Thanks to the two customer service reps who provided the info I needed to make this purchase. I called 2 times, and chatted once, and Dana and Lindsay were professional, courtesy, and very helpful.

This was the first time ordering fireplace doors online. I posted a questions within my online order, but they were never answered. The doors arrived about 4 1/2 weeks later in excellent condition. They were nicely and efficiently packaged and kept the doors safe during transport.

The doors fit like a glove and were easy to install. The hardest part was to drill the 4 holes in the mortar joints, but that wasn't very difficult to begin with. As mentioned on the website, I had to make minor adjustments to the door hardware. The paint job was incredible, and the quality of the door and thickness of the glass met my high standards. I was surprised to find out that there was no gasket in the middle where the doors meet. There is an overlap in the middle where the screen doors meet and another overlap in the middle where the fireplace doors meet. I'm guessing that's good enough to call a gasket.

My only complaint is that the glue used to hold the magnets to the door was not strong enough. They came off and got stuck to the door frame. Otherwise, everything turned out great.

I would recommend this company if you are looking to buy fireplace doors online.

Your company was awesome to work with. I worked with Dana B and I have to give her a big KUDOS!! She was so helpful and informative.

Loved the entire experience. Thank you!!

Doors arrived and were installed yesterday. They look great. Even the installers stood back and commented what a nice looking unit it was. Evidently they don't do a lot of rustic ones.

Thank you so much for you patience and help AND getting me to a product I love.

If the fireplace is measured correctly on all four sides of the opening, the door is very simple to install. The measurements May vary a bit because the openings or not perfectly symmetric. The company will help you decide which numbers to use. My son install them with ease. They were beautiful and we are very happy and pleased.

Great Product and service. Thanks.

It wasn't too hard to do, and now looks great.
Thanks for the nice product, and the opportunity for us to re-do our fireplace doors at a reasonable price.

Would like to thank you for employing such a great staff. Kimberley has been extremely helpful in making recommendations and helping with my fireplace renovation. In addition to Kimberley, I have appreciated both the expert glass cutting and the prompt and accurate shipping.
It has been a wonderful experience.

We are very satisfied with the mesh screen door— it is beautiful, fits perfectly, and was so easy to install.

I received and installed the replacement fireplace doors today. I absolutely love the finish and the quality! For some reason, the replacement doors were also a 1/2" wider, not just higher as requested. Installing was a bit of a challenge because of the extra width, which made it difficult to use the enclosed mounting brackets. I finally managed to rig something up and I am very happy. I appreciate your attention to my issues and I will recommend your services in the future.
Thanks again!
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