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Gas Tiki Torches

Your outdoor space is an extension of your indoors. Both should look spectacular!

Our selection of outside lighting has something for everyone regardless if you are looking to make your tiny back yard a cozy garden oasis or make your commercial space memorable for guests. Check out our video to see just a few of the unique tiki torches we have available!

Let’s Shed a Little Light on the Subject…

Actually, let’s just talk about the light! Permanent tiki torches make a fantastic choice in outdoor patio lighting and it isn’t just because you need a light, any light, in your outdoor space. These tiki torches are better than the disposable ones you’ll have to throw away or unsightly floodlights designed to blind and disable a home intruder.

Here are some of the benefits of using permanent tiki torches:

  • Durability. These tiki torches are made of one of four different, durable metals (aluminum, cast aluminum, copper, stainless steel)
  • Heat. Standard bamboo tiki torches are only designed to provide light and ambiance, not to help warm up a crisp evening. These tiki torches put out 14,000-50,000 BTUs of heat—a window unit air conditioner at best only puts out 12,000 BTU.
  • Long-Lasting. The fuel for tiki torches is either natural gas or propane, not a 12 oz canister of torch fuel that only lasts a few hours. The party won’t stop because the torch did!
  • Your Unique Style. With these gas outdoor lanterns you can pick which ones best fit your own personal style and the theme of your outdoor space; your patio lighting doesn’t have to be generic.

How it Works

With traditional tiki torches, it’s a struggle to refuel. The canister may be hot or you may have a hard time reaching it, but with these stainless steel tiki torches the fuel isn’t with the fire at all, but safely away from the flame (and the tiki torch its self).

Some of the torches we have available offer the option for an electronic ignition system that lets you simply flip a switch to start a flame. It’s still pretty easy to get your copper tiki torches up and going, all you need is a match!

Here’s how it works:

We know as a DIYer you want to tackle this project from beginning to end, but anytime gas is involved it’s always best to have a licensed professional install the lines. You can do a lot of the work yourself, but when it comes to combustible liquids, sit back and let the professionals handle it.

Tribal Head Cast Aluminum Tiki Torch
One of our first products for 2020, this tribal head torch has a touch of whimsical and beautiful!

Ignition Types

You know they are easy to use, but how exactly do they work? Don’t worry, we know the answer!

Match Lit

A manual ignition system, match lit is pretty straight forward. You turn the gas valve on, which releases gas to the tiki torch. Then, just use a long match to spark the gas. When it’s time to call it a night just turn the gas valve off again to extinguish the flame.

Electronic Ignition

Well worth the price, automated ignition systems make it so that it isn’t necessary to light the torch yourself. You can do it with a switch or even a remote control! Though there are a few options on the market, the products we carry use the automated Vulcan Fire Module.

This fire module is designed to last for years and with an intermittent pilot, you don’t have to worry about lighting anything. With this type, of ignition, a signal is sent for gas to be released. The gas then warms an element, or another function releases a spark, and then you have fire! Turning it off is just as easy as turning it on.

Multiple Styles to Choose From

We have some ideas on how you can make your living space look amazing! Check out some of our combinations below:

Make it Magical

Dragonfly Stainless Steel Tiki Torch Head Reclaimed Wood Contemporary Fire Table Copper finish outdoor privacy panels Summerdale Designer Chair

Dragonflies are a symbol of good luck, prosperity, and peace. That’s why we designed a torch head that looks like dragonflies! You may not have any real ones where you live, but these stainless steel tiki torches may just bring you a little good luck.

A little privacy goes a long way, especially if you’re in an urban area where anyone can check in on you—whether you want them to or not. That’s were outdoor mesh panels come in! These copper curtains will go beautifully with the rest of your décor and gleam off of the light of your dragonfly gas lanterns beautifully while keeping prying eyes at bay.

And, what’s the point of outdoor space if you don’t have an awesome table?! This fire table by American Fyre Designs is perfect for entertaining. You and your guests can sit around it and let the soft pop of the flames be background noise to your conversations while the flame is a soothing visual focal point.

We aren’t forgetting seating! Though not available on Fireplace Doors Online, the Summerdale collection of furniture is one of many new products that’ll be available on our new site, CJ’s Hearth and Home. While we focus on pretty much everything related to fire, our sister site will help you get your home, inside and out, looking perfect!

Modern Makeover

Sullivan Stainless Steel Tiki Torch Head Steel Panels made to order A fireplace mantel is important and this one is gorgeous! Mystic Designer Chair

A modern home should have a stylish, contemporary outdoor space too. We have the perfect products for creating a modern patio that will be stunning! First up is our Sullivan Stainless Steel Tiki Torch Head.

This beautiful, modern outdoor gas torch isn’t plain by any means, but the stainless steel bands aren’t ornate either. It compliments a modern décor design perfectly by not being too plain, but not going over the top either.

We’ve paired it with these sleek panels, which are made of steel and will hold up nicely to the general wear and tear of the outdoors. They are beautiful as an accent wall, perhaps with an outdoor fireplace! The one in the picture is indoors, but it works for the outdoors too just as well. Speaking of outdoor fireplaces, do you have a mantel? Why not get this brushed stainless steel mantel to really enhance your modern outdoor space? It’s made to order, so no matter how short or long your mantel needs to be, you’ll get exactly what you want! You’re seeing a theme here, aren’t you? We’re really excited about the debut of our new site, CJ’s Hearth and Home. Fireplace Doors Online takes care of your fire-related needs while the new site takes care of everything else—like this beautiful, modern chair! Subscribe to our newsletter, Fireside Chat, and we’ll let you know when the new site is ready to take your order for the Mystic designer chair!

Here are some additional ideas:

How to Set Up Your Outdoor Lighting Perfectly How to Create an English Tudor Garden How to Arrange Tiki Torches Beautifully In Your Garden

Other Ways You Can Use an Outdoor Gas Torch

Most of the time our aluminum tiki torch heads are used for tiki torches, but you can also make them a stunning part of your outdoor décor without the pole. They can be mounted on other stable surfaces, such as a banister, or be incorporated into the décor in a much more unique, artistic way!

Check out these videos and see if you can come up with some great ideas for our tiki torch heads! Share them with us on Facebook, or send us some pictures of your finished product!



Do these tiki torches require canisters or need to be refilled?

  • No. All of our tiki torches are hooked up to your gas lines and have the options of a match lit ignition system or electronic ignition.

Are the tiki torches wind resistant?

  • The torches are designed with thermophile technology that automatically relights the torch flame if it should blow out. There's also a glow plug, hot surface ignition built into the torches that help resist being extinguished by the rain.

Where is the best place to put tiki torches?

  • You should never place your Tiki torches near anything flammable, such as wood or plants. Keep them at least eight feet away from any flammable objects. Make sure to put them around six to eight inches into the ground. If you feel like the torch is still not very stable, you can add a support stake.

How should I set up my tiki torches with my gas tank?

  • Connect the gas tank to the Tiki torch, as instructed in your instruction manual. Once you’ve opened the valve on the tank, the fuel lights up and creates a constant, stable flame. Control the flame height by adjusting the tank valve.

Can I use citronella fuel for the gas tiki torches?

  • No, never use alternative fuel for your Tiki torch. Whether liquid propane or natural gas, you should only use the initial fuel source. Changing the fuel could result in an accidental explosion or damage your Tiki torch.

How should I store my tiki torches during the winter months?

  • If you need to store your Tiki torch, you should make sure it remains upright. Put them where children can’t access them. They can be stored indoors or outdoors, not exposed to the elements. However, you also need to make sure the fuel doesn’t get too cold as it may lose potency, or the tank may be compromised.