturer designed it to flow. Gaps between the glass and frame vents exist on ZC doors to allow for this airflow.

Pre-fab Fireplace

Zero Clearance Fireplace Doors:
These doors fit inside the Zero Clearance (or prefabricated) firebox. Fireboxes are machine made, and tend to be square. Still as a precaution, measure the width and height on three places, as described in the Masonry Door measuring above, and use the smallest number to be submitted in your online order.

Manufactured Fireplace

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Masonry Fireplace Doors  Fireplace Doors for factory built fireplaces


Last updated on August 22nd 2019.

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