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1. Take a photo of your fireplace using your phone, tablet, or digital camera.
2. Fill out the form below and upload your photos (up to three). 
3. Our fireplace door experts will evaluate your pictures, determine what type of fireplace you have, and with the measurements you provide, we will compile a list of fireplace doors that would best suit your home and budget.  
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Zero Clearance Doors

If you have a factory-built fireplace, then you'll love our zero clearance fireplace doors! Easy to install and affordable options, we have a large variety of gorgeous styles and designs! Our American-made doors are fabricated in ordinance with fire safety codes. When properly installed and maintained, our fireplace doors will keep your family safe and warm, season after season.

A prefab or zero clearance fireplace glass door is designed to fit fireplaces that were made in a factory. This means that the fireplace will be built with metal on the outside as well as the inside all around the firebox. These types of factory fireplaces will also use a metal chimney or flue liner instead of traditional brick or stone. In short, the will not fit traditional masonry fireplaces. This is because the mounting, venting and safety systems used in these doors are designed only for use in zero clearance fireplaces. Installing them in traditional fireplaces will not only function poorly but will be a safety hazard as well.

Another hint that your fireplace has been factory built is the manufacturer sticker, serial number, or other markings. If you see brands like FMI, Heat-N-Glow, Heatilator, Majestic, Marco, Preway, Superior, Temco, Sears, or others on the fireplace, you know it has been prefabricated in a factory and requires a zero clearance door. We custom make replacement doors for any fireplace manufacturer in the industry! Not sure what size doors you need? Find your model number by manufacturer:

FMI  |  Heat-N-Glo  |  Heatilator  |  Majestic  |  Marco  |  Martin  |  Preway  |  Superior  |  Temco

Please note that, while the dimensions of the doors selected for the above manufacturers are approximate, they may not be accurate (such as in the event that your replacement doors were custom-made or the manufacturer did not update model numbers). We ask that you always submit your measurements for a correct fit!

Unlike a masonry fireplace door, there is no standard mounting system that all the fireplace manufacturers share. This means that every zero clearance door mounts a little bit different in every prefab firebox. The good news is that we have mastered the zero clearance fireplace door mounting systems that are required for every case. These mounting systems will secure the door whether inside fit or outside mount, on any factory fireplace, with only a bit of drilling needed in some cases.

In most cases, you do not need to be a contractor to install a zero clearance fireplace door onto an existing factory fireplace. The door mounting systems we use are designed to be very easy to use, with minimal drilling or cutting. You may need to do some frame adjustments according to the installation manual in order to "square up" the fireplace door. Some large or heavy fireplace doors may require the help of another person when installing the door or adjusting the frame to be square.

It is essential that you get the right doors for your fireplace. We cannot stress enough that installing non-approved equipment on your heating appliance can cause damage to your home and injuries to you or your loved ones. Not all doors are made for prefabricated fireplaces, which require an air exchange between the inner firebox and outer cabinet. However, the models that we offer here on Fireplace Doors Online are designed with adequate ventilation for your protection and enjoyment.

Browse through our vast collection of gorgeous, zero clearance fireplace doors and choose the best one for you.

If you are unsure about the size you'll need, we have the perfect solution! Please use our easy measuring guide to determine the correct size prefabricated fireplace doors that you will need. Or you can watch our video below!


Why can't I keep my glass doors closed when I have a fire? You show them closed on your site with fire in them.

  • Whether using gas or wood, you need to have your fireplace doors open when using your fireplace.  
  • The primary purpose of the glass fireplace door is to prevent the room's heat from going up the flue when the fireplace is not in use.  
  • The wood and gas need the air circulating through the room to keep a good flame going in the fireplace.
  • Glass fireplace doors use safety tempered glass in them, which can withstand temperatures between 400°-600°F.  If you close your doors while your fire is burning, the temperature can far exceed that and shatter the tempered glass in the doors.

Can I close the glass fireplace doors when the fire dies down on my wood-burning fireplace?

  • Yes, as long as there is no large open flame.  The damper needs to be open to allow the smoke to escape.

More Information For More Information And How To Measure For Your Zero Clearance Fireplace Door - Follow This Link