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Standard Size Doors

Updating the look of your masonry fireplace is easy with our collection of replacement fireplace doors! Fireplace sizes vary from home to home. All we need is the exact measurements of your firebox opening so that we outfit your fireplace in style with the perfect fitting, high-quality steel or extruded aluminum enclosure!

Masonry fireplaces hold long-standing tradition in homes, artistically built with beautiful stones, brick, and mortar. They are a beautiful touch to the very heart of the home and last for the lifetime of your cozy abode. Add more value and character to your fireplace with our Masonry Fireplace Doors. With a multitude of designs and finishes that accentuate your fireplace and surrounding hearth, your main gathering place in your home will always look its best! Whether you are starting out with a newly constructed home or seeking to update an existing fireplace, our replacement fireplace doors are the perfect complement.

We have a great selection of standard size masonry fireplace glass doors that can be crafted to your specifications. For immediate shipping, we do have some in-stock doors that are compatible with over 90% of all the masonry fireplaces on the market. Whether you need bi-fold replacement doors or a cabinet style product, with mesh or without, we have a large assortment for you to choose from!

Why you should get a fireplace door:

We all know that snuggling up to a warm, crackling fire on a cold winter day is very comforting. Fireplace doors offer safety and complete peace of mind from any potential hazards with mesh safety screens. Keep hot embers and burning logs where they belong, and your loved ones and furnishings safe from the fire. Many of our doors come with mesh, while others offer this layer of protection as an upgrade.

Fireplaces are designed to draw air from the room to vent smoke through the chimney. However, even when you do not have a fire burning, your fireplace is drawing air up the chimney, wasting precious cooled or heated air in your home. A fireplace door will reduce unnecessary airflow to the outside by up to 99%, saving money on your energy bills.

Fireplace Doors Online offers many beautiful traditional masonry doors in a variety of finish options, glass tints, and door types for your fireplace!

Doors are made from two different types of materials:

Aluminum Fireplace Doors
Aluminum doors allow for creative freedom with their extruded frame design. Both durable and beautiful, allows these doors to frame your fireplace like a picture, exuding attractiveness in both classic and modern settings.

Steel Fireplace Doors
Steel doors comes in a sturdy, flat frame design that is available in three different styles:

  • Welded Steel: Flat pieces of rolled steel that are welded together.
  • Bar Stock: A single sheet of flat steel from where a laser guided CNC machine cuts out the door. 
  • Channel Steel: Steel is pressed through a die to form a U-channel. Channels are welded together.

All steel doors receive an electrically charged finish that will adhere to the frame.

Types of Doors:

Standard: These overlap fit or inside fit doors can be customized to blend in with your decor. Tell us your dimensions, then choose your finish and glass tint!

Stock Size Fireplace Doors: These after-market doors, hand-crafted by our own American fabricators, generally have a shorter lead time and are available in a variety of colors and sizes for fast shipping!


Does the Ardmore Masonry Fireplace Door have vents for heating?

  • These doors have a hidden damper to control air flow into the fire. However, there are no vents for heating.

My fireplace opening is 36" W x 27.5" H. The Carson Masonry Fireplace Door In Vintage Iron Finish has a wide range of openings one size will fit. I want to make sure the glass area fits the opening and there is no brick showing through. Can you advise?

  • There are 5 different doors sizes that can cover a certain range of openings for the Carson due to the wider frame. According to your measurements, it would be the third door size that falls within your range. With that door size, the frame will overlap the brick 3/4" on each side and 1" at the top with no stonework showing through the glass.

Can a fireplace door with tempered glass be closed when the fire is burning?

  • No. When there is a fire burning in your firebox, the doors need to be open.
  • However,  as the fire starts to die, you can slowly close the door, allowing the glass time to heat up. If you do it too quickly, the glass can shatter.

Can you have a gas log fire going in a vented fireplace with the doors closed?

  • No. You should never close the doors because the gas logs need air for combustion.