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Mesh Shower Curtains

Outfit your shower area in style and luxury with a sustainable metal mesh shower curtain! These coiled wire fabric panels are woven together to create a durable, long lasting alternative to glass doors and plastic curtains. Made from 18 gauge aluminum and featuring a 1/4 inch weave, these light weight shower divider panels are surprisingly effective at catching water from your shower head's indirect spray, all while resisting mildew, bacteria, rust, and stain!

Our exclusive collection here at Fireplace Doors Online features four beautiful, neutral finishes to complement any color palette in your bathroom. Easy to install and care for, we know you'll love this attractive element! While these woven shower curtains can be used with standard hardware, we do offer the option to get coordinating decorative shower curtain hooks, as well as a curved shower rod!


Are these metal mesh shower curtains the same as fireplace screens?

  • While they may look the same, they are quite different! Our aluminum shower curtains have a similar 1/4 inch weave like most of our fireplace hanging screens. However, because these shower dividers are used in a wet and humid environment, they are finished with a clear, eco-friendly lacquer to protect the material and resist mold, rust, bacteria, and staining. Fireplace screens do not have this coating on them.

Will I still need a liner for this shower curtain?

  • In general, no - a liner is not necessary. This coiled fabric will attract water and allow it to flow downward into your shower. You will see some light water on the floor, like you would when stepping out of the shower. However, depending on the size, shape, and style of your shower, as well as the shower head design, a liner may be necessary. To catch the light spray of water on the floor, your existing cloth, vinyl, or teak bath mat is all that is needed.

What do I use to clean a metal mesh shower curtain?

  • These coiled aluminum shower dividers are surprisingly low maintenance! A combination of mild soap and warm water will do the trick. Using a soft cloth, wipe down your mesh curtains with the solution, then rinse with warm, clean water. We don't recommend commercial cleaning products for bathtubs, as some of the ingredients can be rather harsh on these aluminum mesh dividers and will strip the lacquer or discolor the wire. Please see the specs tab on our mesh shower curtain products for a downloadable benefits and care manual!