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Doors for Masonry Fireplaces

Windsor Supreme Custom Masonry Fireplace DoorOur large selection of masonry fireplace glass doors will be a wonderful addition to your fireplace as well as a great way to keep it safer and more efficient throughout the year. We have separated our doors into easy to navigate categories to make the buying process easier. We know that it can be a daunting task picking out and measuring for a new masonry fireplace door. We have a very unique selection of custom glass fireplace doors that come in all shapes and sizes. Some of these doors are available with premium or plated finishes and options for glass tints and handle design. 

Are you concerned about the budget? Or maybe having second thoughts in terms of installing masonry doors for your fireplace? Worry not because we offer masonry fireplace doors for any budget and any skill level of DIYers!It is so rewarding to do your home improvements. Wouldn’t you agree? And with these affordable fireplace doors and our helpful staff, you can take on that weekend project with a smile and be proud of the work you do. Adding masonry fireplace glass doors is an easy way to transform your fireplace into a much cozier, warmer corner in your house!

Ditch the idea of having a mundane, plain-looking, boring fireplace! If you want an iron fireplace door and handle to add to your rustic style home, that is exactly what you will get! Whether yours is an indoor or outdoor masonry fireplace, there is a fireplace glass door that’s compatible with it.

There are many types of masonry glass doors to choose from for your fireplace like modern fireplace glass doors or even vintage looking fireplace doors, and yes it can sometimes be a little overwhelming to choose which one you want when there are so many amazing fireplace doors to choose from. While it’s nice to go for the looks and design, there are also several different factors you need to consider when choosing the right masonry doors for your fireplace.

What You Need to Know When Choosing Masonry Fireplace Doors

Before ordering your masonry doors, it is important that you think of its compatibility with your masonry fireplace. There are many different styles of masonry fireplaces, each of which features different designs and purposes.

To help you with that, our value fireplace doors are not only a budget-friendly choice when it comes to upgrading your fireplace, but they are also customizable, too!

  • We offer styles and designs from classic, traditional, modern, and contemporary – all with a variety of finishes and glass colors. You are sure to find a masonry fireplace door just for you.
  • For those with multi-sided fireplaces, we have a selection of corner fireplace doors that will complement your L-Shape or peninsula fireplace.
  • In addition to beautifying your indoors, we can help you make your outdoors look spectacular too! We have fireplace doors for outside, specially made with materials that will resist the wear and tear of nature. (We have all of the outdoor accessories you need too!)


Snapshot Quote for Fireplace Doors


Fast Ship Masonry Doors

Vintage Carson Masonry Fireplace Door Sometimes you need something right now! While we can’t have one to you tomorrow morning with Alexa’s weather update, our selection of stock and clearance masonry fireplace doors can be at your front door in less than two weeks! These doors are compatible with a variety of masonry fireboxes so the chances are good that one of our lovely discounted fireplace doors will be a great fit for your fireplace.

Fast ship doors are an affordable alternative for you. The fast ship doors will fit most masonry fireplaces. You will need to measure your fireplace to ensure you get the correct fit. There are also some customizable options available to you. You can also always reach out to our customer service representatives for assistance on what will work best for you! You have options of classic to modern fireplace glass doors at the right price! 


Standard Fireplace Doors

Standard Fremont Masonry Door Most of the beautiful masonry fireplace doors you see on our site take a while to make. That's because everything about them is custom made according to what information you provide us.

If you need a masonry fireplace door a little faster than that—maybe a lot sooner than at least six weeks down the line? That's where standard-sized masonry fireplace doors come in! These standard fireplace doors come in a variety of sizes, but they are pre-made and almost ready to go the moment you order them! Typically standard doors ship within 2-3 weeks whereas some custom doors can take 4-6 weeks or longer depending on the complexity.


Wait, almost?

There are a few customizations available with these doors, so you have a few choices with these fast ship fireplace doors. In many cases, you can choose the glass tint, which means you can hide your firebox when your fireplace isn't in use. How cool is that?

