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Fire Rings & Shapes

Get the most out of your outdoor fire feature with a dependable gas fire pit burner! We carry a large selection of natural gas and propane-fueled burners from trusted manufacturers, including HPC, FireGear Outdoors, Empire Distributing, and of course our very own line!


Our CSA Safety Listed, high-quality stainless steel burners are ideal for durable replacement parts or completing a DIY fire feature project! Many of our products are HPC fire pit burners, which are well known in the outdoor fire feature industry for their reliability and longevity.

Display a unique curved 'wall' of flames with the S-fire stainless steel burner ring. Opt for a more natural look while using less gas with a penta (or star-shaped) stainless steel burner ring. We also have spur shaped and round stainless steel burner rings for the traditionally circular fire pits that we all love. Oblique shaped features will benefit from our square or H-burners.

If you're looking for the entire kit and caboodle, we offer fire pit burner bundles! These packages include the burner ring, as well as the following installation components:

  • 18-inch stainless steel whistle free gas flex hose (rated for natural gas or propane)
  • 1/2 inch stainless steel pipe nipple
  • Dante straight quarter-turn brass shut-off valve kit with Chrome escutcheon and matching 3-inch valve key
  • A 260-inch roll of Teflon 1/2 wide yellow gas tape
  • Propane users will receive an air mixer connector

These bundles are an affordable, all-inclusive option that your gas contractor or installer would recommend!


Our brass and stainless steel bullet burners create a fuller, taller flame for your outdoor fire feature. Precision machined and made from high grade, corrosion-resistant brass or stainless steel, these burners are meant to last for years! The bullet burner technology uses a specific air-to-gas ratio to produce a larger than the normal flame that looks more like a natural wood-burning fire. The innovative brass orifice components found throughout the burners use less gas than the average stainless steel burner, making this the perfect investment for your fire pit or bowl. 

Bullet burners come in a variety of shapes and sizes to match the needs of your fire feature. They are compatible with natural gas or propane, and due to their technologically advanced design, an air mixer is not necessary for burning propane fuel!

Please Note: Be sure to make proper accommodations for clearance around the fire pit. Click here for a helpful chart


What is the difference between the different burner shapes?

  • Different shaped burners create a different shaped fire. Some burners, like the square or s-fire models, are made to fit a rectangular or linear fire feature. And the star-shaped penta burners produce a fuller, more natural-looking blaze than traditional burner rings. If a hotter fire is desired, a burner with multiple inner rings is the best choice. 

What is the difference between a bullet burner and a standard stainless steel burner?

  • Both systems burn at similar BTU ratings but the bullet burners use less gas while producing a taller, fuller flame. This is achieved by pulling more oxygen and high-velocity gas flow. 
  • The bullet burners are equipped with flame spreading orifice components that compress gas and incorporate oxygen for an impressive flame set. Brass bullet burners come with a lifetime warranty. 
  • Stainless steel bullet burners also have the brass orifice components and come with a 5-year warranty.