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Mesh Curtain Hardware

If you are adding metal safety mesh to your wood-burning fireplace, let us outfit you with a fireplace rod kit! Fireplace mesh curtains can be closed while your fireplace is in use, making it virtually impossible for embers to get through. That being said, having the appropriate hardware to ensure that your safety mesh fits properly and functions well are extremely important. Whether you need a fireplace curtain rod, mesh curtain pulls, or a complete mounting kit, we've got plenty of affordable products for you to choose from! We also offer free shipping! 


Can I use an angled rod for my fireplace mesh curtains with my fireplace door?

  • If you're installing mesh curtains after your doors are already in place, and the doors did not come with curtains, you can still put in an angled curtain rod. However, do keep in mind that it will need to be installed far enough back in your firebox to provide enough clearance for your fireplace doors to close.
  • If you are installing the mesh curtain rod in a masonry fireplace, make sure to drill in the mortar joint and not directly into the brick. This can cause the brick to crack or shatter.

Do the mesh curtain pulls come in a pack of two?

  • Yes, our mesh curtain pulls come in pairs.