These cheap fireplace doors are ideal if you are:

  • Flipping a property
  • Making home improvements
  • Planning on selling your property
  • On a limited budget
  • Looking for something straight forward

Custom Fireplace Doors

Custom Foundation Masonry Fireplace DoorOur masonry custom fireplace glass doors allow you the freedom of selecting an enclosure that is tailored to your specifications! This collection is very different from our non-customizable doors. Here, you have the ability to choose the size you need, as well as the luxury of choosing from more options for style, color, design, door type, glass tint, and more. You can essentially create a door that is a unique masterpiece. Think of it as masonry fireplace doors custom made by you, for you! And if you need a fireplace glass door replacement, for whatever reason it might be if you just want to change things up or maybe your fireplace door has become darkened by the heat or even damaged and you need a replacement, the options are endless.

Masonry fireplaces are built simultaneously with the construction of a home. They are considered a work of art, as the professional mason who creates the fireplace must design it in such a way that it becomes part of the home's structure. The interior of a masonry fireplace is crafted from mortar and brick, while the exterior portion you enjoy in your living space may be made of matching material, stone, marble, granite, or even tile. Built to last a lifetime, they are meant to be a focal point in your home. You can enhance the beauty and appeal of your fireplace with one of our custom masonry fireplace doors. 

Because these fireplace doors are tailor-made to your preferences, please be aware that shipping may be extended by a few weeks versus our stock non-customizable doors. Perfection takes time, and our manufacturers put their heart and soul into every intricate detail that is involved in the creation of your one of a kind custom fireplace door.  You choose the color, size, type of glass, type of handle, and more on your fireplace door. We want you to make this 100% custom made door to your exact specifications. Choose a style that accentuates your home's decor theme, and we'll design a door that will be treasured in your home for years of enjoyment. Get your custom fireplace doors today!

Overlap Fireplace Doors

Medio 4-sided Overlap Masonry Fireplace DoorNo hearth? No problem!

The perfect fireplace and your “picture perfect” fireplace door is just waiting! These overlap fit doors feature a perfectly symmetrical design that goes over the opening of your firebox. Ideal for fireplaces without a hearth, these are wonderful choices for keeping your home safe and looking awesome! We have a huge selection of overlap masonry doors that will perfectly accent a crackling fire, regardless if you have a wood-burning fireplace or gas. Moreover, when the fireplace isn’t in use, glass doors can hide your firebox from sight!

Four-sided fireplace doors are a great choice for your hole in the wall fireplace, but for those with a hearth, you need an inside fit door. Many masonry fireplace doors need a hearth for the frame of your fireplace door to sit on, but a four-sided fireplace door doesn’t! As a matter of fact, a four-sided overlap fireplace door cannot be installed on fireplaces that have a flush or raised hearth. But, if your fireplace doesn’t have a hearth and is ‘a hole in the wall’, an overlap fireplace door is fine! check out our article on how important it is to know your hearth position! Most overlap fit fireplace doors are only three-sided and need to sit on a hearth. But, if you don’t have a hearth and have instead a ‘hole in the wall’ fireplace, you need all four sides! Proper installation of your new fireplace door is essential to the longevity of the door. All of the products we sell are designed to last for years. Remember that even though these four-sided fireplace doors work great with uneven surfaces, it is still imperative to measure your fireplace correctly. You can learn more about how to measure your fireplace here, or use our handy Snapshot Quote feature so that we can help you!



Masonry fireplace doors can be called many different names. Sometimes people search for fireplace glass door replacement, wood burning fireplace doors, iron fireplace doors etc. The important thing is knowing what type of fireplace you have because that will determine the door that you need to buy. Prefab and Masonry doors are not interchangeable because their structures are fundamentally different. Masonry doors are more heavy duty and made of thicker steel / iron, but there are also masonry doors made from lighter metals like aluminum. In the world of fireplace doors there are many different types of variations and materials used depending mostly on the manufacturer of the door. If you are unsure what type of fireplace you have you can read our quick guide to find out, and if you need a refresher on how to measure your masonry fireplace we have a guide for that too!

Our discounted fireplace doors are here for our budget-friendly customers! We want to make sure that if you are trying to save money but need that affordable little extra for your fireplace you can do that! The discounted options are ever-changing and you can always find great deals here! These doors are in all different sizes so you will have to check and see if we have a door that would fit your fireplace opening. These doors are priced very competitively because they may have a small scuff or scratch on the frame or some other minor issue. It is worth a check to see if you can find a sweet deal!

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor fireplace doors

The only difference is the material. When it comes to your outdoor fireplace door it needs to be able to withstand environmental exposure. There are also several designs to match your style.

