Masonry Fireplace Doors

Masonry fireplace glass doors add character and definition to your fireplace. The multitude of designs and finishes accentuate the glass as well as the surrounding hearth. The gathering area in your home should always look its best, and we can help you with a starting point in your new home or an update for an existing feature with our replacement fireplace doors!

Fireplace Doors Online is well-known in the fire industry for our beautiful line of custom-made products. We have a collection of exquisite doors that will match any color palette or décor style. Each hand-welded piece is crafted by American fabricators right here in the United States from iron, steel, or heavy-duty extruded aluminum. Mounting hardware is also included for simple installation. Depending on your specifications, we have an assortment of masonry fireplace doors to suit your needs!

  • Standard: these overlap fit doors can be customized to blend in with your décor. Tell us your dimensions, then choose your finish and glass tint!
  • Custom: completely custom-made to your preferences, from the door fit to the hinge style! We have an upscale, designer series to add flair and detail to your fireplace. We also have rustic and elegant models that really highlight the intricacies of fine craftsmanship.
  • Arched: specialty designs that have a curved or peaked archway. Send us a template of your existing fireplace door for an exact fit!
  • Modern: assortment of sleek, thinner framed doors with a larger viewing area. Clean lines, contemporary designs, and many affordable options!
  • Air-Tight: the center bar holds the bi-fold doors in place when closed for a tight seal!

In addition to looking attractive, these replacement fireplace doors are extremely energy efficient! When not in use, keeping your masonry doors shut will serve as a barricade, preventing most cold air from entering your home via the chimney and allowing radiant warmth to remain inside! 

Show your fireplace some love with one of our affordable replacement doors and create a "brand new" focal point in your home! Our customer service professionals are always ready to answer any questions you may have. Simply give us a call (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) at 1-877-373-6677!