Straight Mesh Curtain Rod 32-58 Inches

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angled mesh curtain rods for fireplaces

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So you don’t want a fireplace door and a firescreen just takes up too much room, but you know you need a safe fireplace. After all, a fire is a beautiful thing when it’s crackling away in your firebox, but if one ember escapes and hits the wrong thing, that fire can become devastating. It’s absolutely essential that you have fireplace curtains with your wood burning fireplace, even if you opt out of getting them when you order one of our beautiful original fireplace doors.

This straight mesh curtain rod has holes at the end of it so that installation with the screws (which we include) is really easy. We even provide an installation sheet so that installing your replacement mesh curtain rod is really easy with us. After all, rods can become weak and less reliable due to rust build up over time and we want to make sure that you don’t put off buying replacement rods due to difficult and hard to understand installation instructions!

We’re a company that cares. If you read our About Us page, you’ll realize that many members of our family are involved in the fireplace business. This gives us a unique perspective: we see the reasons that we want a safe fireplace every day right here in our store and shop, so we are always thinking about why you want to keep your family safe too. We can guarantee that any product you buy from us will work towards that end. Whether it’s one of our beautiful fireplace doors or a simple replacement rod like this, you can count on us to keep your fireplace safe this coming cold season!

The size is adjustable from 32" to 58" and can be field cut by homeowner with a hacksaw with metal blade.

Quality USA made rods


  • 2 rods with straight ends
  • 2 screws
  • 2 mounting plates


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Last updated on December 4th 2017.