We have fireplace doors with designs and a variety of finishes such as:

  • A variety of choices for handles like handcrafted, iron, brass, etc.
  • Glass - cabinet or bi-fold
  • Glass tints
  • High-quality metals like steel and aluminum

Now we get to the ceramic glass and tempered glass part. 

What is the difference between ceramic and tempered glass?

You see it all the time in action movies: a skylight shatters sending thousands of deadly shards of glass showering on the hero who miraculously isn’t hurt. The reality, though, is that if that had happened to the skylight, it wouldn't be so dramatic or deadly.  Most skylights today are made from tempered glass, the same glass on most of our fireplace doors!

Although the glass is a safer glass to use due to the shattering and the withstand, it is still important to be informed and to make an educated purchase. The glass on your fireplace or stove serves many purposes but it's good to know all the ins and outs of the glass and how to choose. Let's get this started on the glass education. Don't worry this is not going to take long.

Tempered glass is made with your safety in mind. When broken it does shatter but in smaller, harmless pieces. Tempered glass is also much more durable than ordinary, annealed glass. Ordinary glass breaks at about 6,000 psi (pounds per square inch) while tempered glass generally breaks at 24,000 psi. Tempered glass is made using a heat process (or in some cases a chemical process) that creates tension and compression in the glass. This gives the glass the durability it needs to stand up to the heat of your fireplace!

Ceramic glass is a little different. Formed in a two-step process, ceramic glass (called PyroCeram) encourages crystalline growth in the second phase of production. In this process the growth of crystals is controlled, allowing uniform growth within the glass. Ordinarily, crystal growth isn’t a good thing, but with ceramic glass, you get the advantages of glass with the durability of ceramics. This may not seem like such a big deal, but consider that your wood stove's glass window is made out of ceramic glass due to its durability and its ability to withstand extreme heat.  Originally ceramic glass wasn’t even designed for cooktops or fireplace doors and stoves, but telescopes!

Ceramic glass is most commonly used with wood, coal, and pellet stoves because ceramic glass can withstand continuous temperatures exceeding 1000° F. Wood burning stoves are used with the door closed, so it’s important that the glass used in the window be able to handle the intense heat put off by the stove. Ceramic glass is also used for ceramic glass fireplace doors when manufacturers think that the heat may exceed what tempered glass can handle. Tempered glass is far more common when it comes to fireplace doors! Since you shouldn’t burn your fireplace with the fireplace doors closed, tempered glass isn’t exposed to the extreme heat that could potentially damage or shatter it. It tends to be less expensive than ceramic glass, making it easier to replace damaged panels on your fire.

Our Unique Masonry Fireplace Doors are Top Quality

What if your fireplace doesn’t have that conventional square opening? Well, you still have other options to beautify your existing fireplace by going for a unique set of fireplace glass doors. We don’t like to limit our designs to traditional ones, after all!

You can freely explore our vast collection of arched fireplace doors to find the perfect one for you. Because arched fireplace doors are unique, they usually need a template to be certain that the door fits properly.

We can send you a template and instructions on how to trace the arched opening so that your doors fit perfectly.

In the meantime, why not take a look at the Denali Arched Masonry Fireplace Glass Door with Door Rails by Custom Metal Company? On the other hand, if gothic styles are not your thing, then how about this ultra-modern Masonry Brushed Stainless Steel Arched Fireplace Door?

We make our own fireplace doors, but we also have trusted suppliers that we love! Our fireplace products are made from the best materials and are designed to last for decades!!

Need a fireplace glass door? We have Sleek minimalist, modern contemporary, gothic, or even something that looks like it came straight out of Game of Thrones types of fireplace glass doors for sale. We have any style you want. Get your fireplace door today! What are you waiting for?

With our broad selection of masonry fireplace doors, you can freely customize your fireplace according to your taste. We will help you out! If you are not too sure about what to get for your cozy corner, give us a call or email us and we will have experts to happily assist you.

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You will often see a lot of fireplaces without any fireplace glass doors installed. It’s a common misconception that these are just accessories or for decoration. Not true! Adding masonry fireplace glass doors doesn’t just make your fireplace look more presentable, but also makes it more efficient and safer.

How Do I Install A Fireplace Door?

It’s easy with directions!

