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Mesh Curtain Hardware

If you are interested in adding new mesh to your fireplace then it is also likely you will be replacing the hardware. There are a few different kinds of mounting kits, from a simple fireplace screen rod, to an adjustable fireplace screen rod kit. Below we will outline and explain all of the different mesh mounting hardware that is available.

Types of Mesh Curtain Hardware

Bypass Rods are the most common type of mesh curtain hardware and are used in the majority of fireplaces. They have a simple design and are available in a variety of sizes.

36" Steel Bypass Rod

Standard steel bypass rods are meant to be used indoors, the largest diameters are able to support more weight so are recommended for larger mesh screen sizes. Stainless steel bypass rods are meant to be used in outdoor applications and will prevent the bypass rod from rusting.


  • Available in standard sizes of 36", 48", and 60"
  • Available in custom sizes up to 80"+
  • Available in steel and stainless steel
  • Available in 3/16" diameter and 1/4" diameter


Adjustable Fireplace Screen Rod Kits are available in two different styles, straight and angled. These kits only support opening ranges between 32" - 58" wide.


  • Only available for specific size ranges
  • Cannot be custom-made in larger sizes
  • 3/16" rod diameter
  • Includes center mounting plate


Straight adjustable mesh curtain rod kits have holes at either end of the rods, this allows the rods to be secured into the lintel iron or the top of the fireplace.

Adjustable Straight Mount Rod Kit - 32 to 58 Inch Openings

Angled adjustable mesh curtain rod kits feature angles at either end of the rods with holes drilled into them, this allows the rods to be secured to the firebox walls instead of the lintel iron.

Adjustable Angled Mount Rod Kit - 32 to 58 Inches



Can I use an angled rod for my fireplace mesh curtains with my fireplace door?

  • If you're installing mesh curtains after your doors are already in place, and the doors did not come with curtains, you can still put in an angled curtain rod. However, do keep in mind that it will need to be installed far enough back in your firebox to provide enough clearance for your fireplace doors to close.
  • If you are installing the mesh curtain rod in a masonry fireplace, make sure to drill in the mortar joint and not directly into the brick. This can cause the brick to crack or shatter.

Do the mesh curtain pulls come in a pack of two?

  • Yes, our mesh curtain pulls come in pairs.