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Openings and Hearths



Before deciding what fireplace door to purchase, you first need to know what type of hearth and firebox you have. Not all doors will fit every type of fireplace, and you may need to get a custom made fireplace door.

A raised firebox with no hearth or hearth seats will require custom doors.

Most other fireplaces should not require custom doors unless you have special features like a row of soldier bricks across the top.


We can make custom doors for special fireplace openings. Some of them will require a template of the opening for production.

Arched doors are only done on a template base due to the irregularity in shape.

On a three-sided, L-shaped, or corner fireplace, we will need to know if the opening goes all the way to the end or not. See special features.

Some flat arches can be covered with a rectangular door.

Last updated on September 21st 2020.