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HearthX Fireplace and Stove Gloves
Keep your hands safe from 
burns with HearthX Fireplace and 
Stove Gloves! Made with 100% Side 
Free shipping|In Stock
FlameX Fireplace and Stove Gloves
Keep your hands and arms 
safe from burns with FlameX 
Fireplace and Stove Gloves! Made with 
Real Lea... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Rutland Red Fire Resistant Hearth Gloves
Protect your hands and arms 
while tending your fire with these 
Rutland Red Fire Resistant Hearth 
Free shipping|In Stock
Red Leather Fire Retardant Gloves
Cotton lined, fireplace 
gloves will protect you from heat, 
flames, and sparks as you fill your 
Free shipping|In Stock
Red Suede Heat Resistant Hearth Gloves
Safeguard your hands from 
open flames and high temperatures 
with the Red Suede Heat Resistant 
Free shipping|In Stock
Black Suede Heat Resistant Hearth Gloves
Protect your hands and arms 
from burns with these Black Heat 
Resistant Hearth Gloves made of 
Free shipping|In Stock
Long Arm Black Suede Heat Resistant Heart...
Use our fully insulated 
fireplace gloves to shield yourself 
from the flames, 19 inches long 
and com... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Long Arm Red Suede Heat Resistant Hearth ...
Protect yourself while 
maintaining your fireplace with these 
Long Arm Red Suede Heat Resistant 
Free shipping|In Stock
Ladies' Suede Heat Resistant Hearth Gloves
Protect yourself as you 
stoke your fireplace or wood stove 
fires! No burns with these Ladies' 
Free shipping|In Stock

Fireplace Gloves

Protect your hands from the flames when stacking firewood with our stylish hearth gloves! Heavy-duty suede keeps hands shielded from the heat while a soft inner lining adds an element of comfort. These fireproof gloves are available in a variety of colors, lengths, and designs for both men and women! Now you can tend to the fire and adjust your firewood without having to worry about injuring your hands. These heat resistant gloves make wonderful gifts for the fire stoker in your household.


Do the fireplace gloves come individually or in pairs?

  • All of our fireplace gloves come in pairs.

Can I use fireplace gloves to refill or adjust logs in my fireplace when there's a fire burning?

  • Yes. These gloves can withstand the heat. However, for safety reasons, Fireplace Doors Online never recommends reaching into a fire while it's burning.