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The Benefits Of A Heavy Duty Steel Mantel Shelf

 Jul 18, 2017    Accessories & Accents, Mantels & Hearths

Learn about steel fireplace mantel shelves!When you're considering getting a fireplace mantel, you can find all different styles, sizes and materials online. Wood, concrete, and stone are some of the most common choices, but more and more consumers are opting to go with a steel mantel shelf. In this blog article, we are going to confirm why our steel products are the best on the market, and also tell you how your mantel shelf can be customized to fit perfectly into your home decor.

Strength & Durability:

Made from 14 gauge steel, these mantel shelves are laser cut to your precise measurements, making them a heavy duty choice for above your fireplace. The pieces of the mantel are made to slide into specially designed slots, not making your mantel's integrity dependent on epoxy, like some mantels are. When your mantel shelf is installed into the studs, it creates a floating shelf over your fireplace that is strong enough that it can even hold the weight of an average person. (Really, we tried it!) So loading your fireplace mantel shelf up with books, a tv, or all of your knick-knacks won't bother it one bit. It is made to last, and last it will!.

Heat Shield:

When you have a fireplace, you need to be careful of what you put above it. Being in this business, we've seen a lot of different melted possessions that unknowing customers have put above their fireplace. Televisions, paintings, and clocks are just a few of them. When you have a normal mantel, you run the risk of the fire in your fireplace charring anything above it. Our steel mantels have a great heat transfer rating, creating a heat shield between your fireplace and your family heirlooms above it. So mount those TV's or place great-aunt Helen's ashes on your mantel knowing they'll be safe from the heat of your fire.

Versatility In Design:

  • Whether you have a small fireplace or large - our metal fireplace mantels come in sizes from as little as 2 feet, to as big as almost 9 feet!
  • Whether you have a modern home or a traditional one - our steel fireplace mantel shelves come in a variety of designs to fit any décor. 
  • Whether your home is your castle, or you feel more at home on the range - we have a shelf designed perfectly for your fireplace!
  • Whether you are looking to spruce up your outdoor fireplace, or find a beautiful topper for your corner fireplace - we have a steel mantel shelf that fits your needs.

All of our steel mantel shelves are made in the USA!Easy To Install:

No one wants to spend an entire weekend installing a mantel. We know you have so many other things to do! We've made our mantels so easy that you can get it installed in about an hour - as long as you have some basic tools and some basic diy knowledge.  

Made In The USA:

  • We love the fact that our mantels are made right here in the United States.  
  • American craftsman in South Carolina make each and every one of our mantels.  
  • Yes, you can probably buy an imported mantel shelf from China for a little less, but by choosing one of our steel shelves, you are getting a high quality product, made by US men and women, and backed by a US warranty.  

And, if all of that hasn't convinced you, maybe our prices will. All of our steel mantel shelves - even the largest custom size we offer, are available at very affordable prices. Learn more about our steel mantel shelves by clicking on any of the links in this post. 

Last updated on October 2nd 2019.


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