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Stand-Alone Grills VS. Built-In Grills

 Aug 9, 2019    Outdoor Living

Stand-alone grills and built-in grills are both amazing pieces of technology. Neither one is better than the other. However, each has its advantages under certain situations. 

The choice is yours as to which of these appliances are best for your home. We’ve put together these pro lists so that you will have a better idea of which one works best for you. 

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Pros for Stand-Alone Grills


Stand-alone grills are quite a fair bit more flexible than built-in grills. This doesn’t mean they can bend more, mind you. What it really means is that a stand-alone grill is capable of being moved around your patio area. 

When you feel like rearranging your patio, it isn’t too difficult to move the stand-alone grill too. You can shift it around your furniture and place it wherever you like. (So long as the new location is still a safe place to use a grill, of course) 


Stand-alone grills are also quite good for energy conservation. You can use them to cook outside instead of spending money on indoor heating/cooling. 

Stand-alone grills also tend to be smaller and less powerful than built-in grills. While this does decrease the cost of using one, it also means you can’t cook as much on it at once. Consider how many people you will likely be cooking for when you choose between these two options. 


Stand-alone grills are great for a calming, peaceful time outdoors. The sound and smell of sizzling meat are bested by nothing! If you haven’t spent the afternoon or evening outdoors at a nice grill party, then you may not realize just how great it is. 

You can set up your stand-alone grill wherever you like to further improve the ambiance. Perhaps you want to have it set up nearby a firepit table? That would certainly make for fun parties! 

At any rate, you can see how a stand-alone grill could be useful for certain people. Are you one of them, though? Read on about the pros for built-in grills to find out!

Pros for Built-In Grills


Built-in grills tend to be bigger than stand-alone grills. They can include useful countertops as well for food preparation. You can even store your utensils, chopping boards, and other useful things right there next to the grill. That way, you don’t have to stay inside for food prep before going out to the grill. 


Built-in grills also have more options for protection. Since you have an outdoor food prep and kitchen-like area all in one, you can separate those things from the rest of your patio. This reduces the chances of an incident. 

Built-in grills are more easily protected from the elements as well. Since your grill is attached to the wall, you only have to worry about the front side of the grill. 


Built-in grills last longer because of the way they are built. A stand-alone grill is designed for convenience, whereas a built-in grill is designed to be strong, efficient, and long-lasting. 

Stand-alone grills are also built with high-grade materials. However, since a built-in grill is better able to survive harsh weather conditions. You still can’t use a built-in grill during severe weather, but you can rest assured, knowing that your grill is attached to your patio and house foundation. 


Built-in grills are more robust on average, so there’s less chance of them getting damaged. A stand-alone grill is more easily damaged and will sometimes need to be replaced completely. (Though, both are easy to maintain if you take good care of them)

Built-in grills rarely require replacement and tend to last as long as the rest of your home’s appliances or even longer. Even though built-in grills cost more initially, their low maintenance and long-lasting nature cause them to end up being cheaper most of the time. 

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Which Will You Choose? 

Now that you know about the pros of both stand-alone and built-in grills, you should be able to determine which one is more useful to you. 

Do you want a stand-alone grill or a built-in grill? Make your choice and enjoy!

Last updated on March 7th 2022.


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