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Everything You Need to Know About Swimming Pool Scuppers

 May 24, 2019    Outdoor Living Blog, Water Scuppers and Bowls

Swimming pool scuppers act as both aesthetic enhancers as well as convenient swimming pool upgrades. They’re an incredible addition to your swimming pool.

While swimming scuppers are used quite often, many do not know just how useful they are. You shouldn’t consider a swimming pool scupper as a simple decoration. It is far more than that. (Though, we do try our best to make them look amazing)

We’ll explain the advantages of swimming pool scuppers as well as give you some useful tips near the end. Take a look!

Avalon Concrete Scupper Bowl   24 Inch Cazo Planter and Water Bowl

What is a Scupper Exactly?

The original meaning of the term scupper is for a portion of a boat. A boat scupper would open up to allow water to flow off the deck. This was highly useful during a storm when a large boat could take on far too much water. 

A swimming pool scupper acts in a similar fashion, except that it brings water from one area to another, rather than back into the ocean. So, you can see that a swimming pool scupper has its uses as well as looking nice.

Advantages of Owning a Swimming Pool Scupper

Relaxing Feel

There’s no denying that swimming pool scuppers look amazing. The sounds produced by their steady flow of water as well as the aesthetically pleasing appearance create a sense of relaxation.

The constant sound of running water is very relaxing. Swimming is already quite a peaceful exercise. Adding a swimming pool scupper to that situation will only increase the level of peace you can reach.

Varying Materials

Swimming pool scuppers come in many different materials. We tend to use copper, as it is the longest-lasting option. Copper also tends to look nice in most outdoor settings.

Some other common materials are stainless steel, oil-rubbed bronze, and stone. The choice of material is yours at the end of the day. Take a look at our options here.

Water Overflow Prevention

As we mentioned, scuppers are not merely for show. The idea behind using them is to regulate the water in your swimming pool just as much as it is to improve the aesthetic. Obviously, using this feature depends on what kind of swimming pool you own.

It is most useful for swimming pools that have multiple levels. However, even if your swimming pool is quite simple, a swimming pool scupper will still help with water overflow. This way, you can conserve water usage as well as improve the look of your pool!

24 Inch Maya Copper Bowl with Water Spillway24 Inch Cazo Copper Bowl with Water Spillway

Copper Scupper Warning

While copper is one of the best materials to use for a swimming pool scupper, there are certain things you need to take note of when you own one. Since your copper swimming pool scupper is exposed to the elements all day and night, it will develop a patina over time.

This patina will cause the copper to appear darker. Eventually, it will appear as a bluish-green color. The more copper within the scupper, the faster this oxidation process will occur.

There’s a simple way to remove the patina from your copper scupper. Mix half a tablespoon of lemon juice with a tablespoon of baking soda. Use a soft cloth and rub the solution over your scupper with circular motions. Following this, wipe it clean with a second cloth and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Make sure you completely dry the scupper so that you’re not left with any watermarks. Once you’ve completed all of this, your copper swimming pool scupper should look brand-new!

Don’t worry about the difficulty of performing this cleaning method. You will likely only need to do it once or twice a year at most.

Swimming pool scuppers are incredibly useful and attractive. We have more than enough options available for you to choose from. Take a look!

Last updated on July 1st 2019.


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