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Wood Burning Fireplaces

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Many homes rely on a wood burning fireplace that is capable of heating the entire home efficiently. With today's innovations, wood fireplaces are burning cleaner than ever before! A fireplace will add a focal point to any room. Fireplace Doors Online offers plenty of choices for your specific decor and style.

If you're looking to add an indoor wood burning fireplace to your new home or commercial building, we have an extensive collection of Superior Fireplaces with various sizes to choose from, each with a 20 year warranty. Our line of Napoleon Fireplaces includes a limited lifetime warranty with select products including a log grate and fire screen. Higher end models have heat activated blowers and gravity air kits to increase the efficiency of the unit and heat more than one room. Fireplace doors, firebox panel, facade options, and louver kits available for select products. Louver kits also come with a filter for the plate that helps stop dust, dirt, and tiny critters from entering the vent. They are usually designed to fit behind the louver plate, which provides ventilation in fireplaces to let out excess internal heat.

If you fancy a free standing wood burning fireplace instead, we offer the Malm line of wood burning fireplaces. These retro-styled fireplaces are a great addition to mid-century homes. They are constructed from heavy-duty steel and come in matte black but have the option for 10 different porcelain enamel colors (on select models), fired on at 1500° for a long-lasting finish. Some products are approved for outdoor use.

We have an amazing selection of wood burning fireplaces for your home, designed with premium quality in mind by top-rated manufacturers. Nothing is cozier then the light and heat of a fireplace!


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