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Fireplace Tool Set Buyer's Guide: Finding the Perfect Tools for Your Hearth

If you're a fireplace owner, you've likely encountered the vast array of fireplace tools available for purchase. However, the challenge often lies in understanding the nuances that differentiate these tools. Some choose based on functionality, while others prioritize design and aesthetic appeal. The critical question is whether certain fireplace tools are better suited for specific scenarios.

In essence, the answer is yes. Different fireplace tools excel in various situations, depending on the type of fireplace. Each toolset offers specific items tailored for distinct tasks. With various sizes and colors to match your fireplace or stove's style, these tools not only enhance safety but also provide practical use. By the end of this guide, you'll be equipped with the knowledge to select the right toolset for your specific needs.

Fireplace Tool Sets vs. Individual Tools

Each fireplace tool serves a unique purpose, and while a basic toolset may suffice, having a comprehensive set of tools ensures a safe and satisfying burning experience. Fireplace tool sets have evolved in both quality and ease of use, making modern upgrades a wise choice.

1. Poker: A steel or cast iron log poker manipulates and rearranges logs in a fireplace or wood stove. Steel pokers feature a single ninety-degree turn for hooking or pushing logs, while cast iron versions have multiple hooks for enhanced log manipulation.

2. Log Tongs: Ideal for loading new logs or handling larger tasks that a poker can't manage, log tongs are typically made from steel and offer leverage with one or more hinge points. They are excluded from smaller or budget-friendly toolsets due to their size and complexity.

3. Ash Broom: Constructed from straw or synthetic fibers, an ash broom helps collect and consolidate wood ash in the fireplace firebox once the fire has cooled. It's used in conjunction with a shovel to remove ash efficiently.

4. Shovel: Featuring a steel shank and shovel head, the shovel is designed to scoop and consolidate ash. It works in tandem with the ash broom and is essential for cleaning the firebox.

5. Ash Bucket: Used to contain hot or cool ash and embers, ash buckets often feature a lid and double bottom to insulate and prevent exterior overheating. They are usually purchased separately from tool sets.

Common Types of Fireplace Tool Sets

Understanding individual tools, let's explore the different toolset styles and their intended purposes. Toolsets often consist of various combinations of the individual fireplace tools mentioned earlier.

1. Full-Height Toolsets: The most common type, these sets evoke classic charm and usually include a poker, broom, shovel, and log tongs. Available in various finishes and styles, they are placed on the hearth next to the fireplace opening.

2. Toolsets With Wood Holder: Featuring a built-in metal wood holder with hooks or a storage rack for tools, this set is an all-encompassing option. It is larger and may not suit shallow hearths or limited spaces.

3. Miniature Toolsets: Ideal for smaller fireboxes, these shorter sets typically include a poker, brush, and shovel. Log tongs are usually excluded due to their height.

4. Brush and Pan Set: This set, consisting of a brush and pan only, is used for larger cleanup jobs and is often purchased alongside a free-standing tool set.

Materials Used To Make Fireplace Tools

Various materials and finishes are available for tool sets, impacting both longevity and aesthetics. Understanding these materials helps in choosing the right set for specific applications.

1. Steel: Offers diverse designs and finishes, allowing for intricate shapes. Suitable for indoor use, steel sets should not be used outside.

2. Cast Iron: Exceptionally durable, cast iron tools are ideal for high-temperature hearth appliances like closed combustion wood stoves.

3. Stainless Steel: Primarily intended for outdoor use, stainless steel sets feature unpainted finishes but can be used indoors as well.

4. Plated Brass: Combining a striking appearance with durability, plated brass tools offer a classic look and resistance to corrosion.

Leading Brands

Quality varies among manufacturers, and some stand out for their superior products. Here are notable brands known for durable fireplace tool sets:

1. Pilgrim: In business for over 60 years, Pilgrim is the nation's best-selling manufacturer, offering a wide variety of colors and styles with a lifetime warranty.

2. Uniflame: Known for inexpensive but durable tool sets, Uniflame provides a range of options for budget-conscious customers.

3. Minuteman: A mid to high-end manufacturer, Minuteman produces a variety of tool sets and wood holders, offering durable options.

4. Napa Forge: A subline of Pilgrim, Napa Forge combines Pilgrim's quality with simpler designs, providing an outstanding value.

5. Stoll Industries: Stoll Industries, a manufacturer positioned in the mid to high-end range, specializes in crafting a diverse range of tool sets and wood holders, providing customers with robust and enduring choices.

6. Design Specilaties: Design Specialties, a manufacturer catering to the mid to high-end market segment, excels in creating a varied selection of tool sets and wood holders. The company is dedicated to delivering customers sturdy and long-lasting options.

Lifespan and Care

  • Fireplace tool sets, inherently durable, require simple maintenance to ensure a long product life.

Cleaning Tips:

  • Wipe down tools with a damp cloth and finish with a cloth dipped in vegetable oil at the end of the burn season.
  • Avoid using other cleaners and oils to prevent hazardous fumes during future use.
  • Use fine-grit sandpaper and steel wool for light corrosion removal.
  • Brooms should only sweep completely cool ashes to prevent damage.


  • Proper care ensures a tool set can last decades.
  • Broom and shovel heads may experience the most wear; replace bristles if worn down.
  • Repair or replace damaged tools for safe operation.
  • Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently choose the perfect fireplace tool set that combines functionality,


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What tools are essential in a fireplace tool set?
A: A standard fireplace tool set typically includes a poker, log tongs, ash broom, shovel, and sometimes an ash bucket. These tools collectively help manage and clean the fireplace or wood stove.

Q: Are log tongs necessary for every tool set?
A: Log tongs are not included in smaller or budget-friendly tool sets due to their larger size and complexity. They are essential for tasks such as loading new logs.

Q: Can I use the ash broom while the fire is still burning?
A: No, the ash broom is designed for use after the fire has completely cooled. Using it on hot ashes can damage the bristles.

Q: Do I need an ash bucket, and does it come with the tool set?
A: An ash bucket is used to contain hot or cool ash and embers. It is usually not included in tool sets and needs to be purchased separately.

Q: How do I clean and maintain my fireplace tools?
A: Wipe down tools with a damp cloth and finish with a cloth dipped in vegetable oil at the end of the burn season. Avoid using other cleaners and oils to prevent hazardous fumes during future use.

Q: What is the expected lifespan of a fireplace tool set?
A: With proper care, a fireplace tool set can last for decades. Regular cleaning, replacing worn bristles, and repairing or replacing damaged tools contribute to a longer lifespan.

Q: Can stainless steel tool sets be used indoors?
A: While primarily intended for outdoor use, stainless steel tool sets can be used indoors as well. They are durable and resistant to corrosion.

Q: Are miniature toolsets suitable for larger fireplaces?
A: Miniature toolsets are ideal for smaller fireboxes, such as those in fireplace inserts or wood stoves. They may not be sufficient for larger fireplaces.

Q: Do all tool sets come with a lifetime warranty?
A: Not all tool sets come with a lifetime warranty. Brands like Pilgrim are known for offering a lifetime warranty on their products, but it's essential to check the warranty information from the manufacturer.

Q: Can I replace individual tools in a set if they wear out?
A: In many cases, manufacturers offer replacement parts for individual tools. If bristles wear down or a tool is damaged, check with the manufacturer for replacement options.