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Custom Screens For Fireplaces And Windows

Mesh Curtain DividersCreate a statement piece, a focal point in your home, office, restaurant, or club. Woven metal drapes can work as a room divider or a piece of art. The architectural mesh comes in hundreds of different colors and can be used in hundreds of different applications.

Meet safety standards, while also protecting those that work for you by installing custom safety mesh throughout your business. Create barriers, blast dividers, locking safety curtains, and more with these custom safety mesh panels. Architectural mesh can be difficult to order if you are not familiar with the product and the available options. We have simplified the process of ordering custom architectural mesh panels by creating an easy to use quote form. If you are interested in ordering mesh but aren't sure exactly what you need, just fill out our form below!


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Architectural Drapery Mesh

Architectural mesh screens are creating a stunning and one of a kind look for commercial establishments around the world! If you haven't discovered this art concept yet, now is your chance! This metal coil drapery is a trendy and contemporary way to amp up the theatrics and visual appeal of your restaurant, auditorium, gallery, or hotel. The decor possibilities are endless!

Consider draping metal mesh curtain panels from the ceiling to add height or "drop" the vault of a room. Amplify the acoustics in your concert hall with this multipurpose mesh. Add texture to windows and backdrops, or project lighting and images against these metal panels. You can even combine stainless steel woven metal drapes with a water manifold to simulate a "floating" waterfall! 

Outdoor Mesh Dividers

Outfit your outdoor living space in style with unique and beautiful architectural metal mesh dividers! Whether your goal is to keep your patio shielded from sun and rain or protected from leaves and debris that may wander in with the breeze, these woven panels are perfect for maintaining a pristine outdoor space!

Dress up your pool area, entertainment spot, and outdoor kitchen with our brilliant and colorful mesh curtains. Gather them in the middle to create elegant drapery around the posts of your front porch. Fashion a divider on one side of your pergola for an element of privacy. Create a screened-in terrace that allows plenty of air circulation but also provides the versatility of keeping pesky insects and inclement weather at bay.

Safety and Security Mesh

Outdoor Privacy Mesh ScreensProtect and secure the perimeter, as well as employees or patrons with our security wire mesh panels! For homes and commercial businesses alike, these unique barriers can be used for security cage panels or privacy wire mesh window guards. Bars and locks can be added to the mesh for added security. This metal coil drapery is ideal for a variety of applications, and we can custom make them to your weave thickness and size preferences.

Durable and strong, these wire mesh security panels for windows, stairwells, enclosures, and more are made from 19 gauge woven metal. Use them as a blast or safety barrier near heavy equipment. We offer bold colors such as yellow, black, orange, and more! Regardless if you need to protect your home or commercial establishment, we can get you the exact design you have in mind. Click on the pictures below to get an up-close and personal look at some of the projects we've been able to help our customers create. Then click on the custom product above and tell us how we can help you maintain the utmost safety and security where you need it the most!

Mesh Shower Curtains

Add a low maintenance aluminum shower curtain to your tub or shower area for an elegant look! A sustainable element that won't rust, fade, or stain! The quarter-inch interlock mesh blocks water from escaping the shower and directs it back down into the tub. Get a healthier shower area with a curtain that allows airflow and resists mold and bacteria. And best of all, it absorbs the heat from the shower and radiates it back, creating a shield of warmth.

Check out some great videos on mesh!


What type of commercial projects can architectural mesh be used for?

  • Add dramatic texture and amazing focal points by using it for ceiling treatments and wall cladding
  • Ideal for semi-private partitions and dividers between seating areas in restaurants, waiting areas, and more
  • Fashion and artistic decor concept with different lengths, weave thicknesses, and colors
  • Utilize for curtains, drapes, or safety barriers throughout your home or establishment
  • Stainless steel mesh panels create stunning water features or make terrific shower curtains
  • Ideal for retail displays, window treatments, backdrops, and more

What type of projects can this outdoor metal mesh be used for?

  • Use it for privacy screens on pergolas and balconies or wherever you need it most
  • Diffuses intense sunlight that would normally drive you inside, while maintaining the view and allowing airflow
  • Create stunning decor concepts that express your artistic side
  • Drape these mesh curtains on the outside of windows or around the posts of a porch
  • Use them for partitions between outdoor kitchens and entertainment hubs
  • Stainless steel is ideal for that outdoor shower area near your pool

What can steel mesh safety curtains be used for?

  • Mesh screen panels are terrific for windows, offering privacy and security
  • Glass mitigation for piece mind
  • Industrial safety mesh for heavy equipment and construction vehicles
  • Security gates for banks, retail stores, airports, and even residential homes
  • Zoological enclosures for all types of animals
  • Partitions and dividers to keep guests and patrons safe
  • Machine guarding panels keeps employees shielded from debris
  • Stairwell safety barrier helps prevent accidents