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Preway Doors

The selection of prefab fireplace doors that you see here are compatible with Preway Fireplaces! Find your fireplace model number in the table below (complete with width and height measurements for verification), and we'll introduce you to a selection of zero clearance fireplace doors designed specifically for your Preway Fireplace!

If your screen cuts off the whole table - *Slide table right to left to read more*
B128DEM 28 inches 16 inches
36 inches 18 inches
36 inches 21 1/2 inches
B142D 42 inches 20 inches
FF48 42 inches 23 inches



Preway Fireplaces

Please double check measurements, as we do not guarantee the accuracy of our table above.

More Information For More Information And How To Measure For Your Zero Clearance Fireplace Door - Follow This Link

<Print this diagram showing exactly what measurements you'll need!

If you're still unsure, we can help you! Give us a call at 1-888-986-1535 and one of our fireplace door experts will gladly assist you in finding replacements doors that will fit your fireplace, decor, and budget!

Please Note:
We ONLY sell aftermarket fireplace doors for Preway Fireplaces. We do not carry OEM fireplace doors (click here to see an example) for a few reasons:

  • Due to the change in styles and trends, many manufacturers no longer use the same finishes that they did years ago. (In fact, some manufacturers change their finish colors annually!) This creates a problem when customers are looking to get OEM doors that will have the same door frame color as their existing mainframe. Because of this reason, we offer complete fireplace enclosures with matching door and mainframe finishes.
  • The majority of our customers, when shopping for new fireplace doors, are interested in the entire replacement door. This includes the glass panels, rails, tracks, mainframe, and mounting hardware (if applicable). Often times their existing mainframe and components may be damaged or outdated. In this case, it is more desirable for customers to outfit their fireplace with a complete glass door enclosure.
  • OEM fireplace doors must be shipped in special packaging and do not qualify for our free shipping promo.