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Fire On Water Manifolds

Add one of our extremely popular fire on water features to your outdoor living area! These highly sought-after Submersible Ignition Systems will create a fascinating display of fire frolicking on water. Your guests will be mesmerized by this incredible crowd pleaser and wonder how you managed such a feat! Our systems are uniquely designed to route gas through the manifold and into the water. When the gas reaches the surface, if forms bubbles which are ignited by the pilot light, creating the magnificent presentation of fire on water! The fire is contained to the waterline, which keeps the manifold and inner electronics protected. Consider adding this feature to your DIY garden pond or waterfall, to the top of a fountain, or at the edge of an infinity pool.

Please visit our Info Center for a downloadable manual. Give us a call at 1-888-986-1535 for more details. And don't worry - we won't say a word about this to your guests...it will be our little secret! 

Please Note: Ideal for freshwater situations only.


Can the manifolds be submerged underwater?

  • Only the SUBEIS (Submersible Electronic Ignition System) manifolds can be submerged underwater. This ignition system is available for all of our fire on water manifold models under the product options. 

What is a SUBEIS (Submersible Electronic Ignition System)?

  •  The electronically-controlled valve is sealed to prevent water leakage. This allows the manifold to be installed directly underwater, provided the feature in which it will reside is deep enough to fully submerse the control box and manifold. The SUBEIS is terrific for larger water bowls that are mounted on a very shallow base next to your in-ground pool, or in areas with limited access to plumbing.

What is an AFOW (Automated Fire On Water)?

  • This particular electronic ignition system requires the control valve box to be installed before the gas line feeds into the desired outdoor feature. It is important to know that the AFOW systems are not waterproof or rated for submersion; however, they should not be utilized near or in conjunction with saltwater. If you had a shallow fire and water bowl that was mounted on top of a pedestal, for example, this component would need to be situated outside of the pedestal (or inside, depending on the configuration of the piece), away from the water. This arrangement allows the homeowner to access the system for routine maintenance. In addition, the AFOW includes a pilot wire (available in 10, 15, or 20 feet) that you can easily run from the valve box, through your water feature, and to the igniter which will be above the surface of the water.