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33,000 BTUs Evening Embers Single Burner Vent Free Gas Logs Set 18"

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This product has a wood fuel variation, see under the Wood Fire Pit category.

18 inch Evening Embers single burner vent free gas logs will create a warm glow in your ventless gas fireplace while providing a clever way to offer supplemental heat without the smoke or ash of a wood-burning fire! Each refractory ceramic log from the Rasmussen Chillbuster series features exquisite detail with careful attention to bark and grain texture that is beautifully accented with rich colors and a special "char chamber" that creates an incredibly realistic effect. This ventless gas log set comes with a C7 Single Burner for flames and a glowing ember bed that is centered in the heart of the display. To customize, choose your size and pick one of our ignition types, ranging from match-lit to remote-controlled systems!

A Vent-Free Burner may be installed in a vented wood burning fireplace for use as a decorative appliance as well as approved for vent-free fireboxes

Original Chillbuster Single Burner Reduced Depth Ventless Gas Log Set Specifications Product Specifications:

  • Log Set Type: Ventless Indoor
  • Log Set Style: Deep Bark Logs With Split Accents & Charred Window To Burning Embers
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas | Propane
  • Log Set Width: 18 Inch
  • Number of Logs: 5 Pieces
  • Material: Refractory Ceramic
  • Burner Type: C7 Chillbuster Single Burner
  • Burner Material: Steel
  • Max BTUs: 33,000 BTUs
  • Log Grate: Included
  • Accessories: Volcanic Ash | Embers 
  • Installation: Safety Control | Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) Pilot | Connector and Fitting | Damper Clamp
  • Certification: ANSI Z21.11.2-2011 | ANSI Z21.60b-2009


  • M Control: Basic Manual Control - turn the valve knob to light the main burner and adjust the flame height. Is not upgradable to remote control
  • SE | RE Controls: Come with standing pilots that consume 300 BTU/hour (1 therm of natural gas every 13.9 days, or 1 gallon of propane every 12.7 days)
  • SE Controls:  Are offered with ON/OFF control with minimal flame height adjustment
  • RE Control: Has a motor drive for remote flame height adjustment. Includes hand-held remote transmitter
  • S Millivolt Controls: Come with a standing pilot that consumes 575 BTU/hour (1 therm of natural gas every 7.2 days, or 1 gallon of propane every 6.6 days). They have an installed switch for ON/OFF control and may be also used with the SR-MV1, THR1-MV1 and WS-MV1 remote controls, or with a wired wall switch, wired wall timer, or a home automation system. The flame height can be adjusted manually at the control valve.
  • EI Controls: Are Pilot-On-Demand systems – there is no gas being consumed while the unit is OFF. Includes the hand-held remote control transmitter for turning the set ON, OFF and adjusting the flame

Original Chillbuster Single Burner Reduced Depth Ventless Gas Log Set Features Product Features:

  • Available as a natural gas or propane ventless gas log burner for indoor fireboxes ONLY (see Specs tab for maximum BTU output)
  • Choose from three different sizes: 18 Inch | 24 Inch | 30 Inch
  • Burner distributes 33,000 BTUs
  • Steel C7 burner comes with a log grate, embers, and volcanic ash for a natural-looking burn
  • Set radiates heat during operation, as well as after the unit has been turned off
  • Includes an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) pilot
  • Ignition control options include:
    • Manual Control Standing Pilot (M)
    • On/Off Remote Control Standing Pilot (SE)
    • Variable Flame Remote Control Standing Pilot (RE)
    • Millivolt Wall Switch with Remote Control Standing Pilot (S)
    • Electronic Ignition with Remote Control (EI)
  • All hardware for installation like a damper clamp, connector, and fittings are included.
  • Certified for both vent-free (ANSI Z21.11.2) and vented (ANSI Z21.60) standards, so Chillbuster can be used in vent-free, vented and reduced vent installations.


Vent-Free sets are supplemental zone heaters - They are not intended for continuous use or whole house heating.

Glass doors must be wide open when burning for proper ventilation, proper combustion and cooling of safety controls. With adequate combustion and ventilation air, the damper may be closed for vent-free use. The damper may be opened slightly for reduced venting.
Check local codes and ordinances for permitted uses.

  • In Most Cases, Vent Free Appliances Are NOT Approved For Bedrooms Or Bathrooms
  • Select States And/Or Counties Within States May Not Allow Installation Of Vent Free Products. 
  • This includes but is not limited to: California, Minnesota, Wisconsin. 
  • Other states may have local restrictions such as Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Alaska, Wyoming, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota. Please check local codes before purchasing a Vent Free Appliance. 
  • Ventfree Products Are Not Suitable For People With Allergies Or Breathing Problems
Fireplace Sizing Requirements:





18" Log Set 24 Inches 20 Inches 12 Inches 17 Inches
24" Log Set 30 Inches 24 Inches 12 Inches 17 Inches
30" Log Set 36 Inches 30 Inches 12 Inches 17 Inches
Gas Log Set BTUs:

Gas Log Set

Max BTUs/hour

18 Inch 33,000
24 Inch 33,000
30 Inch 33,000

Manufacturer's Warranty


For Residential Single-Family Indoors (Non-Commercial, Non-Multi-Tenant or Non-Hospitality):
Rasmussen warrants against defects in manufacturing and materials:
Two years for logs, burners, grates and safety lighting controls.

For all Outdoors and Commercial, Multi-Tenant and Hospitality:
Six months for logs, burners, grates and safety lighting controls, except 
No warranty on Safety Lighting Controls for Outdoors installations.

For All Vented and Vent-free Sets:

Rasmussen agrees to repair or replace, at our election, any part or component we deem to be covered under warranty. Buyer must notify Rasmussen within thirty days of defect discovery. Unauthorized returns will be refused. Labor costs are not included in warranty. Shipping and handling costs are the responsibility of the Buyer.

Exclusions from warranty for both Vented and Vent-free sets:
- Maximum liability by Rasmussen is the price paid for the product.
- Misuse, neglect, accident, improper installation or use in violation of instructions are not covered by warranty.
- Repair or alterations not made or authorized by Rasmussen voids all warranties.
- Rasmussen is not responsible for components that did not originate from Rasmussen, regardless of retailer representations.
- Freight damage, cracking from thermal shock,
 color changes and corrosion from outdoor installations are beyond Rasmussen's control and are not covered by any warranty.


Cracks in Logs

Mere cracking is not grounds for warranty replacement of a log, as all logs will experience cracking at some time.  The logs are subjected to uneven heating, which relieves itself through cracking.  Such cracks are most evident in smooth faced logs like split face, manzanita and birch.  We reinforce the logs with steel rods to hold together the log (which is much more rigid and effective than other means used by competitors, such as metal shards, mesh, plastic threads or none at all).

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Last updated on January 2nd 2024.



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