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Welcome Pool Builders to Fireplace Doors Online!

Let Fireplace Doors Online help you find inspiration for the luxury pool designs you're preparing for your commercial clients! When it comes to poolscapes, we know that the surrounding venue is just as important as the oasis itself. We can help you design the maximum entertainment hub for your clients with some pretty spectacular water and fire attractions! 

Bring your swimming pool landscaping ideas to life with our collection of outdoor products. Whether your client wants to create a fiery border at the edge of their infinity pool, line a pathway to the cabana bar with tiki torches, or emphasize the peacefulness of cascading water with a row of scuppers on the back wall of the pool, you can assure them you've got it covered! Take a look at the ways you can expand the poolside experience:

Pool Scuppers at a beach side resort pool and spa 

Pool Scuppers - I am interested in a quote

Add a mystical waterfall to any pool area! Whether your design calls for cannon shaped scuppers producing a thick chute of water, a radius design with a smooth clear flow, or a rainbow arc for a sprinkler effect, we can accommodate your needs. Copper, stainless steel, and ABS plastic in a variety of sizes and flow rates!

Pool Fire Bowls with a smooth flow scupper

Fire and Pool Fire Bowls - I am interested in a quote

Transform an ordinary pool into a resort style oasis with our collection of pool fire bowls! We can customize these fire and water features to your specifications, including size, shape, material, and style. Choose from fire bowls, scupper bowls, or combined fire and water together! Lava rock and glitzy-glam fire glass available with most bowls. 

Give your backyard the wow factor with a 360 fire and water fountain 

360 Fire And Water Features - I am interested in a quote

Aren't these 360° features the coolest? And the hottest?? Create a seriously amazing display for your customers' poolscape with a feature that can be enjoyed from any angle! The spillway bowls rise up from their self contained reservoirs, while flames give a performance above! Certain products include LED lighting as shown above!

Upgrade your poolscape with fire on water manifolds

Fire On Water Manifolds - I am interested in a quote

It's not magic. Just brilliant engineering! The ever popular opposition of fire and water come together to achieve a jaw dropping demonstration of the flames dancing atop the surface of an infinity pool or pond. When combined with fountain pumps and pool fire bowls, you can truly conjure up an elixir of fun and bewilderment!

Copper tiki torches with an oil rubbed bronze finish 

Tiki Torches - I am interested in a quote

Create a tropical experience on the grounds of your clients' venues with permanent gas tiki torches! Copper cone styles or laser cut steel varieties stand guard around poolscapes and cabanas. Natural gas or propane replaces traditional tiki oil lanterns.

American Fyre Designs Fyre Urn overlooks a lovely valley

Fire Pits and Urns - I am interested in a quote

Add ambiance for summer night story telling and brilliant alternatives to lighting up the deck space around the pool! Traditional wood burning fire pits create an inviting spot to warm up after an evening dip in the water. Gas burning fire urns are a unique twist on the typical fire feature.

Fire table, benches, and chairs under a pergola 

Fire Tables, Furniture Collections, and Pergolas - I am interested in a quote

Add a separate gathering space to the typical pool area. Pergolas offer a shady retreat and can be customized to any size, form, and height. Fire tables are ideal for dining and good conversation, while coordinating furniture pieces make the experience even more relaxing.

Infrared Outdoor Patio Heater

Outdoor Patio Heaters - I am interested in a quote

Offer a space to take the chill off after a dip in the pool with a portable or stationary patio heater. Gas or electric powered devices deliver radiant heat and maintain reliable efficiency. Stylish designs and heat output options for any setting!

American Fyre Designs Magnolia Outdoor Fireplace 

Outdoor Fireplaces - I am interested in a quote

A phenomenal poolscape needs a cozy spot to retreat to when the sun dips below the horizon. Outdoor fireplaces add a touch of charm and a welcome retreat for patrons. Wood, gas, and electric fueled heat sources allow the pool party to continue well into the evening while keeping guests warm!

We'll help you bring together that custom water feature with our fountain pumps

Fountain Pumps - I am interested in a quote

Fountain pumps are terrific for pools of water that serve a decor purpose over a refreshing watering hole. Our mag drive pumps are equipped with ceramic shaft impellers and can be installed as an inline or submersible unit. Flow rates and head sprays vary. Efficient running fountain pumps are great for spitting ornaments, too!

Landscape Glass Mulch in sapphire around this Southern home 

Landscape Glass Mulch - I am interested in a quote

Bark mulch or cedar shavings may look rustic, but they sure are messy around the pool. Create a breathtaking look with smooth, tumbled landscape glass instead! A wide assortment of colors to emphasize borders, walkways, and flower beds in and around poolscapes!

Customize your outdoor kitchen with our built in grills and outdoor rated appliances

Outdoor Kitchen - I am interested in a quote

Implementing a spot to cook that is within close proximity of the pool is the ideal setup for resort and timeshare guests. With an assortment of grill heads, kitchen accessories, and outdoor kitchen island designs, travelers will love the option to spend more time outdoors!

Concrete planters are super durable and will last for years 

Concrete Planters - I am interested in a quote

Display tropical flora and fauna around the pool while keeping them safely contained in any of our precast concrete planters! Tall or short, box or vase, plain or decorative, these colorful planters are durable, weather resistant, and will last for years to come!

Concrete benches that are too cute!

Concrete Benches - I am interested in a quote

Add some charm and whimsy to any poolscape with a decorative and outdoor rated concrete bench! We especially love our animal benches, including the bottlenose dolphin rendition as pictured above! This is surely one that will be a hit at ocean side resorts, hotels, and more!

As a pool builder and contractor, you play a pivotal role in turning visions into reality. Your clients' poolscapes will transcend the competition when you arrange the concept they've been dreaming of! For all your commercial project needs including custom designs, please contact us at 1-877-373-6677 for the best quote in the industry!

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