  • Every fireplace door comes complete with an installation guide. That being said, the method of fireplace door installation will be different for each model.
  • The key instructions will depend on the manufacturer, the measurements of your application, and the type of fireplace that you have (prefab or masonry).
  • But, just to roughly give you an idea of the basics that you need to consider, here’s a quick walkthrough of our short guide.

Won’t a screen work just as well?

  • Fireplace glass doors are more reliable compared to mesh screens!
  • While hanging mesh fireplace screens do provide a small measure of safety, they are not as secure as a fireplace door.
  • If you really would like a screen and you would like to play it safe there are also fireplace screens with glass doors. 
  • Glass barriers significantly reduce the risk of damage by keeping sparks and embers within the fireplace, while keeping your children and pets out! Without them, the likelihood of hot cinders flying around damaging carpet and furnishing is quite apparent. (Please note that only certain fireplace doors should be closed while a firebox is in use. Read more about glass types in our article ‘What’s the Difference Between Tempered and Ceramic Glass’)
  • Without a well-placed fireplace glass door, it may also harbor the risk of logs rolling out and causing harm to your home. Adding a door to your fireplace is a secure and inexpensive way to keep dangerous hazards contained, and your home and loved ones safe!

Why are fireplace doors necessary?

  • It promotes SAFETY
  • Fireplace glass doors are essential in keeping you and your loved ones safe in the coziest, comfortable corner of your home!
  • It goes without saying that the flames from a roaring fire are intriguing to look at and, on particularly cold days, you can't help but warm yourself by getting cozy next to the hearth.
  • This sounds like a relaxing thing to do, but doing so can potentially put you at risk. Curious little pets and small, often precarious children in your home could be injured or burned if your fireplace isn’t secure.
  • The inviting warmth and ambiance of the flames in an open fireplace can be a little too enticing for them, and the last thing you want is an injury.
  • With a fireplace glass door installed on your masonry fireplace, you will provide an enclosure that serves as protection against accidents when the fireplace is cold. Fireplace mesh, which is often included with fireplaces, will keep them safe as the flames flicker.
  • For an added safety measure: keep little hands away from the fire by placing a decorative fireplace screen in front of the doors.

There are several protective folding varieties available in our collection that will not just serve as additional protection but also beautify your fireplace even more!
These decorative fireplace screens add beauty and character to your already attractive hearth!

Will this stop cold air from coming in?

  • They keep dangerous downdrafts from entering your living space!
  • Installing glass doors for your fireplace has been proven to reduce downdrafts from the chimney. Downdrafts from winter storms can pull dangerous smoke into your home and can cause a multitude of problems.
  • In the event of a downdraft, it is also possible that embers can escape the fireplace and cause damage or worse, a fire. Closing your glass doors eliminates the hazards that accompany downdrafts.
  • (Plus, it makes your fireplace a lot more EFFICIENT!)

Why can’t I just put in a damper?

  • Fireplace doors are more efficient than chimney dampers!
  • Dampers are metal plates that regulate airflow in your chimney. Newly installed units fit like a glove, but after a year or two, they tend to warp and allow extra air to pass into the chimney.
  • It’s difficult to rely on it when longevity and durability are in question. Instead of relying solely on the damper, you could simply add fireplace doors to significantly reduce the cost of your home’s heating and cooling bills.
  • Prevent warm air from escaping your home during the winter, and keep cool air inside during the summer by having a fireplace glass door installed for your masonry fireplace.

Guide to the basics of Fireplace Glass Door installation

Prepare all the tools you need. To install the fireplace door yourself, you are going to need tools for it to be properly installed.

Again, the tools needed may vary depending on the type of your masonry fireplace door. However, the basic tools would include an electric drill, a Phillips head screwdriver, tape measure, and drill bits.

Be wary of improper measurements. The fireplace door needs to have a proper fit for it to work its function efficiently. This is where your tape measure will come in handy.

Take note of the material of the fireplace door you are about to install. Will it be steel or aluminum? Does your door have an inside fit? Consider the specifics of your fireplace door to make sure you follow the right instructions.

When it doubts, know that you can reach us for help. The instructions on installing a fireplace glass door are pretty straightforward.

However, if you think your fireplace has some other special requirements, you can simply give us a call or you can also email us. Surely, our experts will help you with proper installation.

We've attempted to put together a basic tutorial to show you how simple it is to complete this task on your own without the help of a professional.