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Bathroom Mesh Shower Curtains

Add a low maintenance aluminum shower curtain to your tub or shower area for an elegant look! A sustainable element that won't rust, fade, or stain!

The quarter-inch interlock mesh blocks water from escaping the shower and directs it back down into the tub. Get a healthier shower area with a curtain that allows airflow and resists mold and bacteria.

And best of all, it absorbs the heat from the shower and radiates it back, creating a shield of warmth. 

Treat yourself to a luxurious spa experience with this woven mesh shower curtain! Made from 18 gauge aluminum wire that is interlocked in a tight 1/4 inch weave, this coiled fabric delivers an element of luxury to your bathroom.

Our unique Serenity shower divider panel flexes and gathers together as it is pulled aside, similar to traditional shower curtains. The tension of the fabric attracts water and persuades it to flow down the coils, while the open weave pattern allows your shower area to dry out after use and resists bacteria and mildew growth.

Aluminum absorbs heat from the steam, providing a blanket of warmth while you bathe. The attractive Antique Bronze finish is a stunning hue for any bathroom decor. A clear, odorless, eco-friendly lacquer is applied over the finish to help the material avoid rust, stain, and fading. 



Will the mesh rust or stain my shower?

  • Nope! Our mesh shower curtains are made from aluminum which is naturally rust, stain, and fade resistant. Our curtains are made to last and look amazing in your bathroom!

Are the curtains hard to clean and maintain?

  • Like most metals, there is a little bit of maintenance you will need to do to keep your mesh shower curtain pristine. Cleaning your curtains will make sure to keep your mesh curtains looking shiny and new! You can use any non-abrasive cleaner or metal cleaner on your curtains.