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Prefab Fireplace Doors

Z Door Zero Clearance Fireplace Door
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Shiloh Zero Clearance Fireplace Door
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Zion Zero Clearance Fireplace Door
Free shipping|Custom Made
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If you have a factory built fireplace, then you'll love our zero clearance fireplace doors! Easy to install and affordable options, we have a large variety of gorgeous styles and designs! If you are unsure about the size you'll need, we have the perfect solution! Please use our easy measuring guide to determine the correct size prefabricated fireplace doors that you will need.


Why can't I keep my glass doors closed when I have a fire? You show them closed on your site with fire in them.

  • Whether using gas or wood, you need to have your fireplace doors open when using your fireplace.  
  • The primary purpose of the glass fireplace door is to prevent the room's heat from going up the flue when the fireplace is not in use.  
  • The wood and gas need the air circulating through the room to keep a good flame going in the fireplace.
  • Glass fireplace doors use safety tempered glass in them, which can withstand temperatures between 400°-600°F.  If you close your doors while your fire is burning, the temperature can far exceed that and shatter the tempered glass in the doors.

Can I close the glass fireplace doors when the fire dies down on my wood burning fireplace?

  • Yes, as long as there is no large open flame.  The damper needs to be open to allow the smoke to escape.

What does OEM mean?

  • OEM is an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Any OEM part is associated only with a specific manufacturer and cannot be used interchangeably with another fabricator's products.

Where on the website can I find OEM fireplace doors?

  • We do not carry OEM fireplace doors (click here to see an example) for a few reasons:
    • OEM fireplace doors must be shipped in special packaging and do not qualify for our free shipping promo.
    • The majority of our customers, when shopping for new fireplace doors, are interested in the entire replacement door. This includes the glass panels, rails, tracks, main frame, and mounting hardware (if applicable). Often times their existing main frame and components may be damaged or outdated. In this case, it is more desirable for customers to outfit their fireplace with a complete glass door enclosure.
    • Due to the change in styles and trends, many manufacturers no longer use the same finishes that they did years ago. (In fact, some manufacturers change their finish colors annually!) This creates a problem when customers are looking to get OEM doors that will have the same door frame color as their existing main frame. Because of this reason, we offer complete fireplace enclosures with matching door and main frame finishes.
  • Click on any of the manufacturers below to see the list of complete replacement fireplace door enclosures, categorized by size (width), that we offer:
    FMI  |  Heat-N-Glo  |  Heatilator  |  Majestic  |  Marco  |  Martin  |  Preway  |  Superior  |  Temco



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