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We Have A New Logo!

Our logo may have changed a little, but we are still the same leading online source for quality, American made fireplace doors and more! Learn about the new Fireplace Doors Online logo and how we have always been a part of CJ's Home Décor!

5 tips for preventing chimney fires

Our fireplace technicians have compiled the top 5 tips on how to best prevent a chimney fire when using your fireplace this winter. We'll help you out with these tips and some more safety information.

Replacing your gas valve

As the last few dog days of summer dwindle down, and the children rush off to school, the leaves will start to turn colors, and the temperatures will start to drop. When the crisp scent of Autumn pervades your senses, you might start to think about using your fireplace soon.  Fireplace Doors Online will help you to make sure your fireplace is ready for the winter season, by learning about your gas valve and how you can replace it, if needed.

Fashion Forward Fireplace like Kylie Jenner

You don't need a 3.9 million dollar home to have a gorgeous fireplace like the posh princess with the perfect pucker!  Find out how to get flames over crystal just like Kylie Jenner has in her living room, but for much less!!

Heavy duty steel mantel shelves are so versatile!

Our steel mantel shelves are so strong they can hold the weight of an average person! Made from heavy duty steel by American craftsman, these mantel shelves come in all different sizes and styles. A great addition to any fireplace - from your outdoor fireplaces to your small electric ones - these metal mantel shelves can top any fireplace with style!

8 Easy Steps To Installing a Fireplace Mesh Curtain

Installing a mesh curtain and rod kit onto your masonry fireplace is quite easy when you follow these step by step instructions! With photos showing each step, you'll have your hanging mesh curtain installed in no time!

Learning about Masonry Fireplaces With Fast Replacement Glass and Fireplace Doors Online

Fireplace Doors Online has explained the differences between Masonry and Zero Clearance fireplaces in the past, but today we explore a little more in depth, the components that make a Masonry Fireplace.

Why do fireplaces have glass doors?

Have you been wondering why glass doors are used on fireplaces? How can a set of glass doors on your fireplace help you? Fireplace Doors Online answers your questions, and a few more in this post!  

How to start a fire in a wood burning fireplace!

Fireplace Doors Online gives you a breakdown of the best ways to start a fire in your wood burning fireplace. 

Pros & Cons of a fireplace log lighter

Have you been considering getting a log lighter for your wood burning fireplace? We've compiled a list of the pros and cons to having a fire starter pipe in your fireplace to help you make your decision!

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