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Scupper Bowls

Scupper bowls are a charming feature that can really set your outdoor area apart from the neighbors’. We have a variety of round concrete options for you to choose from. Whether you are looking to create a customized spillway for your pool or tiered scupper bowl fountains for your garden, our water scuppers and bowls are exactly what you need. With a simple water line connection, you can add a touch of whimsy to your flower garden, or deliver relief from the summertime heat for your feathered friends. 

Choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. With the precast concrete bowls, color is mixed into cement during pouring, so there is no need to 'touch up' your concrete pool scuppers. Both the concrete and copper pool scuppers are durable enough to last for years – even in inclement weather, but we do recommend draining the water from your water features before freezing temperatures arrive. A pre-drilled hole in the bottom of the bowl allows you to thread your waterline through and a protective sealant around the hole prevents leaking.


  • Poured concrete products display unique air pockets on their surface. Click here to learn more about how they occur. 
  • The copper water bowls will develop a patina over time when exposed to the elements and is part of the natural oxidation process of the material. For the removal of patina, we recommend the simple DIY recipe of 1/2 cup of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of baking soda with a soft bristle brush to prevent scratching. 


What exactly is a "scupper" bowl?

  • A scupper is a type of waterspout. These bowls feature a scupper at the top that allows water to flow from the basin into a pool or other reservoir below.

Do scupper bowls include water pumps?

  • Scupper bowls are designed to be connected to an existing plumbing system, and therefore do not come with a water pump. For example, if your swimming pool recycles water, you can use a scupper bowl to supplement the existing pump jets.

What is the advantage of adding a scupper bowl to my pool, fountain, or pond?

  • Flow is an essential part of any water feature. When water flows into water, the air is mixed in. This simple process helps to prevent stagnant water and also stops algae from building up. In a pond with fish, it will help maintain the overall health of the fish by supplying extra oxygen to the water.

Why do some bowls come with a copper insert for the scupper lip?

  • The copper insert not only adds a decorative touch but also helps protect the concrete lip from erosion caused by the constant flow of water.

Can my scupper bowl be used indoors?

  • The only exception to this situation that we can justify is if you were to install scupper bowls around an indoor swimming pool. Keep in mind that these types of bowls are only meant to be used outdoors. They must be connected to an outdoor water system (such as a pool controller) and placed in an area that can fully support the weight of some of our larger bowls.

Can I use fire glass in my scupper bowl?

  • It is not necessary to add fire glass to a scupper bowl, as this feature was designed to circulate water only. You could potentially lose/scatter fire glass into your pool or fountain due to the water flow in this bowl.

Can I receive a concrete color sample?

  • Unfortunately, no. Each of our concrete products is custom made, and while every one of our artisans follows the same guidelines for color-mixing, the pouring of the concrete will actually determine the specific hue of the finished product. Therefore, if we send you a color sample, it will not be a true representation of your concrete accent. The colors that we feature online are the closest examples of your chosen shade.

    Rest assured that if you order multiples of one color (taupe, for example), the fire bowls will match each other, but there will be specific areas of each feature that show a variance in texture and blending. For example, the color on the lip of one fire bowl may appear slightly bolder in certain areas than the next. This is not a flaw; rather, it is an indication of quality and perfection. This is 100% assurance that your concrete fire bowl was handcrafted.

What is a precast scupper bowl?

  • Our precast proprietary mixture is a heavy-duty alternative to inferior blends of concrete that sometimes crack and crumble away. This concrete blend is a high tensile mix that allows enhanced resistance to weather. 

    Please note that precast concrete on its own is not watertight. It needs to be sealed in order to hold water. There are some terrific concrete sealers on the market that can be found at your local hardware store. We highly recommend a sealer that is waterproof. A bonus would be a flexible heavy-duty coating that has freeze-thaw properties for winter weather conditions. This would allow you to cover your bowl and leave it outside with confidence for the season!

How much does a concrete scupper bowl weigh?

  • The concrete mix we use for each fire bowl is just as heavy as any other concrete. This is because we don't add any lightweight filler or low-quality aggregate. Weight is dependent upon the size of the bowl you order, ranging anywhere from 80 to 245 pounds.

How do you ship a scupper bowl?

  • Since many of our scupper bowls are so heavy, we must ship them by a freight trucking company. They are packaged using a wood pallet with protective sides so that no damage occurs during transport. Once it arrives at your home or business, the truck operator will unload the pallet using a "lift gate" so that you may inspect it for any damage. If all is well, then you may begin installation as soon as you wish!

Do I have to be a contractor to install a scupper bowl?

  • We recommend having a pool contractor install the connections to your pool system. We have a lot of customers who have successfully installed the bowls themselves, and others who prefer that all the work be completed by a contractor.

Where can I install a scupper bowl?

  • Most of our customers display their scupper bowls along their pool walls or atop pillars. Others have installed them around ponds and within their gardens. Commercial businesses also love displaying scupper bowls at their venues as unique fountain displays.

What is that aqua colored coating that develops on copper?

  • Over time, with exposure to oxygen and other elements that exist in the environment, copper will develop a protective coating that is known as a patina. Copper in particular, when subjected to the natural process of oxidation, displays a beautiful aqua colored patina that gives the surface an aged or antique look. Depending on how long your copper scupper bowl is exposed to the air, wind, rain, and other variables including your location, the patina will develop and reveal differently!

What if I prefer the copper color over the patina? Is there any way to avoid the natural oxidation process?

  • To remove the patina, we recommend a simple DIY cleaning method:
    • Combine 1/2 cup lemon juice with 1 tablespoon of baking soda together in a plastic bowl.
    • Using a microfiber cloth, gently scrub the surfaces of the bowl using a circular motion to prevent scratching the copper.
    • For more advanced stages of patina, substitute a soft-bristled brush for the microfiber cloth.
    • Wipe the bowl with a separate clean, soft cloth.
    • Rinse the bowl clean with warm water.
    • Let the copper product air dry, or to avoid watermarks, use a 3rd clean microfiber cloth wipe the bowl dry.