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Is The Glass On Fireplace Doors Safe?

Is The Glass On Fireplace Doors Safe?

Yes! Fireplace door glass is made from heat resistant tempered or ceramic glass, depending on the type of heating application that you have.

  • Most wood burning fireplace doors use tempered glass. This high temperature material is regular glass that has been subjected to a treatment of heated chemicals to achieve its tensile strength. Regular glass would crack and/or shatter under extreme heat. Tempered glass is resistant to constant temperatures up to 500°F. It also has a maximum thermal shock rating of 400°F. (Thermal shock occurs when a variation in temperatures causes the glass to expand and contract.) If it were to fracture, it would break into tiny pieces, versus jagged shards like regular glass. This safety glass option is perfect for wood burning fireplaces, which produce significantly lower temperatures as compared to gas fireplaces or pellet stoves.

  • Also called pyroceram glass, this heat resistant glass-ceramic material is more suitable for stoves and fireplaces capable of producing temperatures in excess of 1000°F. It is a transparent product with a subtle amber tint that transmits light and radiates heat, making it an ideal material for gas fireplaces and heating stoves. Pyroceram possesses the astonishing strength of ceramic and the sealing properties of glass. This combination ensures tensile and elastic strength, fracture resistance, shear and compression-stress tolerance. 

If you have the appropriate glass window for your fireplace doors, rest assured that your loved ones will be protected from injury and your home will be safeguarded from damage. The chances of flying sparks and cinders landing on clothing or skin, or logs rolling out onto your carpeting or tile are greatly reduced with glass fireplace doors!


Last updated on July 1st 2019.

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